I went in for my 10 week appointment today. I was nervy because it’s been a while and I just wanted to make sure everything was ok. It didn’t seem very busy, but yet I didn’t get called back till 30 minutes after my appointment time. One of the assistants took my blood pressure and she said it was a little high. She seemed a little concerned and that made me even more nervy. I wished my hubby was there, but he was at work. Finally after sitting there for a while the nurse came in and did my scan.

The baby looks great, is bigger (measuring 10.6 weeks) and the heart beat is nice and strong. Turtle was curled up at first, but then could not get comfortable and kept wiggling and turning around and such. The first picture I got Turtle was looking right at us, it’s kind of a freaky picture lol. I decided not to do the first trimester screening because I get nervy about things enough as it is.

After she finished looking at the baby she looked around to make sure everything else was ok. She especially wanted to see my placenta because she saw the extra piece last week. This week it looked different, more see through and it was like a circle coming off of my placenta. She said that she hadn’t seen anything like that before so she is sending a picture down to MFM and soon I will have an appointment down there to make sure everything is ok. She said that she is just being safe with me since I have been through so much and just wants someone who is knowledgeable in these things to check it out. She also said it’s good to check things out early in case I need to be monitored closer. So now I’m really nervy, and my brain is coming up with crazy things. In my job I go down to MFM all the time and read about things women have had to go through. I hope that this weird placenta thing isn’t going to cause harm to turtle. I know too much of what could go wrong because of my job so my brain is going off to those places. One thing that is making me feel a tiny better is that when she found it I could see turtles feet moving around and thats it. So I think she was kinda far from him. So *fingers crossed* She said MFM will probably call me in the next week. I want to hurry up and know what it really is and know if it’s something I should worry about. I need to step away from google. I feel like it taints things a little. I am going out to lunch with a friend of mine today who I was going to tell that we are pregnant. Next weekend I am going to tell hubby’s extended family. This is going to be in the back of my head the whole time now. I need to tell my brain to calm down. Anyone have any knowledge on this?



  1. EC

    Sorry your appointment ended up making you so nervous! I hope you get good news soon, so you can put your doubts and fears behind you (at least a little bit!). I can’t believe you’re 10 weeks already – time really flies! 🙂

  2. Aw, sorry your appointment worried you. Try and focus on the fact that everything does look good (I know it’s hard), and there’s no reason to think anything’s wrong. Sending positive vibes your way.

  3. AL

    Hmm, I have never heard of anything like this, but from what they’re doing it doesn’t sound like there’s anything to be concerned about (or they would have sent you right down to an MFM). Baby is growing and getting stronger every day and that is a great indicator that things are going well.

    I will be thinking of you and hoping you get your appointment and peace of mind very early next week.

    Hang in there my friend!

  4. I’m so sorry that the appt was not as positive as it should have been. It’s so hard not to be anxious about everything after all that we go through to get pregnant. But, the upside is that turtle is still growing strong and seems to have decided to stay! Hang in there!!

  5. Yay for freaky face-on u/s pics! Love those 🙂 I’m sorry it was a nerve-wracking appt. I hope that little bit of something turns out to be nothing. Hang in there!

  6. first of all your lil one is measuring ahead! that’s great! and secondly, it’s just better to be safe than sorry. i’m sure everything is just fine and getting a little extra attention from a MFM will be great! and you’ll get another peek!

    calm down, brain. everything is going to be okay!

  7. I understand how you’re feeling and I wish I could offer reassurance, but I haven’t heard of anything like this. From what you described though, it sounds like they are just being cautious (I hope that makes sense).

    Yay for measuring ahead!!

  8. FCblacksheep

    I’m sure that it’s one of those precaution things as she said just to make sure everything is fine. Everything seems amazingly well with Turtle and that’s the biggest worry. Hope you were able to enjoy lunch with your friend and I hope even more than that, that they get back to you quickly so you don’t have to worry too long.

  9. I’ve never heard of this, either. I wish they could get back to you sooner so they could ease your mind! Hopefully it’ll be something that will just re-absorb and go away. Let us know as soon as you fnd out, and try to stay busy!

  10. Aww sorry your appointment worried you, sounds like they are just being extra careful with you to make sure everything is ok, hope they can see you soon to ease your mind.
    Stay positive and keep busy x

  11. good luck with everything. I’m sure waiting is driving you nuts but hopefully it’s nothing. 🙂

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