Sorry for scaring everyone with my last title. I didn’t even think of how you guys would take it lol. Oops.

I just got back from my first “real” ob appointment. I say “real” because the real first one I went to they didn’t really do anything. It was all talking, getting my history, and I got some blood work. That was about it.

This time I knew the routine a little more so that was helpful. Hubby also came for moral support and so he could see where I go. He thought the building looked like a bowling alley. I got in and put my urine sample in the lazy susan of pee. That thing cracks me up. You put your pee sample in the lazy susan and then it spins around to the lab on the other side. Very cool. This time someone else’s pee was in there too, which was kinda gross, but mine was labeled so all is ok.

Then I sat in the waiting room for a bit until they called me back to get weighed. Their scale showed me heavier than I am at home. Part of that is that I am wearing clothes and it’s in the middle of the day so I have eaten food. It showed that I was about five pounds heavier than the scale at home. I was nervous at what they would say about that. I was put in my exam room, someone came and took my blood pressure and then I waited for the nurse who was going to see me.

I really liked this nurse a lot more than the person last month. She was nicer, older, and I’m not even sure if the other lady was an actual nurse. My nurse today put me more at ease so yea for that. She said that she said I should gain about ten pounds the first half of the pregnancy. According to their scale I have already gained five so I have five more pounds to gain by the next time I go in which is about a pound a week. That is doable. Doesn’t make me freak out too much which is good. I was amazed that she said in five weeks I will be half way through this pregnancy. I never thought of it that way. Time flew.

She then got out the doppler and started looking for the baby’s heartbeat. I was nervous because I had visions of something going wrong right after we told everyone we are pregnant. It took her a while to find it. She kept hearing little noises which she said was the baby kicking! She said it kept moving around, kicking, and avoiding the doppler. That means it’s healthy phew 😉 She finally got the heartbeat around my right lower abdomen and said it’s heartbeat is just fine. She said I should not get a doppler because she has a really good brand and it took her a while and a lot of moving around just to find the heartbeat. She said the ones at the store are crap and I will freak myself out looking for the heartbeat. She did say though that if I ever get freaked out I can come in and they will let me listen to the heartbeat. I thought that was really nice if I need it. I asked when I am going to get another ultrasound and she said not until 19 weeks at my level two. She said I am a normal pregnant person and that I don’t need anything until then. So I have my next ob appointment in about a month on a tuesday and then the next week I have my level 2 anatomy scan. Yea for two appointments close together. It feels I waited so long just to get this appointment and it was over in a flash. Now I have to wait a month again.

So for 15.2 days our baby is just fine and a kicker. Our baby is a mover and shaker 🙂



  1. You are sailing right along! Fabulous! 🙂
    I got too nervous between appointments, so we rented a doppler from It took me until about 4 or 5 months until I could reliably get a heartbeat. But I’ve loved it since then! 🙂
    I’m so glad you had such a great appointment!

  2. A

    Yay for your kicker! Can’t wait for you to feel those kicks. Don’t let people freak you out with stories of feeling the movement really early . . . I didn’t really feel anything until 20 weeks.

  3. FCblacksheep

    A normal pregnant person. Best words ever. She sounds great. I’m so happy the appointment went well and yay to an active, healthy baby. I can’t believe your that close to be halfway through too. Crazy.

    And the lazy susan of pee…lol. My old gyn had one of those. I never saw anyone else’s pee in there though. Gross.

  4. Great news!! Now I’m wondering about all the stuff I’m hearing on my doppler…

    • She said she could hear the placenta too. I would have no idea.

  5. This pregnancy does seem to be chugging along at lightning speed! Yay! So pleased everything is going well for you 🙂

  6. Yay, so pleased everything is going smoothly for you x

  7. The lazy susan for pee sounds kind of interesting! Glad to hear things are going smoothly. A mover and a shaker? Sounds like you are in for an adventure! 🙂

  8. Yay for a fabulous appointment!! It sounds like your baby is doing just perfectly – right on track – and so are you!! A normal pregnant lady indeed!!

  9. AL

    Yay for a great appointment!!

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