This is my 300th entry in this blog. I started not sure if anyone would read this blog, if I would keep up with this blog, right at the beginning of my IF journey. Now I am 14 weeks pregnant, with great people reading my blog, and have 300 entries. Pretty cool. Thanks to everyone who helped make it possible.

I kept putting off blogging because I wanted my 300th entry to be something special since it was such a big number, but I decided to just blog anyways, because I am not sure if I would live up to my hype. I did also finally get my google reader down to a manageable size so I felt like I could write an entry with out neglecting you guys.

So what’s new?

I decided not to do the research study. I love the thought of getting free ultrasounds, 3d nonethless, but I wasn’t interested in extra swabbing, blood work etc and the possibility of that ob knowing my business. Not that he wouldn’t be professional, but yea.

Yesterday I told my bigger boss (my bosses boss) that I am pregnant. She is a totally nice person, but I was still nervous. She was so nice, said she was so happy for me, and gave me a hug. She said don’t worry your only part time so don’t stress about work. I know what she meant, but it kinda came out wrong I think. *shrugs* When I was telling her some other work people came in and she was like why don’t you tell them your news? LOL, uhm ok so I did. So now everyone in my office environment knows and they are all happy for me. So yea for that.

For those that are already sensitive to a post where I write about pregnancy, feel free to skip this part of the post. I won’t mind.

This week I got on the scale again and I gained 2.7 pounds in one week. Not what I was looking for. I was trying to only gain one pound at the most all week. If I add the .4 pounds I didn’t gain last week that is still 1.3 pounds too much. I have gained a total of six pounds since the very beginning. I know that doesn’t sound like much, but I did start overweight so I probably shouldn’t gain as much as someone who is skinny. Yes, I’m obsessing over my weight. I am mad at myself because I worked so damn hard to get pregnant and I’m stressing my brain out about this.

My mom is sick this week and was supposed to come down, but she rescheduled again. Because she isn’t coming this week I sent her a bump picture to show her what I look like. I haven’t seen her since right before I found out I was pregnant. When my hubby took the pic I was a bit shocked. Yes, I was wearing a form fitting top compared to the loose things I have been wearing recently, but I felt like I looked big. Yes, I started overweight, but wow. I sent the picture to my mom and she was like wow. I felt like she was surprised to see me that big and she said that I looked farther along than I really am. I know she didn’t mean it meanly, but that along with my already sensitive brain, made me feel upset. I didn’t sleep well and kept thinking about how I’m not doing a good job being pregnant and how I’m going to get too big and all that crap. When I talked to my hubby he did make me feel a little better. He said that I started overweight which is true and that a lot of it is things moving around. It’s true, I always had a bit of a belly, but people couldn’t see it because it was flabby and I hid it with my clothes. Now that I am pregnant and my stomach is becoming more prominent people can see it more. He also said I am probably eating healthier than I did before. Yes I still cheat on occasion, but I am trying to eat less crap and adding more fruits/vegetables. I need to walk more, but yea.

I hope you guys don’t think I’m a complete freak for obsessing over this. I know I’m pregnant and I am totally ecstatic to be pregnant and I knew I was going to get bigger. I dunno, I guess I just expected myself to look more pregnant and less fat. Though I’m sure I have more of that to come. Sorry for whining about my crazy thoughts. Oh and if you would like to see the two pictures I sent my mom with my head cut off lol you can click on my turtle page to see them.

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  1. Congratulations on your 300th post!!!! Blogging is such a beautiful thing and 300 posts is quite an accomplishment! Sounds as though your boss’s boss was happy for you (although not sure she should have been prompting you to tell other people who came in the room!)

  2. congrats on # 300 & on 14 weeks! It’s ok to obsess, as long as you don’t stop eating. Turtle needs to get a lot bigger 🙂

  3. Congrats on #300! Wow – that’s a lot of posts 🙂

    I am surprised that your boss’ boss said, “why don’t you tell everyone your news?”… isn’t it kind of up to you when you decide to tell people? I am sure she was excited, but still.

    I am with you… the tummy is starting to expand to where by covered-up mini-belly was… isn’t it crazy?! You’re growing!!

