De-constructed Shepard’s Pie

The hubby and I have always liked Shepard’s pie and thought to ourselves that we could probably make it instead of buying it. I know that there are many recipes out there that have been perfected, but instead of looking one up I made this one up with my tastes and stomach limitations in mind. I can’t do a lot of tomato sauce or cheese so this doesn’t have any in it. I like this recipe because it’s quick, easy, and you can customize it really easily.

The first time I made this I used ground turkey. Tonight I used ground meatloaf mix, which I think is a combination of beef, pork, and veal. I bet you could also use ground chicken or whatever you want. Brown the meat in the pot and then add whatever veggies you want. My husband is picky with vegetables so we just used carrots (from a can the first time and frozen the next). However, you could add corn, peas, or whatever you like. Once everything is cooked season it with garlic powder, onion powder, italian seasoning, and Worcestershire sauce. Use as much as you like so it tastes and smells good. You can add or take away any seasoning you want. Then for the topping I have been using packages of instant mashed potatoes. There are a variety of flavors out there, but I think I used the red potato one. I followed the directions and made it in the microwave and then plopped the potatoes on top of the meat and veggies on a plate. Very yummy and filling. Feel free to add or take away any ingredients and replace them with what you like!



  1. I grew up having a super simple version of shepard’s pie that my parents made. Your recipe reminded me of it. We browned ground beef and added a can of condensed tomato soup (though you might not be able to have that since it’s close to tomato sauce) and a can of green beans. That’s it besides salt (if any) and pepper to taste and topping with mashed potatoes. haha 🙂 My mom is the daughter of a potato farmer so it was a big deal in our family that we always have fresh mashed potatoes and really, they are easy to make. I like boxed too though!

  2. Yum! Shepherd’s pie. Usually when I make it, I slice up raw potatoes, and make layers with (raw) ground meat and the potatoes. And then I put a layer of dough on top (like a real pie) and bake it for about an hour. Yummers! I haven’t made it in a really long time, but now I was kinda want it. Thanks! Lol! 🙂 We call it a pasty. And no, not pronounced like the thing you put on your nipple. Two entirely different things. ;p

  3. That sounds good- I’ll have to test it out!

    I have a cheater’s version of Chicken Pot Pie (cheater’s pot pie, if you will) I make that’s similar.

    I use leftover chicken (like if I buy a rotisserie chicken), boil carrots peas and potatoes, use a little of the starchy water and a tablespoon of flour to make ‘gravy,’ combine all of it in a casserole pan and top it with Jiffy cornmeal mix. It’s pretty good, and really easy…

  4. yummy! I need to try this. I need lots of easy recipes because I only have a small window to make dinner and eat it between when the babies go down for a catnap at 4:15pm and before the babies get up (5pm) and start the bedtime routine. Thanks!!

  5. Kristen

    OOOOH sounds YUMMO!!! I think I am going to try this next week- I plan my meals a week at a time etc… THANK YOU for a new recipe, seems like we are always eating/ rotating the same meals!

    • We rotate the same meals too. We get in a rut and do stuff that I know we like and is quick and easy. I will have to make a post on all our quick and easy dinners so I can share with people and get ideas.

  6. sounds SO good! Whenever I make Shepherd’s pie or pot pie, I always have to make one for me and one for hubby, ’cause the man just plain fears vegetables. And I LOVE ’em! 🙂

  7. Brings back memories of my childhood- I was raised by a single dad for a large portion of life… and he had 6 meals that he cooked and that was it. So Tuesday night was always Shepards pie night! I have not attempted to make it- mostly because I became so tired of it. But it has been a long time and it sounds good— I will definetly be making it for dinner soon- Thanks.

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