31 weeks

This week I started week 31.  Craziness.  As we speak the hubs and I are waiting for our baby furniture to arrive!  There will be a crib in my house! Wow.

Since I wasn’t sure exactly when the furniture was going to get here we took separate cars to my ob’s appointment today.  I gave my sample and got on the non digital scale which I’m happy about.  Last time I got on the digital scale and it told me I was over the big scary number.  This time the scale showed I lost 3.5 pounds! Wow.  I wonder how much is me and how much is the difference between scales, but *shrugs* The nurse asked why I lost weight and I said I have had a bit more reflux lately.  She said the zantac I have been taking works just fine for that.

Then she measured me, looked at my chart, and measured me again.  Turns out my stomach grew a bit more than was expected.  I think she said I was measuring at 34 weeks.  She thinks I had a growth spurt and she said that is probably why I have had more reflux recently.  She said I might have extra fluid that is causing me to measure farther and that could be a sign of gestational diabetes, but they know I don’t have it since I just passed my three hour test.  So glad that is over with!!!  So to be safe I got to have an ultrasound today! I was like ooh yea, I haven’t had one in forever!  They just wanted to make sure everything was ok and why I was measuring bigger.  When she was trying to find his heartbeat she had a bit of a hard time because he kept moving.  She asked if I had eaten any sugar this morning and I hadn’t really.  He is just an active baby.

When I had my ultrasound I asked her to make sure he was still a boy and he is 😉  She took lots of pictures and I got a few really good ones to take home 😉  She didn’t see anything wrong so yea for that.  She said my fluid is on the high end of normal, that he has a little bit of a big head, and almost weighs 4 pounds, which I think is good.  I got a chuckle out of the big head thing since hubby mentioned one day that he felt like he had a big head and wondered if that would cause me to have issues with delivery.  I didn’t get to talk to the nurse again after they got all the pictures, but I figure if anything is up they will call or tell me at my next appointment in two weeks.  I wonder if measuring big stomach wise will cause me to deliver early? I have no idea about this stuff.



  1. 31 weeks – so exciting! You’re in the home stretch! Glad to hear everything is looking good, and yay for a bonus ultrasound!

  2. WHOA for the crib. That’s awesome! Have fun putting it together. 🙂 And I totally giggled at your comment about checking to be sure he’s still a boy. Wouldn’t that be a surprise?!

    Yay for 31 weeks!

    • LOL you laugh, but hub’s family had a cousin who is now about 8 who was supposed to be a boy and came out a girl. Ever since I told them it’s a boy they have been like well, you never know! I feel pretty confident now he is going to be a boy.

  3. Congrats on 31 weeks — so cool you got an extra u/s! Take pics of the nursery with the crib!!

  4. Every time we got an ultrasound I asked them to double check that we still had a boy. 🙂 They always giggled and said they are rarely get it wrong for a boy. And I just said I didn’t want to be on of those that got it wrong. 🙂 As for big heads My hubby has a HUGE one (he’s Asian so it’s normal 🙂 ) and all 3 boys had gigantic heads.

  5. Kristen

    YAY for 31 weeks!!!! Glad all is going well:) Take some pictures of the nursery once you get the bed together! I cannot wait to have our nursery together we are STILL waiting on the headboard piece of the crib so the nursery is in disaray:(
    Gotta love the extra u/s, so neat to watch and see your little one- it won’t be long now!

  6. Yeah for the random ultrasound, those are the best! I am so glad that everything looked great! I have been amazed at just how different mine and babies measurements have been at each appt. Our sonogram at 32 weeks showed her measuring well into 36 weeks on all levels and then when we went last week at 34 weeks she measured right on target for 34 weeks. Our doctor said they have random and quick growth spurts and our sonograms proved it. It’s hard not to wonder though!

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