The good and the bad

I debated about blogging about this, but I decided what the heck since I also wanted to post about the good. I am going to a conference in a couple of weeks and excited about it. It’s in a really cool place. Hubs was going to fly down when it ended and we were going to have a mini vacation together. We bought the airplane tickets, signed up for a rental car, and put down a deposit for a hotel that is supposed to be nice. Then when hubby went to put in his notice of going on vacation they denied it because of a project that just came up the day he put his request in. I am mad. He said he didn’t put his request in earlier because they usually lose it or if it was in already they probably would have just gone back and denied it. So right now we are just going day by day and sitting on our tickets hoping that at the last minute they will let him go. He doesn’t think it’s going to happen, but I don’t want to cancel if there is a tiny bit of hope. So I have to wait till the last possible second before we go to know if our mini vacation is blown. Sucks ass. Also means I have to change my flight home, we have to cancel his air fair and lose the deposit on the car and the hotel.

Yea, so the bad news just took over my whole entry. That is why I was thinking about not blogging about it, but it is annoying the heck out of me and I get annoyed even when I hear commercials for the place the conference is going to be on tv because it reminds me of our vacation plans getting messed up.

Ok the good news? I managed to lose 1.2 pounds this week. I have no idea how. I wasn’t really dieting. I was eating really good the first part of the week. However, hubby made muffins, and I ate chinese food, chips, and seven layer dip over the weekend. Maybe the weight last week was skewed because I was having an ibs flair and was a little bloated. Either way thats a great thing to have this week since my ob appointment is on friday.

What else is new? Not much. I have started to get round ligament pain more often. Lasted a while last night. No fun, but not as horrible as some people I have read about online. My body pillow will be here tomorrow. I just got a big rectangular one because I found a great deal for the pillow and the pillowcase for $20 with no shipping. However, it took forever to get here. I ordered them almost two weeks ago and the pillow case came today. Yes, I have the pillow case and not the pillow yet. Very stupid. The pillow is supposed to come tomorrow hopefully. I hope I like it. It was much cheaper than the special pregnancy pillows and reading the pregnancy pillows reviews I couldn’t make up my mind since some people loved them and some hated them. So *fingers crossed* on my pillow.



  1. I’ll be hoping that hubs gets his vacation approved. It sucks to have something planned and not get to go. Boo!!

    On the weight front, yay for losing some pounds!! I’m glad that you’re doing well and things are going good!!

  2. Oh, I’m so sorry this happened. I hope he gets a last-minute approval and you can still go on your trip!

  3. whew! your title scared me- i thought it was in reference to our little one! glad it’s “just” about a potential vacation, but that stinks that something you were looking forward to may not happen.

  4. FCblacksheep

    Yeah I agree with Mrs. A. I would like you to be more careful about crafting titles in the future please :).

    Having said that, ugh. I would be annoyed too. Hope maybe the project can get moved and you guys can have your time together. Also hope you get that pillow soon and it works for you.

  5. Way to go on the weight loss! Every bit counts! I hope that your hubby’s work ends up letting him go. It sounds as though you were really looking forward to that trip with him so hopefully it works out!

  6. Hey, that’s great about the weight loss! Did your pillow arrive? What do you think? I’ve just been using a normal pillow for now and it’s fine, although I think a longer would be great!

    That’s a bummer about the trip. I hope that maybe last minute you can still go!!

  7. Sorry about the denied vacation. I hope you guys can go at the end!

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