Flying colors

I called yesterday afternoon after waiting all holiday weekend to find out the results of my three hour glucose test. When I got the call back they said that because of the long holiday the lab was backed up so they didn’t have the results. Doh! I was frustrated and used to having the RE have the results right away, but I dealt with it. I normally call at 1pmish after lunch, but today I got caught up in work so I didn’t leave them a message until after almost 3pm. They just called back and she said I passed with flying colors! YEA!!!! Being the nerd I am I asked for my numbers after I had already written down the normal range so I could compare my numbers. If two or more values are higher than the normal range number you are considered to have gestational diabetes.

Fasting – 95 – Mine was 75
1 hour – 180 – Mine was 142
2 hour- 155 Mine was 120
3 hour – 140 Mine was 132

I will have to compare those numbers to the three hour I took a few years back, though I’m not sure if they compare since I’m pregnant now and I wasn’t before. Will have to ask my mom about that. But YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What else…

This weekend I got all my thank you notes out from my baby shower the other weekend. We also went over to the in-laws and helped clean up stuff. I helped my MIL with some gardening outside, but it was way hot. I tried to limit my time outside and when I started to feel overheated I went inside. I started to get a little crampy which freaked my hubby out, but it turned out it was just ibs cramps and not contractions lol. It’s been really hot here recently, which has been hard. I’ve been wearing a lot of sleeveless dresses to work which helps, but I’m a little self concious of my shoulders. I have a lot of acne there, though it’s getting better since I sat in the sun. I know it’s mostly hormones and a predisposition to acne, but ugh. I’m getting better though. I think the heat is making me just say screw it. lol.

Tonight is our breastfeeding class so that should be interesting. It is also our last wednesday class (thank goodness). The last two classes I have are on fridays where I don’t have to work all day before hand so yea for that. Today I am at work from 9-6pm and then class from 7-9 so it’s a long day. I’m not sure about my scale these days. At my ob’s office my weight was higher and it freaked me out. However, I made myself feel better by saying my scale at home didn’t say that and I’m weighing myself the same time the same way each week. However, this week showed that I weighed the same as the last two weeks. I am happy with that, but I find it weird that I haven’t gained anything since week 29. Maybe little man is eating all my calories. I dunno.

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  1. Wonderful news that you passed your test! Woo hoo!!! Have fun at the classes – you should tell us all about them!

    • I will 😀 I think I mentioned some about the series I just finished a entry or so back, but I will post more about them.

  2. Yeah!!!! Such great news – congrats!

  3. Brittany

    Yay! So glad you passed! You’re almost there!

  4. FCblacksheep

    Woo hoo! Congrats! I absolutely hate how long it takes my doctor to get me back results compared to the RE, but oh well, I guess that’s real life.

    Interested to hear how the breastfeeding class goes. I have mine in August. Is hubs going with you? I wasn’t quite able to trick Blue into attending.

    • Hub’s did come with me. I have it set up so he comes to all of my classes. He said it was more about me tonight since I am the one with the breasts, but he did learn some stuff. I will post about my class, but I thought it was helpful. I learned a lot and felt the time went a lot quicker than the time in the last class we did which was the labor series.

  5. Yay! Fantastic news 🙂

  6. Yay! That is great news! Another sign that the pregnancy is healthy. Do you have to do another glucose test?

    • Nope. That is it unless I manage to get pregnant again or a doctor wants it for something.

  7. AL

    hooray for passing the gd test with flying colors!!

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