More day care and awareness

Yesterday was crazy busy. I worked a full day of work, went to the seamstress during lunch (I am short and always have to get my pants hemmed before I can wear them), then went on another tour of a day care center, and then went grocery shopping for the week.

My two points I want to write about in this entry are about the day care center and what happened on facebook when I got home.  First, the day care center is the one that is on my work’s campus.  I have driven past it a million times, but had never been in there. I called the center, talked to the director and got a tour. She was really nice.  I was a little sad that the hubby couldn’t be there because I always like to have another pair of ears and another pair of eyes with an opinion on their likes and dislikes.  One thing I really liked is before I went I asked the director if there was a waiting list and she said no, there was one infant spot left. I was like oooh!  So anyways, when I went I liked the building. It was open and looked clean.  The infant room had the right ratio and it seemed a bit more open and clean than the other center though I went at the end of the day when they were not napping so maybe I should check them out one more time.  This center seemed a little bit more with it with the regulations of the state and seemed to focus more on school readiness which I like.  I also really like that it is right on my work’s campus so I could go over and breastfeed or whatever during lunch or when I needed too.  very cool. I’m going to talk to the director this morning and put down the deposit for the last spot.  I still might go over with the hubs so he can see it, but I like it and I have the degree in that area so he trusts me.  It makes me feel a little relieved that I won’t get down to the wire and be wondering if my child has a spot as well.

Ok, onto facebook.  Every day when I get home from work I check my facebook wall.  I can’t check at work so I catch up on the day then.  I noticed a friend of mine from elementary school had posted as her status message about infertility awareness month and how it’s a hard thing to go through.  You probably have seen the message.  I immediately e-mailed her, thanked her for posting that, and told her a very brief version of my story – that I had gone through it for a year and a half and got pregnant with help.  She e-mailed back and said your welcome and that a lot of her friends had gone through it as well.  I thought about it and I decided that I should be brave and I reposted the status message. I think this was big for me because I have never mentioned anything about IF on facebook before.  I wondered what kind of response I would get.  So far the people who know about my struggle have liked my status, and one person said they were proud of me.  Also, a few other people reposted the message – some I know who also went through IF.  I think counting me there were a total of four people with that status message up and it made me happy.  I posted it at night so I’m wondering if I will get any comments today.  I am hoping that someone will e-mail me and tell me their story so we can commiserate and be a support, but just posting that makes me feel stronger.  Although, one ironic thing happened right after I posted it it.  Right after I hit submit and updated my wall the next message that came up was from an acquaintance who announced she was pregnant with twins! Doh.  When I last talked with her I think she was having a small amount of issues so maybe she had help too.  Who knows.



  1. I love the idea of the daycare at your work. To be able to go there and breastfeed at lunch, and just stop in if there are any problems – this is worth so much!!!

    I’m proud of you for posting the IF message on Facebook. This is great!

  2. I wish my workplace had onsite daycare! You’re so lucky!

    Yay for posting the IF message on FB! It takes a lot of courage to do that.

  3. That’s seriously fantastic about day care. How lucky are you!

  4. Glad you’ve found a daycare you like! That is so important. I’ve noticed a few people posting notices about NIAW on Facebook as well. It makes me glad to see them and I tend to thank those people for posting!

    B tw, I’ve given you an award! You can stop by my blog to pick it up 😀

  5. Sounds like the day care is a great option! It couldn’t be better located at all and the idea of being able to scoot on over for a nursing session sounds awesome to me.

    Good for you for posting on facebook!! I haven’t seen any posts like that yet!

  6. Totally agree – it takes courage to post that status. I was thinking about it and I’m not sure I could/would do it. Too many people I’m friends with that I really don’t want to know that much about me. I bet if I did it would be freeing though…

  7. FCblacksheep

    The daycare sounds awesome. So glad you don’t have to wait and worry and you’ll be so close by. That’s awesome too about Facebook. Do you mind sending me the facebook status update? You can email it to I thought about posting something but Blue is squeamish about it. He’s afraid of the responses.

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