Day care

Today the hub’s and I toured a day care center for little man.  Wow.  I couldn’t believe I was actually doing it and not a fraud.  I will be taking 3 months maternity leave (some paid and some not), but after that I will be going back to work.  I decided on this place because it is very close to my house and two of my co-workers have their kids there and they really like it.  Their prices seem pretty reasonable too.  I name dropped when I set up the tour in case that would give me a little bit of a heads up.  It was neat to go in and see everything and the actual babies.  I’m still in denial that I will really have one of those at the end of this.  There is a waiting list though, which makes me nervous.  The lady said that usually when they get to the waiting list most people have already found a spot by then so it might be easier to get in than I think, but no guarantees.  This means I also need to put my name in somewhere else.  I’m thinking of putting my name in at the center on my work’s campus, but I’m thinking it will be hard to get in there since most people that work there will want their kids there.  Can’t hurt by trying though.  I need to call and set that up.  I spent some of the afternoon researching child care places near by and gave myself a headache.  I tried looking up reviews and there is always someone saying something bad about a  center.

This sunday is my hubby’s birthday so I am trying to do as many nice things for him as I can think of.  I got his presents from  While I was ordering his presents I wanted to get a little something special for myself.  I thought I might get myself something pregnancy related as a treat, but I could not think of anything I wanted to get.  I thought about getting one of the c shaped pregnancy pillows, but I already bought a rectangular body pillow that I don’t use that much because I just can’t get comfortable with it.  I even was a nerd and googled how to use a body pillow.  Maybe it’s too thick?  Not sure.  I just don’t want to buy another pillow, not like it, and then have two pillows on the floor that I’m not using.  I ended up just buying a nice pink water bottle that is bpa free so that I will drink more water and not have to buy as my bottles of water.  Still, can anyone think of a small something that made their pregnancy a little easier?

Not much else.  Little man has been kicking more and more each day.  I hope by saying that I don’t jinx it and he has a quiet day that might freak me out.  I think I saw my first stretch mark starting. Boo on that.  I bought some palmers so hopefully that will do the trick.  Now all we need is for it to stop raining.  It has been raining all day long.



  1. Wow – picking out a daycare! What a big step! So very exciting to get everything ready for this baby of yours…

  2. Wow – what a big step! We’ve started to research at daycares because we have to put some of the information in our home study, and it makes me nervous. I can’t imagine going to visit one! I hope you get in the best situation for you and the lil one. 🙂

  3. So glad that you took that step. I know that we have to also but I’m concerned that I’ll walk in and know that I’m a fraud.

    It’s so nice to hear that someone else gets it. 🙂

  4. sienna

    fingers crossed for you that the waiting list opens up just in time for baby boy to start going to this daycare!! i’m sure lots of ppl on waiting lists turn the spots down once their turn comes up bc they found alternate care, so still sounds promising :o) re: your question about heartburn. i usually believe in most wivestales, but i haven’t had a LICK of heartburn during this pregnancy. and i did find that odd, bc i was pretty sure baby girl would be born with at least a decent amount of hair. asked my mom and she said she never had heartburn with the 3 of us girls, and we were all born with 3 inches of thick hair. very strange. maybe we are an exception to the heartburn rule?

  5. Not a fraud? You meant not afraid. Might want to update that. It is a little messed up in this day and age when everything even child care has waiting lists.

    • No I meant to use the word fraud. I tried for a very long time to get pregnant so believing that I actually am now and that I actually have a child coming who will need day care is a surprising thing that I still can’t believe sometimes.

  6. You’re smart to start researching day care now! I started waaaay too late. I’m so glad you’re feeling good! Hope hubby’s birthday is wonderful!

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