I am home from my trip and very glad to be so.  I feel like this past week was a whirlwind.  I was very busy, which was good, but I barely got a chance to get on the internet or relax on most days.  Here is a condensed recap.

Sunday morning I rode with my co-worker to the airport. I was nervous about the flight because I get motion sickness and I haven’t flown in a long time. I also wasn’t sure how it was going to go being pregnant.  I took a bonine an hour before the flight and started to get hazy.  The flight over was ok, but my stomach was unsettled for most of it.  The worst part was the landing, but I made it.  It was warm when we got to Orlando, I think that first day it was 87.   We got a shuttle that took us to our hotel and I wandered around a bit to figure out where everything was.  For dinner co-worker and I went to downtown disney and walked around.

Monday through Wednesday was the conference.  I basically got up at 6:45am every morning, sat in lectures all day long (first day including the poster session was 11 hours) walked downtown disney with the co-workers for lunch, dinner, and after dinner and then crashed and went to sleep.  The last day I went to a meeting that started at 7am.  It was a good meeting, but way too early. By the end I was sick of sitting in meetings, but the conference itself was pretty good.  Between the three days we went to downtown disney a bunch of times since it was right across from our hotel.  I bought three cute onesies that I am excited about.  I also bought two pens so that I can think of my trip while working.

Wednesday afternoon after the conference was over I lugged all my luggage to downtown disney to see if I could catch a bus to the new hotel I was staying at so I didn’t have to pay for a ride.  Unfortunately when I got there I realized the buses didn’t go to my hotel so I lugged everything back.  It was hot out and I was tired.  I talked to the front office and they said I could get a bus for free, but I would have to walk back over to downtown disney and go even farther than I had the first time.  I said screw this and just got a taxi.  Best $20 I have spent.  From Wednesday afternoon to Thursday evening I was by myself since my co-workers went home after the conference and hubby didn’t come until 12am friday morning.  I wandered around and found everything in the new hotel and ordered room service.  I was lonely though and very glad when hubby got there.  I did find a great breakfast buffet that we had every morning that we were there.  I will miss it tomorrow morning.

Friday morning we bought disney tickets early and then set out to the Magic Kingdom.  We spent 6 hours just walking around and seeing the sites.  We both aren’t big ride people so we did most of the shows and shopping.  It was a lot of walking, but I did pretty good.  The one ride we did go on was It’s a small world, which was great.  After waking around all day we went back to our hotel and then had dinner again at downtown disney.   Saturday we spent all day at Epcot.  7 hours of walking around in the heat.  It was fun, but at the end I was so tired and my feet hurt so much. I had hubby take a picture of my feet swelling a bit.  We came back to the hotel at the end of the day and just had dinner at the hotel restaurant.

This morning we got up at 2:45am so we could catch our ride to the airport for our 6:10am flight. So early. The flight was a little better this time and I think I figured it out.  I need a motion sickness med and something for my stomach like a zantac or an immodium.  I felt nervous taking so much med’s while pregnant, but I think it was really needed for me to survive the flight.  Especially since we had turbulence going home, which I did pretty well with.

I missed my weigh in last week since I was in FL and am very close to my weigh in for 19 weeks.  I am nervous on what I will see.  We had to eat out every night since we couldn’t really cook for ourselves.  However, I did a lot of walking all week so I hope that evened things out.  I only really ate a lot starting on Friday so hopefully it won’t be too shocking.  I’m going to weigh myself tomorrow morning just to see since I have an ob appointment on tuesday.

I am excited for my ob appointment on tuesday.  I am finally going to meet the female ob in the practice.  Last ob visit I asked when I am going to get another ultrasound and she said 19 weeks.  I’m not sure if she is talking about this ob visit or the level two anatomy scan I have next week.  I really hope that I have an u/s on tuesday so I can get a sneak peak and maybe find out the gender.  However, I kinda doubt I will.  I will ask though.  I have been feeling kicking more often which is great and let’s me know that turtle is still alive in there and didn’t have something horrible happen.  So fingers crossed for Tuesday!



  1. I love trips like that, but I love it even more when I come home. Sounds like you had a good time… When I lived in FL my favourite park was Epcot.

    Question for you… how’s your ibs now? Have you noticed a change? Just curious.

    • My ibs is pretty good. I have noticed I can cheat a lot more and it won’t bother me as much. I still have to watch it, but it takes more to get me to have a flair. Between friday and saturday I shared two ice cream mickey’s with the hubs and I was ok. I also had a salad one night and had some cheese in there as well. I still try to be good, but it’s better. I think the constipation of pregnancy helps.

  2. FCblacksheep

    Wow sounds like a full trip and fun. I think with all the walking, it probably did even itself out. Oooh…possibly finding out the gender…exciting. It’s so awesome you can feel Turtle kicking more.

    I was wondering about your IBS too. I’ve always felt like I had a very mild case myself, but I haven’t had any of the deep gas pains/cramping that I usually get a couple of times a month since I found out.

    Wishing you the best on your appointment.

    • In the beginning of pregnancy it was hard because they say cramping is a bad sign sometimes and I felt cramping a lot because it was my ibs and it was like what the heck is going on lol. When trying to feel the baby kick it was hard too because I didn’t know if it was just ibs stuff I was feeling instead of the baby. It’s hard to figure out what is what.

    • I was thinking more about your question. I think that my ibs is better because I have ibs-d and pregnancy causes constipation. So maybe that is why I am able to eat a bit more of stuff that would normally bother me. So if you have ibs-c to start with it might get worse. Just a theory lol.

  3. I also can’t wait to find out the gender! Good luck at your next OB appointment!

  4. Sounds like you had a good but busy trip.
    I hope everything goes well at your next OB appointment, look forward to the next update 🙂

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