Nursing bra/tank advice

Recently I have been looking into getting one or two nursing bras or nursing tanks soon so that I have something before the baby is born.  I know from classes that I shouldn’t get too many now since I won’t know what size I will be once I have the baby and once my milk comes in and also if breastfeeding doesn’t work well for me.  So I am only looking to get one or two less expensive ones in case I can’t use it for long.   I also know that my breast feeding teacher said not to get one with an under wire.  It seems that the three big brands I come across are glam.our mom, o’ma.lley, and with the last one being the most expensive.  I have been looking mostly at ta.rget since I have read a lot of people buying there, but I am open to other stores as well.

I like the idea of nursing tanks, but I have read on some sites that they don’t give very good support and some people don’t like them.  I’m wondering if any of you guys who have had babies or know about this stuff could give me some advice.  Did you go the nursing bra or nursing tank route, or both?  Which brands did you like the best?  Anything you recommend? I have read that some are better for bigger or smaller chested women.  I am not big in the bo.ob department so I don’t need anything with huge sizes.  Thanks in advance!



  1. I went out last week and bought 4 nursing bras – 2 for daytime and 2 sleep bras. The two daytime ones are by bravado and they are really comfortable – also they only come in a few sizes and will actually change to fit you post birth. I bought the bodysilk seamless bra in a medium and i am a 34 dd (normally pre pregnancy i was a 32 b so mine have really grown). I bought the medela sleep bra basically just to have something to keep nursing pads in – normally i would never sleep in a bra. I also tried on one of the bravado nursing tanks and I personally didn’t find it comfortable but I never like a tank with a built in bra as I find it too constricting but i think it’s totally a personal taste thing. I would say go out and try some on but would think the bravado ones would be worth the extra cost since they will grow with you. Good luck!

    • Yea I’m going to have to try stuff on and see what I like. That is interesting on how the bra “grows” with you. How does it manage that?

      • Not really sure how it manages it but the fabric seems to be quite flexible so I am guessing that is how.

  2. i have 2 bravado nursing bras and I love them. When I needed maternity bras I bought them because I figured why bother if it’s not a nursing bra. They are $49 each but SOOO worth it. I actually bought 2 others (cheaper) from Motherhood and hate them and don’t even wear them. So, I’d say try the Bravado’s and see how you like them. I bought nursing cami’s at Motherhood and they work just fine. I use them now for layering and I’m sure i’ll live in them in the first few weeks of baby. Good luck!

  3. Suzanne

    Bravada all the way! I have two bras and two tanks and I love them all. My baby is seven months and these have been key to keeping everyone happy with breastfeeding (they have a very easy access system of clips, which for my hungry guy is important). Worth the extra $ for sure. Unless you happen to really balloon after baby arrives, they really do stretch to fit. I bought my bras and tanks in my eighth month. I’m normally a 36B and now I’m more of a 36C or maybe even D and the Bravadas have been comfortable from the start.

  4. I have 2 Bravado silk seamless nursing bras (expensive but love them). They come in S, M, L so sizing is easy. I also have several of the Bravado for Target bras and they are great as well. Only real difference is that the Target ones don’t come with a padded insert.

    I also have several nursing tanks that I adore. I’m pretty sure I got those at Target, too–I think they’re the Gillian & O’Malley brand. They have plenty of support and I like that my stomach stays covered while I nurse. I didn’t like the ones I got from the Gap or Old Navy. Too flimsy, no support.

    Good luck!

  5. I now want some Bravado nursing bras! I’ve never even heard of them. I have 2 from motherhood maternity and hate them. they do not give support at all and don’t feel right. I love nursing tanks but only wear them at home. Going out I feel like they don’t do a good enough job at supporting the ladies and no one needs to see my girls low. 🙂 at night I love wearing a nursing sport. it’s a sports bra basically but you can pull the cups to the side. I use it just to keep pads in place because even at 6 weeks after baby I am still leaking a lot. I don’t know where you would buy it from though since I bought it at our military store. My nursing tanks are from Target and they fit perfectly. 🙂 Hope that helps!

  6. If you want to save a little money (Bravado is expensive), I LOVED my nursing tanks from Target. There really aren’t many color options, but they were super comfortable and worked great. I also go an amazing nursing sleep bra from Target that I still wear regularly. I mostly lived in nursing tanks for 6.5 months, though.

    • I have been looking at the nursing tanks at target as well. Did you get the ones with the holes around the boobs or the one that you just pull down?

  7. I know I’m chiming in late on this one but ditto on the Bravado brand. Love them. HATE the Motherhood ones. As for the nursing tanks, I STILL use them almost every day. Go for the ones with the holes to keep the top of your tanks from getting stretched out. In a pinch or on days that we’re just going to be at home and I don’t care what I look like (which is more often than I’d like to admit! ;p), I’ve also use a regular cheap-o tank top in a size larger than I would usually wear layered under a t-shirt…just raise the t-shirt and pull down the tank. You’ll find what works for you once you get the hang of it. BTW: I don’t think I even used a nursing bra for the first week or so (unless we went out) because my boobs HURT and it was just one more thing to figure out! 🙂

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