Suck it up

I have been thinking a lot recently about my one hour glucose test.  I got the exact cut-off score.  That means I am high borderline.  I have always been borderline, I have pcos, and there is diabetes in my family.  Therefore, I am more at risk than the average person and I should suck it up and do the damn test.  I hope I do as well drinking the stuff as I did for the one hour.  If I can’t keep it down though I’m going to tell them to screw it, to look at the data they managed to get, and if I have to meet with someone to talk about diet changes that is fine with me.  My whole nervousness about the test is that damn drink and keeping it down.  So if I can do that I’m golden.  I feel bad complaining about it because I know some people would love to do this test if it meant they were pregnant.  I am sorry if I am offending any of you, but this is one test (because of the drink) I have been dreading and have dreaded since I did the three hour one a couple of years ago.

Hubs and I have decided we are going to do the three hour this friday.  Why?  Well there are multiple reasons.  1) To just get it done and out of the way.  I will stress and obsess about it for another week if I don’t just get it done.  2) Our anniversary is this saturday and it would be great to be able to just enjoy it and not have thoughts about this dumb test in the back of my mind.  3) We have class next friday night so that would suck to have to go to class if I didn’t feel well after though I will probably be fine by the time we had class. 4) Hubby’s sister will be in town next weekend and it would stink to have to deal with not feeling good and such while she is there because she doesn’t visit that often.  So this friday it is.  Hubs was totally sweet and took the day off to go with me.  He said it’s his job to be there with me and to make sure everything is ok.  I’m glad he’s going to be there.

This week is my 30th week of pregnancy.  Can you believe it? I can’t.  It’s nuts.  Only ten more weeks.  People have been asking me a lot lately how much time I have left.  When I tell them I’m due in the beginning of august they are like wow and are surprised.  Do I look huge or something?  I don’t think I look that big, but I have been getting tired more often again.  The last few nights I go up to bed before the hubs around 9:30 and am asleep by 10.  Today little man has been moving around a lot.  It sorta feels like what it looks like when a buff man moves his stomach muscles in and out in a wave pattern. I have no idea what he is doing in there.

Tomorrow night is our last class of our first class group.  The first class we learned about normal births in the hospital and natural child birth. Last week was all about epidurals and c-sections.  Tomorrow we get a tour of labor and delivery.  I know little man has to come out eventually, but that whole process really freaks me out. So I am hoping the classes help calm my nerves.  Though I have to tell you I was really nervous to watch some of their videos of childbirth.  Next week is our breastfeeding class.

Today I requested my fmla paperwork from the job.  I am not going on leave for a while, but I want to get all the paperwork as filled out as possible and give my ob and boss and whoever enough time to fill it out and field any potential problems.  I hope that whole process goes well.



  1. surfing blogs looking for “childbirth” and found yours. Good luck! It sounds like you are nervous about giving birth and I want to tell you that I was, too, once upon a time. But it turned out to be one of my favorite experiences. It was really a peak life experience. It was painful, yes. Very painful. But it made me feel like I could do anything, like I was the most powerful woman on earth. I’ve never had that feeling so strongly before from anything else I’ve ever done. I really believe that no matter how a birth goes (easy, fast, long, hard, vaginal, C-Section), it is just an incredible thing that our bodies do.

  2. Sounds like a good plan to just get the test over with. I think you’ll probably be fine. Instead of going into psyched out from your previous experience, just go into thinking about how the 1-hour was no big deal and you’re doing it for your little man and that might help. The mental part is a big deal and it’ll be great that the hubs is there to keep your mind of the state of your stomach as well!! I hope it goes smoothly!

  3. Good luck with the test, I think you will do fine. Try not to compare experiences and just go into it with an open mind. Do you bring the drink or do they provide it? Not sure how your specific office works but if you can get it cold that should help you a ton, at least it did me. If it isn’t cold just put it over ice for a few minutes before you drink. Something about it being cold helped me tremendously. You’ll do great, you will have good company and it will be over before you know it!

  4. Yeah, just get it out of the way. I failed the one-hour test by 9 points (their cut off was 140), but passed the three-hour test. I still failed the one-hour part, but the other values were normal. My doc said it is very common for people to fail the one-hour and pass the three-hour. Since you were sooooo close the first time, I bet you’ll pass the three-hour. Good luck!

  5. i hope the 3-hr goes as smoothly as the 1-hr did, as far as keeping it down. my mom had GD with my brother, so i am wondering if i will develop it, too. congrats on 30 weeks! my pregnancy has FLOWN by for me, so i’m sure i will still be in disbelief when i’m at 30 weeks, too!

  6. I think it’s a great plan to just get the test over with. Good luck!!! 30 weeks – that’s great!

  7. Good luck with the test! I hope the results come back ok.

    Congrats on 30 weeks! I can’t believe it’s already been 30 weeks. This is great and I’m so happy that baby is doing well!

  8. Glad your hubby will be there with you for support. Good luck- I hope it all goes well.

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