I was doing so good this past week knowing that my level two was in a week. I would tell myself oh brain it will be fine and you get to find out the gender, it will be so great! However, now after talking to my boss and knowing that it’s less than 24 hours away my brain is starting to get really nervous. I know that only 3% of children have birth defects and I have probably even less of a chance than that because I had ultrasounds early and all the way through 11 weeks. So if it was something major I hope they would have seen it already. *fingers crossed* My level two is tomorrow morning at 7:30am – early I know even with the time change so hubby could come with me before work. I will try to update when I get to work after I make a few phone calls like to my parents 😉

Another reason I’m sitting here nervy is that we may be buying a car tonight. I am a honda girl and have only driven honda’s. Ever since they have changed the body on the cr-v I have loved how they look. I have looked into them and I am their perfect target age group – woman in her 30’s who will have children at some point. We test drove one on saturday and I loved it just as I knew I would. We also looked at a few other cars including a mazda because hubby likes them, but I liked the cr-v the best. We are going used (I’ve never bought a new one before), but we found a really great one that is a 2010 which is very close to being new. We are going to see it again tonight and may buy it. I can’t believe it. I have had my last car for nine years. It is showing it’s age and still reminds me of the time that dude stole my car. I will be glad to get rid of those memories even though I will miss my car. Am I the only one who feels sad that I am giving up my car and hopes that it goes to a good home? I also can’t believe that one of the reasons we are getting this car is because it has more room (I have a smaller two door car at the moment) because there will be a baby in a car seat in the back. Wow. All of this is making it hard for me to focus on work at the moment. LOL and I was doing so good this morning.

I did get a lot done this weekend. Maybe by writing everything I got done this weekend I will get back in the working mood here so I can get more done.

Lets see…

I cleaned the kitchen (cleaned everything out of the sink, put everything away, cleaned the counter tops, swiffered the floor)
I vacuumed the downstairs including all the kitty litter that the cat kicks out and mopped around that
I did four loads of laundry including all of my clothes that needed it, our sheets on our bed, our towels in the bathroom, and the towels in the downstairs bathroom
I ran the dishwasher
I also bought two long sleeve shirts, a pair of pants, and a cute and simple dress for work.

Alright brain get back in gear. ll have two more hours left. Though with the time change maybe my brain will have an easier time because it will think I’m going home an hour early because we had to move the clocks ahead. Yes, I’m weird.

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  1. hoping your scan tomorrow reveals a happy healthy little one!

  2. I’m nervous about my ultrasound tomorrow, too! I go along and think everything is great and fine and then when I get close to a dr appt or ultrasound I get scared that something is wrong.

    Tomorrow is my first ultrasound since 11 weeks… Such a long time! 🙂

    I can’t wait to see what you are having. 🙂

    • Good luck on your appointment as well!

  3. I can’t wait to hear the gender! I guess girl 🙂

    And, I totally feel the same way about cars. We sold my small SUV last year to upgrade, and I insisted on driving it to the car dealership where we were picking up our new one. During the car ride, I cried. That car went through so much with me – I bought it, paid it off… I got it before I met my husband. The feeling only lasted a couple days or so, but I totally know what you mean.

    And, yes, you need to get a bigger car with your little one coming soon!

    Looking forward to updates from your Level2!

    • I totally cried three times during the whole trading in my old car. I felt bad leaving it at the dealership, but I know I am moving onto a bigger car that I need. I hope my old car gets a good new home.

  4. FCblacksheep

    Deep breaths. Tomorrow’s scan will go wonderfully. I can’t wait to find out the gender and I’ve written this a dozen times but I’m going with it again — boy.

    Yay on a new car!!!! How much fun. We’re talking about trading up this summer, also for more room, but for something that’s good in bad weather too. And, someone stole your car?? That sucks.

    Good luck tomorrow!

    • Yes, a few years ago someone stole my car from in front of my apartment. It was not a fun experience and hubby was out of town at the time. Having the bigger car with 4wd for bad weather is a big reason why I wanted this car.

  5. It’s going to be a great scan. I promise! So exciting on the gender reveal….AND on the car, that is super awesome. Can’t wait to hear the big news! xoxo

  6. Good luck for your scan tomorrow, I hope it all goes well.
    I would be very sad to say goodbye to my car too!

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