Bad blogger

Yes, I have been a bad blogger and disappeared for a little bit. Yes, I know it’s only been a week. Last we left off, I had just registered with my mom on saturday and then my parents left on sunday. I was mega tired and just figured that registering did me in. Monday I started feeling kinda crappy. Tired, sore, not right. I left work an hour early and then took a nap. By tuesday I had a nice sounding chunky cough. Turns out I got myself a chest cold. Fun, fun. For a little bit it was hard to sleep because I would wake myself up coughing. Thankfully, it hasn’t been too bad. I have had my chest cold for about a week and I’m coming out the other end. I managed not to take anything and I didn’t really get that congested. It was mostly a nasty sounding coughing. I’m slowly getting my energy back, so yea for that. It is also good that the hubby hasn’t gotten it yet so *fingers crossed* Since I am behind myself in blogging I know I am really behind in commenting on all of you. I have been reading though so just know that I am with you on your journeys.

This weekend I tried to stay on the couch as much as possible. Friday I ended up taking a nap for two and a half hours. I think the rest this weekend has helped me to get over this dumb cold. While on the couch I spent time with my baby bargains book. I have no idea about a lot of baby products so I would read about one product and which was the best and then go on the internet with my new knowledge and look at those products on the internet and pick the one that I felt like was the best. I got through a lot of my registry that way. I think I only have to register for a couple of more things and then I’m done. Yea for that. Thank goodness for the book though. I would have no idea otherwise.

In registering we came up with two house projects that I want to finish soon, but that means actually researching and getting started on it. I hope they get done soon. The first one we will probably do is change out the carpet in the room the baby will sleep in. Right now it’s an awful pink and I want to change it to a tan or a brown of some sort.

I have been a bit of a neurotic pregnant person recently. I feel like I haven’t been feeling the baby kick that much and have been getting nervous that there is something wrong and that I jinxed myself in registering. That there will not be a baby in the end to use this stuff. I was very close to calling my OB today and asking for a quick heartbeat check, but thankfully, he did kick me some today. So phew. My next ob visit is a week from today. I’m glad it’s soon, I feel like I’m getting neurotic again.

So how’s the pregnancy going? Pretty good. Recently I have noticed more reflux issues, though I’m not sure if part of that is because I have been sick and have more phlegm or something. Secondly, I have noticed more round ligament pain and have been more sore because of that. I figure that it is normal and I will probably feel it more the more I get into this pregnancy. I’m trying not to complain though and I hope that my blog hasn’t become too pregnant heavy/crazy. I am aware and know how hard this stuff can be to read when you are in the trenches. I’m thinking of you guys and hoping you get your bfp’s soon. A lot of you have recently and I’m totally happy for you!

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  1. That’s wonderful that you got your registry all done. What a great idea – using the baby bargains book. I’m glad to hear that the pregnancy is going well. Hope you feel better soon!

  2. sienna

    I was uber superstitious and nervous about registering too. Dh wanted to register at least a month before I was “ready”. Finally I just bit the bullet. It’ll all be fine, but I totally get the anxiety about jinxing :o) I had a bad cold in the beginning of the pregnancy and last month. Wiped me out both times completely!! Hope ur 100% very soon!!

  3. FCblacksheep

    I’m so sorry you were sick but now I’m happy you’re better. Well, you were going to have register eventually and it’d be a lot harder with a newborn in your arms. LOL. I actually just read something that said to register earlier so you’re comfortable moving around the store. Seemed to make sense, but of course it’s still nerve wracking. I’m sure I’ll be a mess. And about hearing Turtle move, at my first consult appointment, the nurse mentioned going over kick counts when I’m 20 weeks. All I was could think was “holy crap, that’s going to make me an even more neurotic mess.

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