It’s been a busy 24 hours. Yes, we did end up buying the car last night. I have always wanted a cr-v and to get a 2010 at used prices was pretty awesome. I drove it this morning to work and it was pretty neat. Still not used to it yet and I hope I didn’t park too close to the guy next to me. Need to get used to the bigger size. I totally cried like four times having to give up my old car and leave it at the dealership. I know I am hormonal, but I tend to attach emotions to things that aren’t alive and I kept thinking of him sitting out on that lot and not getting to come home with us. Ok, gotta stop that or I will get teary again. I hope a nice family with children gets him.

Ok onto the level two that you guys are all dying to read about 😉

The building itself is pretty nice. They just moved in there. The bathrooms are pretty nice too. I first got the scanner lady who looked at all the parts. She took a lot of pictures of the heart and the brain but she said that they do that so not to worry. She didn’t tell me that much because the doctor would come in afterwards and go over everything with me. I tried to use my background from work, but that didn’t work so well. I feel like I am covered in that goop they use. Hubby did his best to wipe it off me, but it got on the top of my waist band and the top of my undies. Gross. Finally the doctor came in after they looked at all the pictures, but I had been laying there for a while so I had to pee. So they let me up and then I had to wait a couple of more minutes before the doctor came back in again. He had a post it note of things to look at because the baby wasn’t cooperating and giving him the views he wanted, but he said turtle is just fine and doesn’t see anything wrong. Just a normal pregnancy. Phewy.

Oh and the gender? They are pretty certain on this one because they could see the parts. I asked them three times to check and they were like yep, there is the scro.tum. It’s a BOY 🙂 My dad was right the whole time. The first ultrasound pic I showed him at like 8 weeks or something he said I see a pe.nis it’s a boy. I was like how can you tell there is no way you can tell. He was adamant the whole time and he was right. We are having a son. Guess it’s time to stock up on blue 🙂 Hubby of course is totally thrilled 🙂 It still hasn’t all sunk in for me yet. I’m actually going to have a son. Woah.

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  1. omg yaaaaaay! hope you are super pleased about the gender :-))
    so pleased the scan went well too, phew! *happy dance*

  2. Congratulations on finding out you’re having a boy!! And another congratulations on the CR-V!

  3. Yay!!! It’s a boy! Congratulations on the boy and the new toy (aka car)!

  4. Congrats!!! That’s wonderful news!

  5. Congratulations!!! How exciting to know that you’re having a son!!!!

  6. congrats on a baby boy and glad the appointment went well!!

  7. AL

    A baby boy!!!! Congratulations!!!

  8. Great news! Congratulations on Team Blue!

  9. Sienna

    Congrats on the boy! You know, before you even got pregnant, I pictured you with a boy for sure. Can’t rally articulate why though. Isn’t a new car awesome?? Makes a car ride all the more enjoyable. Glad everything is going well far!! Xoxo.

  10. Kristen

    CONGRATS and CONGRATS!!!!!! So happy you got the car that you wanted:) SO SO VERY HAPPY that the ultrasound went well and that you are having a BOY!!!! Have fun registering and shopping for all the boy stuff!

  11. A son – congrats! x

  12. Congratulations on the boy! I’m new to your blog. I am having a progesterone scare in my early pregnancy, and a couple of my readers pointed me to your blog. I just read all your posts since November – I’m so excited to hear that the PIO is just what it took, and now you’re having a healthy baby boy! You give me hope… Thanks!

    • Glad that I could help in some small way 😉 I will have to check out your blog. I hope pio works for you too!

  13. Wonderful news, a beautiful baby boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xoxo

  14. FCblacksheep

    HA!!! I should get a job as a human ultrasound. Not sure I want that job but I totally called it. I’m so happy for you. Yippee for a wonderful, healthy baby boy. Terrific.

  15. Yay! A BOY! Congrats!

  16. Yay a boy! So happy for you 🙂

  17. AP

    Congratulations!!! That is so exciting for you guys.

  18. Congrats!!!!!! A little boy- how exciting!

  19. Nic

    Yay, congratulations!!

  20. Ahhhhh!! A boy!! Boys are so much fun, I can’t even tell you! You are going to have a SON! Congratulations, LFL! =) I am grinning ear to ear for you!!

  21. Yay for a boy! Congratulations!

  22. You’re having a boy! It’s so exciting! I’m so happy for you guys! 🙂

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