How am I doing? Well I am half way through week 32.  I still can’t believe it.  Only about two months left.  We will see if I am still measuring big at my next appointment or if I have evened out.  I am noticing I get a lot more tired especially around 2pmish.  I am also getting more emotional recently which I don’t like.  The more tired I am the more emotional I get and that is no fun.  One thing I have been having a hard time with is not being able to do as much as I could even earlier in this pregnancy (in terms of the amount of things I can accomplish with out a nap and be coherent for in a day and more strenuous things) and I’m not good at saying no or saying I have had enough and that is making it worse.  Gotta work on that.

A bunch of you guys have asked about the child birthing type classes we went to.  I am not sure how much in depth you guys want me to go into, but I will summarize some of it here.  If you have any questions or want me to elaborate feel free to ask.

The first class we took was a basics on labor type of class.  There were three class meetings in this one class.  The first class was all about giving birth in the hospital I am giving birth in, what their policies are and how things go.  We also talked about natural child birth with no drugs.  The second class we talked about getting an epidural or a spinal block and c-sections.  The third class was a sort of wrap up class, we took a tour of labor and delivery (where we go to check in, the rooms we will labor in, the c-section group of rooms, and then the post partum rooms).   They look pretty nice.  We also talked about support people and what will happen with the baby after it’s born.  They showed videos of parts of birth which I was nervous about, but luckily they were just clips and not a full length view of things.  We got a booklet with a lot of the stuff we went over and got some good pamphlets.  I will need to read over them again as it gets closer.

The next class was breast feeding. I really wanted to take this because I have read so much about people having trouble with breastfeeding on here and I know that since I have PCOS I have a chance of having a hard time.  The woman who taught the class was very perky and she made me laugh which was good.  She said I have a 1 in 3 chance of having issues because of my pcos.  Some women are just fine, some women over produce, and some have issues.  She said I need to watch our child’s output (how many pees and poops he has) carefully to see if he is getting enough.  We got this really cool chart to record how many times they should be peeing and pooping and feeding in the first two weeks.  She said if I am not producing enough there are medicines I can take and things I can do, but she didn’t really get into it.  There is a breastfeeding help line at the hospital which I think is pretty cool.  The main thing I learned in this class was to wait until the baby has his mouth wide open before I try to breastfeed to make sure I have a good latch.  I also learned what signs mean the baby is hungry, when you can start pumping, and different ways to hold the baby while he is feeding.  In addition we talked about breast pumps and what sort of pumps are good.

We took a relaxing and breathing course, but I didn’t do that well with it.  I didn’t bring a pillow to lean on (bad parent ed person who didn’t tell me) and I had trouble being comfortable doing it around the other couples.  I guess I had performance anxiety lol.  She taught us some basic breathing techniques and some visualizing techniques.  I may use some of them, but I can’t see myself using just that.  I also had a hard time getting into it since I am not a big meditation type person.  *shrugs* Hopefully some of it will be helpful.  To practice we got little baggies full of ice.  Our hubs put them on us to mimic a contraction and we had to practice our breathing during it.  Then we got to give our husbands a contraction which I liked.  During one of the ones I gave hubby the bag of ice started leaking on his shoulder.  I told him that his water broke lol.  I’ve tried practicing my breathing a little since she said that we won’t be able to do it right away if we don’t practice, but I haven’t done it for very long each time.

The last class we went to was a newborn care class.  I felt like I learned a lot in this class, but I also feel like I got overwhelmed.  There are so many little details and things I learned that I want to remember and just do things right.  However, I know that I won’t remember it all and that made me nervous that I would do something wrong.  Luckily my mom will be with us for the first couple of weeks so that will be helpful to have someone there who knows what the heck they are doing lol.   I learned how to swaddle, how to diaper, how to soothe a crying baby, and stuff about car seats and a first bath.  I also learned you should clean your car because if you get in an accident anything can be a projectile.  Did you know that in an accident a tissue box can weigh up to 30 pounds? Interesting.

Hubs and I are very glad we are done with classes.  It was a lot to work at our jobs all day and then have class for two hours at night.  It was also stinky to have some classes on a friday night.  However, we did learn a lot and I’m sure it will help.  It was neat listening to hubs talk to his mom today and teach her stuff that he learned in class.  I’m really glad he came with me to all of the classes.



  1. Wow, these classes sound great! But exhausting!!!

  2. We just started our childbirth class (four weeks) and have a breastfeeding class (1 week) also. I must say, I agree with you that it’s incredibly difficult to go to work all day and then go to class for several hours at night! Tack on an hour to get home afterwards and exhausted isn’t strong enough of a word!

    32 weeks! WOW!! Flying by!!!

  3. 32 weeks! Congratulations! You’re almost there. 🙂

    Taking all those classes sounds exhausting, but it seems like they’re really helpful and informative. I’m sure all the info will come in handy.

  4. The classes did seem really long and it seemed like there were so many! There was also an infant CPR class option for us but we went to the same three you did. I’m so glad we went, though – I feel like if nothing else, it gave me an idea of what to expect, and it made me feel a little calmer about the whole thing.
    Getting your classes done makes it seem like it’s almost time! You’re so close now!

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