Techie experiment

First off, thank you so much for all your nice comments about my picture in the last entry.  I am always a bit self conscious about pictures of myself so it’s always nice to hear nice things about a picture of yourself.

The other day I was reading a message board on one of the pregnancy apps I have on my ipod touch.  It was one I don’t normally read as the one I normally read was having technical difficulties.  Anyways, while reading I found out that there are some apps that say they can pick up a baby’s heartbeat like a doppler.  I have thought about buying a doppler in the past, but didn’t because the nurse at my ob’s office said that most of the ones out there are crap.  However, now that I am further along it is easier to hear.  I could now buy a cheap doppler or even a cheap stethascope, but I am kinda cheap and don’t know what I would do with them after the baby is born.  So instead I decided I want to try out at least one of these apps out.   Yes, I am a bit of a tech nerd.

However, to try out these apps I need a microphone and real headphones for my ipod touch.  The first thing that stumped me was the microphone.  Ipod touches don’t come with microphones, but they do come with ear buds that have a microphone on them.  However, the app said these won’t work with the app.  Also if you plug in an accessory microphone into the headphones slot that means you can’t hear anything and the whole thing won’t work.  So I did a little research and found a splitter of sorts.  You plug it into the headphone hole which gives a spot for a microphone and a set of headphones.  I also bought a small microphone that should work with my ipod touch.  I just ordered both tonight so whenever they get here I will try it out.  Both things only came to a little over $12.  One of the apps even has a recording function where you can e-mail the sound to people.  How cool would that be?  I could post it on my blog.  I really hope it works.



  1. Wow..How freakin cool is that?
    I’m going to the App store right now!
    Curious to know if it works!

    • I will post an update once I get my stuff and try it out 🙂

  2. Oh that would be way cool! Definitely let us know how it goes!!!

  3. Oh that sounds cool! I hope it works, too!

  4. The one to take your own pulse works but that uses light I believe so, different concept. Can’t wait to hear if you can get it to work 🙂

  5. How cool! Let us know if it works! I was so nervous the whole pregnancy, we ended up renting a doppler the whole time. An app like that would’ve saved us so much money!

  6. Very cool—- can’t wait to read your review 🙂

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