Saturday night I woke up and needed to pee at 4am. After that I started thinking and worrying and had issues getting back to sleep. I just want everything to be ok. My brain went nutty and was thinking about them telling me that I would have to end this pregnancy after I worked so hard to get it. I was like brain shut up, they are not going to tell me that. They are just being careful to figure out what it is and then I will possibly get some extra monitoring. My hubby and I came up with something that makes me feel a bit better – we are saying it’s just the baby’s gas bubble. We are both flatulent people at times so the baby is just starting early. I know that probably isn’t feasible, but it makes me feel better.

I have been trying to get lots of things done and stay busy today and not think about things. I even managed to go to the seamstress on my lunch break to get some new bigger pants hemmed. They will be done by thursday, so yea for that.

Finally around 2ish MFM called me. I was like YES! She was like we can’t schedule you until April. I was like what? She asked if this was for second trimester screening and I was like no, they found something weird near/on my placenta (I forget where it was) and they sent you a picture. I told her that I just wanted to know what it was and if it was something I should worry about. She said oh ok and said she would talk to their ultrasound person and call me right back. When she called back she said they couldn’t do a level 2 (I wonder why?), but they could do a level one and see what’s up. I told her as long as I can get in and figure out what it is and if I should be worrying that is fine with me. Then we got to scheduling and guess what? Someone just cancelled their appointment so I got their cancelled appointment for tomorrow morning at 9:30am! That is so awesome that I don’t have to wait forever. It’s not at the location I wanted, but it’s very close to work still and I get to go in and hopefuly calm my nerves. I am also happy that it’s tomorrow morning because tomorrow afternoon we have a snow storm coming and probably will be working from home on wednesday. So yea for getting it in before the snow. Please please be something not bad. So if you have a moment around 9:30 tomorrow morning send the MFM people, the ultrasound technician, and my placenta good thoughts so that they will say oh, it’s nothing to worry about at all.

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  1. Nic

    Pleased you have managed to get an early slot! I really hope all is well and nothing to worry about.

  2. I’m glad they got you in, and I hope it’s nothing serious! Please keep us posted. xo

  3. I’m so glad that you got in tomorrow! Try and hang in there.

  4. Everything is perfect. Repeat after me: everything is perfect.

    They’re just being cautious, I promise. So glad you get to go in tomorrow and sending you Zen zen zen zen tonight and tomorrow morning en route and in the waiting room and until the moment the MFM says, “everything is perfect, nothing to worry about!” xoxo

  5. A

    Good luck tomorrow!!! Here’s to a peaceful night in the meantime.

  6. It’s good they got you in early so that you can STOP WORRYING. Everything is fine, it will be fine, the baby is just a l’il gassy. I swear!

  7. I am glad that they were able to get you in tomorrow. It will give you less time to worry. I hope everything goes well!

  8. Good luck with your appointment! Fingers crossed they will be able to put your mind at rest xx

  9. Good luck at the appointment. I am sure that everything is totally fine (although freaking out kinda goes with the territory, I think) and that it’ll just be another chance for you to get to see that gorgeous baby! It’s great that you got an appointment so quickly – as Tom Petty says, “the waiting is the hardest part!” I’ll be sending great thoughts your way! HUGS!

  10. Saying prayers that this appointment brings nothing but good news and that all is well! *hugs*

  11. All my good thoughts headed your way. I’m sure they are just being super cautious and everything is fine. Please keep us posted.

  12. I’m glad that you were able to get an appt so soon! I know you’ll have good news tomorrow, but I’ll be sending you additional good thoughts your way!

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