In two weeks

So today is a busy day. The cat is at the vet’s getting his teeth cleaned. That wasn’t fun. We had to stop his food and water last night right before we went to bed. He was very whiny and mouthy this morning which is understandable. He was hungry. He licked his food bowl like where is my food? I felt bad, but I kept telling myself it’s for his own good. I was also worried about getting him into his cage on my own since hubby had to go to work. It actually went well. By the time I needed him in his cage he was calming down and snuggling even though I knew he knew something was up. I grabbed him while he was in my lap and put him in his carrier and he started yoweling. Poor guy. I got him in the car and he quited down and then started again when we got to the vet. I got a little teary eyed when I had to walk out the door and leave him, but I’m doing ok I think. Good job me. I’m wondering if they have done it already by now. The vet is supposed to call me at lunch to tell me how it went, how he is doing, and when I can pick him up. Probably at the end of the day.

After I dropped the cat off I went to my ob appointment. I know I was a little early so I would have to sit for a bit and wait. However, I had to wait a long time and I was getting annoyed that people who were in the lobby less time than me got called in first. I guess this time I waited in the lobby forever instead of in the exam room waiting for the doc. I had a woman walk in on me when I was giving my pee sample, but I guess it was a tiny bit my fault because I couldn’t get the darn door to lock. I got on the scale and I gained weight, ugh. They were like it’s fine you lost weight last time, it’s good that I gained it back. So If you discount the poiunds I lost and then gained back this visit then I gained another four pounds. The doc looked at my weight and everything and he said I am doing perfect so I will listen to him. I have gained about 16 pounds total from my first ob visit to now so *shrugs* Little man’s heart rate was 140 and he said that was just fine. I knew he would be fine because he was having a major kicking fit last night. Hubby said it was adrenaline because of my nerves that was affecting him.

So the next visit is in two weeks and I’m not looking forward to it. I have to have my glucose test (ugh) and I also have to go to the hospital to get a rhogam shot because I am ab negative. What a fun day. I scheduled it all on a friday since I don’t work fridays just in case I feel crappy after the glucose test and so maybe the hubs could come with me. However, they said they can get the results the next day, but since I"m doing it on a friday I wouldn’t get the results till the next Monday. So that has me thinking maybe I should move it though I don’t really want to work after it. Co-worker said maybe I could work in the morning and then do it in the afternoon. I could, but I wonder if the more I eat during the day the more carbs and other stuff that will affect my result? I dunno. Guess I will think some more. So little man is fine and I’m doing perfect according to the ob. Just not looking forward to the next visit. I really hope I do ok with the glucose test and have less issues keeping it down and don’t have gestational diabeties. I do eat a lot of carbs (I won’t eat them that morning), but I have been trying so hard this pregnancy wigh my weight. Though I was already sorta pre-diabetic before so I bet that gives me a higher chance of getting it. We shall see I guess,. *fingers crossed*

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  1. Well, I hope the kitty is doing just fine. They can be SUCH babies, but I know it’s no fun either… glad to hear that you appointment went well and that Little Man has such a nice, strong heartbeat! RE: the glucose test… I didn’t think it was that bad. I was required to do it after fasting so first thing in the morning for me, but I have a good friend who did it in the afternoon and the doctor just told her to avoid carbs all day before hand. You’ll do great regardless.

  2. sooz

    Ah! I know how much it used to break my heart when I had to take my kitty to the vet’s. She hated riding in the car. All the howling! It was terrible. I hope you’re little kitty is doing well.

    I’m glad to hear that Little Man is kicking up a storm. Seems like he’s really active. I hope your glucose test results are fine. And as long as your doctor doesn’t seem concerned about the extra weight, I think you’re doing good!

  3. Kristen

    Hope your Kitty is okay, I am sure it will be one tired kitty when you get it home! I will be thinking about you and hoping that all goes well with the glucose test! Fingers crossed for good results:)

  4. I have to do the glucose test in a couple of weeks too. Is it really that bad? I have no experience with it so perhaps ignorance is bliss in my case! Although I did hear that the stuff you have to drink is sort of nasty.

    • It really isn’t that bad for most people. I just had to do the three hour fasting one a couple of years ago and I had a hard time keeping the stuff down and not throwing it up. If you throw it up you have to start over a different time and drink it again. Maybe this time will be better since I won’t be fasting.

  5. the glucose test is a piece of cake. Make sure to put the drink in the fridge and if you can get the fruit punch flavor. Honestly, it’s not a big deal at all! There is no fasting involved but then again i wouldn’t eat carbs/sugar right before either. Good luck!

    • I’m not sure if I will get mine cold or not. They are going to give it to me when I get there. Hopefully it will be cold. The last one I did was a three hour one and it was fasting. So *fingers crossed* this one goes much smoother. I CAN do this.

  6. be sure you don’t eat for at least 8 hours before you go. It can really affect your results! Try to eat low carb the day before and drink water and unsweetened drinks. It’s so easy! And don’t worry about it – even if you were positive for GD, they can often control it with a change in diet and monitoring your blood sugar. You’ll feel better when it’s all over! 🙂

    My kitty is due for a check-up/teeth cleaning, too. I know it’s good for her, but I hate it that they have to put her under to do it! Makes me nervous and teary, too!

    • Luckily I can eat breakfast with this one. Yea for no fasting, I don’t do well with fasting. But I have a plan this time and I’m determined to make it go better than last time.

      Glad I’m not the only one who gets like that with my kitty.

  7. Glad the doctor’s appointment went well (well at least with the baby :).

  8. Hugs to the kitty! I hate it when our pets have to have work done – I wish we could explain it to them!

    And glad your appointment went well. I’m not looking forward to the GD test either – I have bad feelings… Sounds like you’re pretty prepared with how it will be!

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