I have been thinking about my blog a lot recently. I feel like I have only been writing once a week when I get an update on how little turtle is doing. I know I used to write more when I was in the throws of IF and I miss doing so. Now that I am getting a little of my energy back (woot!) I want to write a bit more. I want to make this blog a little more than just me being infertile and finally pregnant. I hope I won’t bore you with my day to day stuff.

Yesterday I was all ready to go to work, but when I went outside to get in my car I could not get in my car. I pulled and tugged. Used the remote thingy and the key. I sprayed a lubricant in the door cracks and nothing helped. I was annoyed. I googled a little, but car specific and read about a problem people were having where they had to take the whole door off. That freaked me out. I called the hubby at work and tried to get advice from him even though he was 45 minutes away. What we came up with was to just let the car warm up a bit and hopefully it will open. 45 minutes later it finally opened and I was only an hour late to work. Through later googling I also learned that you can use a hair dryer to warm up your key or the actual lock, or put petroleum jelly on the lock. Last night we bought some de-icer that is lock specific. I made hubby check my doors before he went to work this morning so I would not have a repeat of yesterday morning, ugh.

I bought a be-band on sunday from target. I have heard a lot of these recently and have wanted to try one. I wore it to work yesterday and I have some opinions. I want to write a review entry on it, but I also want to give it a fair shot and try it at least one more day. So that is coming.

If you liked the Twilight books and that sort of genre I just finished the last book of a really good series. The series is called Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead. Some books are better than others, but overall it’s a good series. I really liked the last book and keep thinking about the end 😉 There is a good romantic story line between two of the main characters that twists and turns through out all of the books.

I decided that when we tell hubby’s extended family next weekend (I’ll be 11 weeks and some then) I am going to make a photo card type thing to give to everyone. I went online and found this really cute layout. I love it. All I have to do is drag the pictures in to the right spots and it works. The big picture will be our ultrasound pic and the smaller one will be a picture of us. I’m a little nervous how the ultrasound picture will come out because we took a picture of the ultrasound picture so it’s kinda grainy according to the website. I tried showing it to the hubby. I’m not sure if he wasn’t in the mood to look at it or what, but he wasn’t thrilled. He said I am not emotionally involved in telling my family that we are expecting. I guess thats where we are different. I have thought of going up there and telling them for a long time.

What else? I have started making meatball wraps for my sandwiches. They are pretty yummy, protein packed, and solve my lunch dilemma. I tried the luna bars which I think are ok, but I also bought some lara bars to try. I hope I like them. I need to get a hair cut. My bangs are getting in my face and my hair is longer. I normally cut it short, kind of like a bob, but with layers. However, I’m trying to think of something different to do with it. I can’t think of anything else though so I keep putting it off lol. I may just end up with the same hair cut as usual.



  1. I’m so uncreative with my hair. Same cut everyone, sometimes a bit longer or shorter. Good luck figuring it out 🙂

    I used to get luna bars but I got sick of them. They have a weird consistency or something. Havent tried lara bars. But mmm meatball sandwiches sound delicious!

    Your husbands reaction to the card is kind of odd. I hope the telling goes well!

  2. Wow! That is cold!! I’m glad that you found a solution to the car problem.

    I actually think that the card thing sounds really cute. Have you talked to DH to find out why he feels that way?

    I always procrastinate about getting my haircut, so I’m right there with you.

  3. The Be Band tip that @AzoosBeyotch kindly let me in on is that you’re supposed to wear it under your pants, and then fold it over your waistband (I initially tried to wear it over my pants and it did nothing and just slipped up to my waist all the time.) Works like a charm if you sandwich your pants in it. 🙂

    • Ooh interesting. Thanks for the tip, I need to try that!

  4. this is why i can’t move anywhere cold, you get LOCKED out of your car!!!!

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