I just got to work from my MFM appointment. It wasn’t that hard to find, but they will be moving again soon so when I go back there again I will have to find them all over again.

When I was sitting in the waiting room I felt weird. There were only a couple of other women in the waiting room, but they were noticeably pregnant and one was ready to pop soon. I’m not showing that much and not quite out of the first trimester so *shrugs* It was my first time in a place for only pregnant women. I didn’t have to wait long to get called back.

When I got in the room I layed down on the bed thing. I wasn’t quite sure how to lay or what to do since they didn’t have a drape or anything lol. The lady scanned over my stomach. I didn’t even have to take off my shoes! There was a monitor attached to the wall that I could watch and see what she was seeing. It was kinda cool, but the images were blurry since she wasn’t up and close and personal and I guess because I didn’t have a full bladder. When we started talking she wasn’t sure what she was looking for. I feel like I have had to explain to them what exacly they are looking for and what I needed a lot. *shrugs* I told them that my RE’s office sent a picture of what it looked like. So she got on their network to find the picture. She found it, but she said they didn’t leave any directions on where to look to find it. So she just used the ultrasound thingy and looked everywhere. Turtle is measuring fine. He was sleeping, but did move around a bit. She looked at my placenta and didn’t see anything wrong or the circle. She was like maybe we should do an internal to see if we can see anything that way. She went to ask her boss and she said go ahead. So I got an internal as well. It was kinda weird cause they didn’t have the tables that are up at an angle. So I had to put my hands under my butt to give her a better view. She looked all over the place and didn’t see anything at all.

So then I got dressed and a doctor came in. She said well we did an internal and over the stomach exam and didn’t see anything so there is nothing there. Maybe it just absorbed. I asked what it could have been and she said she wasn’t sure, maybe an extra yolk sac? Why would I have two? I dunno. Maybe I started out with two babies at the beginning of this pregnancy (I did ovulate with a mature one and a 15mm one), and I did bleed a tiny bit around 12dpo, but it wasn’t heavy at all. So *shrugs* I asked what if I go to my RE’s on friday (my last appointment with them, yea!) and they see it again? She looked at me weird like to say, well if we didn’t see anything looking two ways why would they be able to see it again? I was just trying to be safe.

So I guess there is nothing there. My brain still hasn’t calmed down yet. I think it will on friday if they don’t see anything as well. I scheduled another appointment for the second week of march for my anatomy scan to see all the parts of the body they look at and to find out if it’s a boy or a girl. That’s pretty exciting, but my dad is already convinced it’s a boy and I have had some feelings that it might be as well. But who knows. It’s good that there was nothing there, but we will see how it goes on friday.

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  1. I’m glad to hear they didn’t find anything. Deep breaths. Hoping Friday is perfect too.

  2. Honestly? The MFM is even more meticulous than the RE in their ultrasounds—and an MFM knows what exactly what to look for in a pregnancy u/s, while the RE is the expert in checking things out during stimulated cycles. The MFM looked and looked and looked and found nothing awry with your placenta. This is GOOD NEWS. I don’t think you need to wait until Friday to celebrate, LFL! 🙂 All good! xoxo

  3. EC

    That seems like good news! Sorry you’re still feeling anxious – I hope you feel better on Friday!

  4. AL

    I have to second what Egg said – if the MFM couldn’t find it and say everything looks great, that’s who I would trust, for sure. They are the pregnancy specialists while the REs are the getting pregnant specialists. I would say everything looks perfect then 🙂

    Hope you’re feeling a bit better!

  5. Agree 100% with Egg. MFMs are trained to look at babies and ANY potential problems. If the MFM didn’t see anything, you are free to celebrate! REs are trained to look at follies, lining, etc.

    Glad everything looked perfect!

  6. Congrats! That’s great news that nothing is there! Hopefully Friday’s appt will just confirm that for you.

    Time to focus on the fun stuff! 🙂 You should check out the chinese calendar to see if it says you’re having a boy or girl. They’re supposed to be over 90% accurate. Just for fun…. That’s one thing I’m looking forward to if I ever get as far as you have. 🙂

    • LOL according to the chart it says it will be a girl 😉

      • How exciting!! We’ll just have to see if the u/s agrees in a couple of weeks…. I can’t wait to hear the results!! 🙂

  7. Good news! It’s tough to not get any answers but the fact that they couldn’t find it at all is great!

  8. breathe breathe breathe! calm down, brain!

    this is great news and on friday you will be even more assured – plus you’ll graduate!

  9. FCblacksheep

    Goodness. I am so happy all is well. Cute little Turtle napping through all the excitement. The two baby thing would make sense; I was kind of wondering that myself. Hope you’re feeling a lot better and good luck on your next appointment. May they see nothing more than a sweet little baby (boy?).

  10. Kelly

    What a relief! I”m glad they didn’t see anything!

  11. that’s really great news, so glad that nothing was wrong.

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