Sunday already?

I can’t believe that it’s sunday already.  I feel like it was just friday lunch time and I blinked my eyes and the weekend flew away.  My parents came down for a visit and I feel like it was non stop go go go until they left.  Yes, I did sit still some, but we did a lot.

Most of the weekend my dad got to relax, watch his basketball, and not have to be bored going from store to store with me and my mom.  That is the way he likes it.  Friday my mom and I went out to lunch and then did a small bit of maternity shopping.  We also went to the grocery store and went out to dinner with everyone at our favorite Vietnamese place.

Saturday I bought my mom lunch and then we checked one more store for maternity clothes and then went to Babies R Us and started my baby registry.  I couldn’t believe that I was walking in that store for me.  I still can’t believe it.  I’m very thankful to be where I am.  There were a lot of women signing up to register so I listened to the whole introduction with them.  Then my mom and I went out onto the floor with our scanner and the book they give you with what things to register for.  I think we were there for almost four hours and we still are not done yet.  It is really overwhelming how much stuff there is, the different kinds of things, and it’s gets to be a lot after a while.  We did not register for a swing/car seat/stroller yet because I don’t know enough yet about them.  So if any of you guys have any suggestions I will be all ears.  I chose the theme of our registry which I think is really cute.  We will be going with Carter’s Tree Top’s Collection.  It isn’t overly blue, but has boy colors, and lot’s of cute animals which is what I was looking for.

Sunday we organized my closet, my shoes, and put away a bunch of stuff for the winter.  After that we ate at IHOP, which is where we always go right before they leave.  It was yummy.  So now they are gone and I am going to sit still for a long time and maybe even take a nap.

I know I am way way behind on reading/commenting on your blogs.   I will try to work on that soon.  I want to be able to provide support wherever you are in your journey like you guys have done for me.  Thank you so much for all of your support during this crazy journey.  Hopefully things will settle down now that I have gotten through this past week and I will be up to date in no time.  I hope all of you are doing well!



  1. Cute Bedding!! This is the one we’re going with:

    It actually makes me think of you because of the turtles! 🙂

    I just finished my registry because I’m having an early shower last month and it was super overwhelming but once you kind of get an idea of what you want it is much easier to get it done.

    Oh, and after reading that I think I’m going to have to insist my husband take me to IHOP for dinner tonight. 🙂

    • I actually saw that one at the store and thought it would be cute, since I call it turtle, but I loved the one I picked.

  2. FCblacksheep

    Sounds like a great weekend. Love the theme. I think it’s a great pick for a boy. Awesome that you registered. I imagine that it must have been really cool and strange at the same time. Enjoy your nap!

  3. Ahh so happy for you that you are at the stage of starting your baby registry for your turtle 🙂

  4. AL

    Super cute bedding, I really like it! Glad you had a good (but busy) weekend. Registering really is surreal, I still feel like a fake!!

  5. What a busy weekend – no wonder why it flew by so fast! I love the bedding – so cute!

  6. Yeah for registering – congrats!!! Sounds like a great weekend. PS – the bedding/nursery collection is adorable!

  7. Kristen

    We finished up (I think) our registery this weekend:) And YES it is very overwhelming!!!! I think it helped some that I started the registry in the store then, did some registering online and then took the kiddos this past weekend to finish up the registry. I have had two strollers both Graco, with the Graco carseats and they weren’t bad the double stroller was much nicer/ sturdier than the single. I didn’t like the straight handle on the carseat it gets uncomfortable. We are registered for a new carseat/ stroller combo because the carseat expired (yes their are expiration dates!) and our single stroller broke; we no longer need a double stroller so I sold it. I decided to go with baby trend because I liked the handle it has the triangle at the top so you can change positions in carrying it. Something to look for is a carseat weight because now they recommend babies be rear-facing till at least age 2. Some of the infant carriers only go to 20 pounds.
    Wish you all the best! CONGRATS on starting your registry:)

  8. Sounds like a great weekend! The theme is so cute. I really love it!

  9. The bedding is really cute! I love the colors!

    Sounds like a fun weekend, so yay for that. And I am partial to IHOP because I worked as a server there in high school. I haven’t been in yeeaaars though. I used to always get the banana-walnut pancakes on my break. YUM!!

    • I like the harvest grain and nut pancakes the best 😉

  10. I was totally overwhelmed when I registered at Babies ‘R Us! It can be scary getting started in there! I kept thinking the pregnancy police were going to throw me out for “pretending” to be a pregnant woman! 🙂
    Love the tree top bedding – too cute! I’m so excited for you! It’s getting so real!

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