Just a quick entry so I don’t forget everything and so you guys can get an update.  I apologize for being a bad commenter again.  I am reading and following/rooting you guys on.

Just got home from my latest ob appointment.  I lost three pounds the last time and gained 7 pounds this week which was about two weeks and a couple of days from the last time. I was not happy.  Yes, I ate bad this week, but omg.  However, when I got in with the person she said I was swollen from my feet all the way up to my knee so some of it is water weight.  She said I had to put my feet up at the end of the day.  That made me feel better.  She said there is no way to tell the difference between swelling weight and weight you gain because you ate too much.  I wonder how much weight swelling can add though.  Anyone know?  She enjoyed my $8 ring from the mall since I had to take my engagement ring off because it doesn’t fit.  My blood pressure was a little high – 140 over something.  However, I have gotten 140 a few times, sometimes it gets around there, but most of the time it’s ok.  I don’t remember my bottom number  but the blood pressure lady said it was perfect, so they aren’t worried about that.

She had to look around a little for the heartbeat, which made me nervous, but she found it.  It was 150 and all is well.  I asked about my ultrasound from last time and she said that everything is fine and today I was measuring a tiny bit ahead, but not really.  She said the ultrasound had me at a due date of July 26, but she said that if it isn’t more than two weeks they won’t change it and it is less reliable now and more reliable when they first give you a due date.  She said most first time mom’s go full term if not a little over (which I’ve heard), but if he comes a little early that is fine too.  I’ve learned from my classes that anything after 37 weeks is full term.  Of all the people in the office she is my least favorite.  So we will see what my favorite nurse says the next time in two weeks.  I’m not really worried about anything, but I just feel more comfortable with the information and the detail the other nurse usually gives.  I have another appointment in two weeks and then my once a week appointments start. Wow.

Also for a quick side note – I bought two nursing tanks from motherhood maternity (I know most  people don’t like them) and two from target (the one with the holes around the bo.obs).  I wanted to see which brand I like the best.  They are both pretty good, but I have been getting sore around the bo.obs and underneath when I wear them.  I think it has something to do with the elastic from the shelf bra.  Anyone else have these issues? After talking to my mom I think the issue is the baby is taking up most of my room under my chest right now, which makes it tight and more uncomfortable.  She thinks that once he’s out, I have more room in the stomach area, and when I will actually use the nursing tanks it will fit and be more comfortable.  I might be better off with a bra, but my bra size right now is a pain because I need a bigger strap size than most stores carry with a smaller cup which is weird and most stores don’t make bras with those measurements.



  1. don’t worry too much about the water weight. i’ve been struggling with that since 20 weeks and my swelling is out of control at this point. I will gain 8 lbs one visit and lose 2 the next. They aren’t even paying attention to my weight any more because of the extreme swelling (insert split skin on feet b/c it’s so bad) so i’m sure you are TOTALLY fine if you are swelling too. Silver lining…you’ll lose the water weight pretty quickly after delivery with no effort. 🙂

    • Thanks for your comment. The fact that you gained around the same as me because of swelling does make feel better. 😉

  2. FCblacksheep

    I wouldn’t worry about the weight at all. You haven’t even gained that much overall, have you? Besides the end is where you put on the most anyway. I can’t believe how far along you are! Holy crap you can have a baby in just a month. Awesome.

    • A month! That is crazy! I can’t wait until you are here. I have gained a bit over 20 lbs according to my home measurements, but I haven’t weighed myself this week.

  3. Thank you for the update!! I know I haven’t been commenting a lot, but I have been following along! I am so thrilled for you.

    I am sorry about the weight, I hope putting your feet up helps!

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