Here are some pictures of our nursery as of now.  We are not totally done as I have some things to put on the wall, more to put away, and more to organize.  However, you can get an idea how it will look.  I also added an ultrasound pic at the bottom.

  Here is a picture of our crib, the back of my rocker with my feet and the shorter dresser.  You can also see the wall color is a yellowy cream and the floor is a honey brown color.

This is a view with my hubby standing in the closet.  You can get a good view of the whole room. You can see the crib and the shorter dresser again.  This time you can see the taller dresser in the corner and the cute window valence.

This is a view of the closet with baby clothes hung up. I went through today and organized by size so they are all grouped together and easy to find.  You can also see the little book case and books we got at our shower.

Here are the two best ultrasound pics we got on friday.  You can really see his face on these which is amazing.



  1. I love the baby furniture you picked out. It looks great!

  2. looks great!!! love the furniture. 🙂

  3. FCblacksheep

    I can’t get over the fact that you’re 31 weeks. Craziness. Nursery look awesome. Tiny clothes hanging in the closet — absolutely precious. It made me go “awwww” out loud.

  4. It all looks great!!

  5. Looks great so far! Looks like you are well stocked for clothes too!

  6. I love the nursery! It’s just adorable! Wow, it seems like just yesterday you were in those awful early stages where everything was so unsure. And now, you’re almost all done baking that beautiful boy! 🙂

  7. The nursery is looking great! How exciting! And the ultrasound pics… Amazing.

  8. Great job girl, the nursery is really coming together and so cute! Just think – not too long and you will have a little baby boy in there!!!!!! eeeeeeee, so exciting! I love the sonogram pic too, I love the face shots, they are much better when they get bigger too, LOL! Our 1st shots looked like alien sightings but now that they have fat it’s so adorable to get an idea of what your baby will look like. SO FUN!

  9. You look so comfie and Zen on that glider. 🙂 Yip yip yip!!! xoxo

    PS Congrats on the great GD news, pheeeew!

  10. Looks like the nursery is coming along great!

    I saw your comment on my blog that you want the recipe for the detergent – as you are probably aware, I am sitting in my hospital room right now. Once I get a chance, I will post the recipe on my blog so that you can get it. The 3 ingredients are

    Kirk’s Castile Bar Soap (found with other bar soaps – at my stores it is on the bottom shelf) and it comes 3 bars to a pack. Each batch uses 2 bars. I bought 2 packs and trippled the recipe my first time making it. This gets grated up. I used my food processor.

    The other ingredients are Borax (located with the laundry detergents) and Arm and Hammer Washing Powders (also located with the laundry detergents). My memory tells me that it is 1 cup of each of these per batch, but that could be wrong. I will let you know the exact amounts later…

    I bought a Rubbermaid container to store the detergent in. You use about 1/8 cup per load, so I also bought a 1/8 cup scoop.

  11. Is that a jungle/monkey theme for your nursery? Very cute! 🙂

    • LOL it was supposted to be forest animals ala squirells, bears, foxes etc, but it is going more jungle as we go on 😉 Same color scheme so it works.

  12. Good job on the nursery! I love that valance!

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