Medical friday

I am very glad that this morning is over.  I have been thinking about this morning for two weeks.  Why?  I had my one hour glucose test this morning and I got a shot of rhogam in the butt.

I was really nervous about the one hour glucose test or gtt as you know because I did the three hour one a few years ago and got nauseous just drinking the stuff and had a really hard time not throwing up.  I tried to be really good this week, but of course when you try to be really good you crave the bad stuff.  It’s not easy when you have leftover baby shower cake in the fridge.  Glad hubby helped me finish that off by tuesday.  I bought some fish to have for dinner last night, however, hubby told me he didn’t want it last night.  So instead I got my favorite salad at a local place.  It’s an oriental chicken salad with mandarin oranges, crispy chicken, crunchy thingies, tomatoes, onion, and such.  I could have gotten the chicken grilled, but it doesn’t taste as good.  For breakfast I was told I could eat a small something with high protein, but not a lot of carbs so I had a morning star farms hamburger (soy) and a half of a pepperidge farm wheat roll.

I was really nervous going in and told the lady I am not good with this.  She could sense my apprehension and I think that made her nervous too.  They didn’t give me a choice on what flavor to drink, I just got orange.  I smelled it and held off drinking it right away and then made myself.  I took small gulps the entire time.  After I started drinking it and I realized I was doing ok my rhythm picked up some and I started getting proud of myself.  I am doing this!  I guess I didn’t finish quick enough because the lady came to check on me and I told her I still had a little left.  I took a couple of more sips and then I was done.  Yea me!  Hubby turned in the bottle and then we sat.  I brought my ipod and listened to classical music to make the time go by.  I did not feel as gross at all compared to last time.  It probably had something to do with last time I had to fast (I don’t do well with fasting), there was more of that crap to drink, and maybe my stomach was just more irritated last time.  I am hoping that means I did well and passed, but the nurse said that me feeling fine after the test and not being shaky or whatever doesn’t really mean that I passed.  It’s been a while since I got my blood drawn and I feel like the lady who took my blood didn’t do that great of a job.  Though she said I moved my arm and that my blood was flowing slow.  She didn’t use a butterfly needle which I prefer which might have had something to do with it.  Hubby was amazed I could tell the difference between a butterfly needle and a bigger one without even looking.   I can call in and get the results monday afternoon.  Otherwise they said they would tell me at my next appointment in two weeks.  That is a long wait! I told them I will definitely be calling in.

While I was waiting for my time to get my blood work I had a normal ob visit.  I do not like that scale.  It shows that I am over the big number I was scared of.  However, I weigh myself at home with the exact same conditions every week and I wasn’t that high.  So I doubt that I have gained six pounds in two days.  Still, I don’t like seeing that number.  Little man’s heart rate is just fine which is good.  They gave me some papers on preterm labor and such.  Mentioned kick counts but they said be worried if it’s not ten movements in 24 hours.  It’s supposed to be 10 kicks/movement in two hours so *shrugs* Either way I will call if it happens.

Before I left they gave me my script to get my rhogam shot. I could go to mfm to get it but I would have to make an appointment or I could go over to ob triage and just wait a little and get it done today.  We decided to go over to ob triage.  I figured it was early in the morning (10ish) and it wouldn’t be too crowded yet.  Also I talked to someone who is a ob nurse and she said I could get fast tracked for only needing the shot so we gave it a shot.  Haha, I made a funny.  We got to triage and they said it would be an hour and I was like that is fine.  We got registered and I got a hospital bracelet.  I guess your inpatient or whatever for it.  We sat around and people watched which was really interesting.  Finally it was my turn.  I started to get a little nervous because it’s been a while since I got a pio shot.  I asked about the difference and the nurse said the needle is a little bigger.  Great.  I assumed the position and I guess cause she’s a professional it didn’t hurt much at all.  She said the medicine would sting going in, but it didn’t really that much.  I was proud of myself.  I guess I got used to the pio shots and my butt healed.  By the time I finished it that meant all my medical stuff for the day was over and I was very proud of myself that I did it all and it went well.  To celebrate we went out to eat at a gyro/falafel place that is yummy.



  1. That sounds like an exhausting day! I hope the results of your test are great!!!

  2. so glad you didnt get sick from the drink!! i just tell the blood people to use the butterfly needle now (i dont give them any choice) because the one time i “suggested” it, she said there wasn’t that much difference (yah right lady!) and she went through both arms before she finally got blood out of my HAND. grr. hoping you passed the 1-hr!

  3. Hoping for good results on your glucose test….
    Glad all went well – .

  4. Way to get everything done before the weekend….now that injection won’t be hanging over you! And way to rock the glucose test, hoping you get great results on Monday!! xoxo

  5. Well done you! I hope the results are perfect and you can relax and enjoy the rest of your pregnancy xx

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