The elusive OB

I’m back from my monthly ob appointment although a bit late to work. Oh well. I got in and visited the wheel of pee. Annoyingly I didn’t have to go much. I gave them as much as I could, which wasn’t much and wondered if they were going to say something about it. I sat down and then got called back to be weighed. I mentioned my small sample and she said don’t worry about it, all they needed was a drop so it was fine. Yea for not having to pee again. I got weighed and I forgot what my number on their scale was last time and what it was this time because I didn’t get the digital scale. I am pretty sure she said I was down a few pounds so yea for that. I think it was about accurate with my at home spreadsheet that I keep track of my weight each week.

After that I got put in a room, got my blood pressure checked, and then they said the ob will be right in to see me. I waited and waited some more. After a while the midwife who I met the very first time I came in and said the ob is running late, would I like to have my visit with her. I was like well I had to wait last time and I haven’t met her before. I also didn’t want to have my visit with the midwife since I didn’t come away with a good feeling last time and I had questions I wanted answered. So I waited and waited some more. She finally came at 10 something. I don’t know why they say she will be right in when she wasn’t even in the office yet. That’s dumb. She was nice though and I’m glad I waited to meet her. She specifically asked if I had questions first which was good. The nurses anr people before never seem to ask that or at least that I remember. So I got my questions answered.

She said in regards to movement/kicking – As long as I get one something every single day it’s fine. She said he might be turned away that he is kicking and moving, but I just don’t feel it yet. She said they don’t start kick counting until the third trimester. That made me feel better and hopefully will make me freak out less.

She said leaking pee is normal and highly doubted it was amniotic fluid. She said try keigels but it may or may not work. In regards to the acne she said any topical stuff you can buy at the grocery store over the counter is fine. She said no to retin-a which I thought she might. I had some from when I was a teen, but I think I threw it out because it was expired. She also said that round ligament pain is probably at it’s worst now, but will calm down soon which made me happy.

She listened for the heartbeat which she found right away at 150 I think. I was amazed at how fast she found him but she said there is less room for him to hide now. I think she measured my belly but didn’t say anything, which I guess means it’s fine.

She seemed to look at my chart a little more in depth than the others which was nice too. She said I will have another appointment in a month which will take me to about 27 weeks and then I will start going every two weeks. Wow. I can’t believe I am almost at the point for going every two weeks. I kinda like that because it means I won’t have to wait as long to know everything is ok.

So all is well with the little man and now I just have to make it through the next month with no issues. The next time I go back will be my birthday week 🙂 I really hope I don’t have to do the glucose test on my birthday. They haven’t said anything about when I’m going to do that and I didn’t want to bring it up to remind them, but I figure it’s coming soon. I did it once fasting because of my pcos and I had the worst time drinking that stuff. I almost threw up. Blech. So hopefully it will go better this time.

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  1. Great new all around!

    I went last week and go back in 3 weeks now (end of April) and I *do* have to do the Glucose – yuck!! They haven’t mentioned when I’ll start going every 2 weeks… I didn’t realize it could be this soon. But I guess we are at 23 weeks – can you even believe it?!?

    • LOL yea for 23 weeks 😉 I think once we hit the third trimester the two week visits start. I will be almost 27 by the time I hit the next visit and thats only a week until the third so it works. I’m probably sure I’ll have to do the glucose soon, but I’m crossing my fingers that I don’t since I had it once a few years back. I should google if every single pregnant person has to do it. I think you do, but maybe because I am doing ok with my weight? lol wishful thinking I’m sure.

  2. i’m pretty sure every prego has to do the glucose test. It has to be done between 24-28 weeks so you may want to double check that they didn’t just forget to give you the drink. They gave me the drink to take home at my 24 week appt and i go next week for the glucose test which will be 27 weeks. I’ve heard it’s not nearly as bad as some make it sound.

  3. AL

    like the previous commenter, I’m pretty sure the glucose test is 24-28 weeks so you may want to check to make sure they didn’t forget you! The drink wasn’t too bad for me, went down easy and had no issues, but I know some people have a hard time w/ it.

    Yea for another great appt!

  4. sienna

    do you know if your placenta is anterior or posterior? maybe that’s why you don’t feel as many kicks? this one is so hard to compare with other ppl bc some of us feeling very little and some of us feel lots and lots. don’t get it. regarding the peeing in a cup – the last 2 visits to the OB, i peed all over my hand and got nothing in the cup. i was so embarrassed. but since i can’t see squat down there, i can’t pee IN the cup to save my life. even when i *could* see way back when, i didn’t have very good aim, so i’m just hopeless now. i’ve never had an acne problem in my life, but in 1T and 2T, i was breaking out like crazy in my face only. the rest of me was okay, but my face looked like that of a 14 yr old teenage boy. not pretty. but it all cleared up in the 3T!!! hang in there. you are doing great!! xoxo.

    • I don’t know the answer to that one, but I think it’s in the normal place. They didn’t say anything about it at my level two appointment with MFM so I figure it’s in the right place. I think he just has more room at the moment.

  5. This all sounds like great news! Very exciting!

  6. Sounds sooooooooooo exciting!!! The not feeling kicking could also be because he’s facing your back and kicking back that way. Josh did that until about 2 weeks ago and turned and now boy can I feel him. 🙂 I hope the next 4 weeks go by well and you enjoy being pregnant! 🙂 Also I posted an award for you on my blog!

  7. FCblacksheep

    Yay for meeting the OB! Good thing you waited. I would have done the same. We need answers people. Sounds like you got the reassurance you needed, which is awesome.

    I hated that stupid drink too. I forget when the nurse said I’d do the test but she did mention because of my PCOS, they’d probably move it up a couple weeks. But I think that depends on the doctor. Also, I mentioned I’ve been out of breath, which I guess could be an early sign.

    Anyway, all sounds wonderful.

    • I’ve been out of breath too, but I figured that is just cause I’m getting bigger and holding more weight in my stomach. That’s a sign of gd? ugh.

  8. I’m glad she set your mind at ease!

  9. Yay for the good news! It’s great to read these updates and know that everything is going a-ok!

  10. yay, glad your appointment all went ok and reassured you that all is fine with the turtle 🙂

  11. Yeah for getting to meet the doc & get your questions answered. AWESOME! One trick I can tell you about the drink – put it in the fridge ahead of time, like days before so it’s nice and cold and drink it over ice when you do. They told me that was perfectly fine because you are supposed to drink it all within 5 minutes so the ice will not have any affect. I did the orange and with it being cold I really didn’t mind at all. I had PCOS too so they moved my screening up a few weeks too. I did it right at 24 weeks. Unfortunately mine was positive for GD but I can tell you that even though I was totally freaked out it hasn’t been bad at all. It was a lot to take in as far as learning and knowing what I need to do but once I got that part down it has been a breeze! Hopefully you will have a great test and not have to worry about it though!

  12. I’m glad you got to meet the elusive OB! 🙂 And I’m glad you really liked her. I can’t believe you’re so close to the 3rd trimester already! It seems like you just got pregnant! You’re zooming right through!

    I leaked pee towards the end, and I also had a lot of vaginal discharge. I just gave up and started wearing pads just to keep things dry. It’s annoying, but before you know it you’re little guy will be here and it’ll all go back to normal.

    I’m so excited for you! I’m so glad it’s all going so well!

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