  4. Congratulations on 300 AND 14! those are big exciting numbers! Don’t worry too much about the other numbers. Eat right. Exercise. Ignore the scale. Pregnancy does a lot of things to your body, none of them flattering. But in the end you will have a beautiful healthy baby. 🙂

  5. You are NOT doing a BAD JOB, crazy!!! Try not to stress about it too much. Just eat healthy foods and trust that your body knows what to do.
    I completely understand the feeling though (I’m heavy enough that I should gain roughly 5 lbs TOTAL if I ever manage to get pregnant). Weight perfection isn’t possible, ever, especially in pregnancy. Don’t let it rule you.

    And yay 300th post!!!!!!!

  6. AL

    Congrats on 300 posts!

    Like you, when the weight started coming I started getting nervous and obsessing since I wasn’t at my perfect weight when I got pregnant either. My advice is to only weigh yourself at your doctor’s office and stay off the scale besides that. Otherwise you will drive yourself crazy. My weight fluctuated as much as 3 pounds in ONE DAY! So, just step away from the scale, eat well, exercise, and let your doc tell you how youre coming along with the weight…otherwise you may drive yourself crazy! Once the belly starts rounding out you’ll forget about the weight. try not to let it rule you!

  7. Jen

    Congrats on 300 posts! I agree with others; I think everyone worries about their weight while pregnant no matter what size they started. I totally obsessed about my weight too; I gained 8 lbs in 4 weeks around Christmas! YIKES! I just weighed myself at the appts, and even then I stopped looking at the end. I just didn’t even want to know once I gained 40 lbs! You will do great!

    Yeah, I would be kind of irritated if my boss just blurted it out like that! Not her place to do that!

  8. Carli

    Congrats on the 300 posts!

    As far as the weight gain, I think all of us who struggled to get here really want a “perfect pregnancy” – correct weight gain, healthy baby, and all. So, it isn’t surprising that you would be worried about how much you have gained. Don’t stress about it too much. I don’t know about you, but stressing just makes me want to binge eat and THAT won’t help the weight gain. :o)

    I also understand worrying that you just look fat instead of pregnant. I am 16 weeks now and – even though my DH assures me that I look pregnant and not fat – I still have my moments that I feel as if I look like I just at 16 pizzas. I am sure the beautiful round belly just comes with time and we just have to wait for it, but at this in between stage, it is tough. The good news is that with each passing week, I look more pregnant and less fat. You will too, I am sure.

  9. Congrats LFL!
    “I’m not doing a good job being pregnant” – one day you are going to laugh at that comment hun! Take it easier on yourself. I agree with Dead Cow Girl and the others: healthy food, regular exercise and relaxation are all you need to focus on xx

  10. I think you are probably doing a GREAT job being pregnant! Do not worry too much about your weight just yet (I know, I know… pot calling the kettle black). We all gain weight at different paces and in different ways. Just keep an eye on things for the time being! Extra stress is definitely NOT what the doctor ordered, so try and just be!

  11. Nic

    Yay to 300 posts!
    I am sure most people look ‘fat’ before they get that true round bump. As long as you have a lovely healthy baby at the end, that is all that matters. You can then worry about your weight!!

  12. congrats on 300 posts 🙂

    saying you should not gain as much as a skinny woman during pregnancy is just silly! you’re pregnant, you’ll gain what pregnant people gain 😀 Some weeks I gained 2kg and I had HG the whole time – for the first 4 months of my pregnancy I was so sick I exsisted on KFC, peach iced tea and magnum white ice cream – it was all I wanted to eat and it was all my body coped with and my doctor basically said that was fine. Eat what you feel like (within reason) this is not the time to diet 😀 9 months is a long time and weight gain goes through peaks and troughs 🙂

    I think my baby belly started rounding at around 18 weeks but it never got that beautiful basketball round that you see some (ok mostly skinny) women with. Your belly will come soon – oh and a tip for making you look pregnant and not fat – get some nice maternity tops, especially ones that tie in back at just under your boob level, the shape of the tops rounds the belly and makes it look more pregnant-y even if you don’t really need them yet

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