I thought about the results to my one hour glucose test all weekend and wondered what they were going to be. I knew I have pcos and that makes you more likely to have gestational diabeties. I remember when I took the three hour one a few years back with my RE they said I was borderline. However, I have been doing really good with my weight and didn’t get nauseous during the one hour test so I had a little hope.

Called the ob today and my score was 130. What is the cut-off? 130, Damn it! She asked someone (I forgot who) if I still had to do it and they said yes. So if I had gotten one point below I would have passed and not had to do the three hour test. GAH! I’m nervous of the three hour because it’s twice as sugary or at least twice as much and you have to fast and I don’t do well with fasting even before I was pregnant. I had the worst time keeping that crap down last time I did the there hour. I am trying to decide whenI want to do it again. Maybe this friday when I have the day off to just get it over with or next friday when I have my next ob appointment and the hubby can come with me in case I have a hard time. I’m not sure which.

I thought about trying to get out of it because I hate that test so much and because I barely failed it, but if knowing that I have it (which I sorta doubt since I was so close to the cut-off) could help little man and maybe I would get another ultrasound or two out of it. But still GAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Gross! Poor you! Did I mention, gross?!? Sorry 😦

  2. FCblacksheep

    Yeah that test bites. Sorry you got to go through it again.

  3. Oh that sucks that you have to go through the second test! But I bet you don’t have GD with that score.

  4. Sorry to hear you have to go through it again. I failed the first test and so I have had to go through all the steps but my sugar numbers are “better than the average person” so apparently I just don’t do well with high does of sugar at once. Anyways, I have to do all this every day for really no reason but life goes on. The test isn’t that bad, just bring lots to keep you entertained – your baby is worth it and honestly I feel better taking my sugars every day because I know for sure that diabetes is not affecting her and that is a relief! Thankfully it’s just the end of the pregnancy and not something we have to deal with the whole time!

  5. Ughh that stinks. I failed my 1 hour, too, (had to do it twice b/c they lost my sample!) and had to take the 3 hour. I did pass the 3 hour, so hopefully you will, too. I hate drinking that stuff though … so sorry you have to go through it again. =(

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