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Today I went in for my eight week scan. I was nervous because, well I’m always nervous, but I’m always afraid something will happen from the last time we saw our turtle. I thought I might have a uti because I was having some urgency in needing to go to the bathroom and more often than usual. So I gave them another sample and they also swabbed me to make sure my discharge is ok. I’ve been feeling a lot of it and a little sore so I just want the piece of mind that everything is ok.

My appointment was at 9:30 and I guess because of the holiday coming they were behind. I felt like we sat there forever. I think it was about 45minutes. When she first put the wand in I didn’t see anything, but when she got into position there was our turtle. Phew. Heart was beating away and we have arm and leg buds and a spine! She measured turtle at 9 weeks even though I am only at eight weeks. Our little over-achiever 😉 She kept looking around with the scanner trying to measure things and all of a sudden turtle decided that he/she didn’t want to be in that position any longer and actually turned to the side and then went upside down. I could not believe my eyes. Turtle moved!! I think that is really going to stick with me for a while. It was so amazing.

She also talked to us about doing a first trimester screen. I need to read the pamphlet for more information, but I know it’s a blood test and an extra in depth ultrasound at MFM. They will give me a risk ratio of how likely my child is to have certain defects and she also said that it could tell us in advance if I will have any placenta issues or things like that. I am pretty sure I am not going to get an amnio and such because I’m afraid of the risk. We tried so hard to get this baby I don’t want anything to cause any harm. So if we did come up with a high risk for something I’m sure that would make me worry like crazy. Though I am sure that if there was something that the test picked up with future ultrasounds they would be able to see other risk factors like clubbed feet or cystic kidneys or whatever. Did you guys get the first trimester screening? I asked what the difference was with the quad screen and they said the quad screen is in the second trimester and doesn’t include an ultrasound. I’m just not sure if I want to do it or not. The nurse said she usually does recommend it so they can know in advance and watch me closely if I have placenta issues or something else.

I want to apologize because I am getting really behind with blog reading. When I come home from work I spend time with the hubby, we eat, watch a little tv, and then I’m asleep on the couch half way into our shows. I’m going to work on catching up soon and I can’t wait to leave you guys comments. I have bought some peanut butter, apples, and luna bars per your suggestions and look forward to trying them soon. What have your doc’s said about eating soy during pregnancy? My re’s office has always said don’t eat too much of it, maybe once or twice a week, but a lot of the websites say it’s fine. I’m just wondering because the luna bars have a lot of soy in them.

I hope you all have a great holiday and I’m sending you all hugs and happy thoughts.



  1. Yay for heartbeat AND movement! Glad to hear it!

    When do you get the results of the uti? When I used to get them, going to the ahem, restroom was painful. I mean, REALLY painful. As in, there was no doubt that I had a uti. (think, knives stabbing you in your cooch.) Frequency was also a problem, but the pain was the real clincher as to the diagnosis. Also, the tp is tinted pink. And it’s not spotting. There’s an obvious difference. Last time I had one, I cured it myself with gallons (and gallons) of cranberry juice and it went away and has never returned since. Oh happy day! Uti’s suck! No doubt. Some drug stores carry cranberry pills, too (OTC, of course).

    Happy Holidays!

  2. Lara Bars are soy, dairy, and gluten free. They are basically fruits and nuts ground up and stuck together in bar form. A lot of the flavors are delicious, like the pecan pie, peanut butter cookie, the cashew one, and there’s an apple one that is good too!

  3. Yaay for your 8 week scan, pleased to hear the turtle is doing well :-))

  4. Yay!! I’m so glad and thankful that turtle is doing well. Even though I’m not pregnant, I can completely understand all the worries and anxieties that go along with it.

    I hope you’re enjoying the holidays!!

  5. We did the first trimester screening and second semester screening. Because we have a high risk for downs and other issues we wanted to make sure we knew everything. They wanted to do an amnio because of some of the tests and ultrasounds but like you I don’t like all of the other risks that come with them. I did the tests so we could be prepared. knowing something is off just made it so that we get more ultrasounds. 🙂 And they were noninvasive besides the blood taking.

  6. Merry Christmas to you! I’m so pleased your 8 week scan went well 🙂 Very exciting!! It is hard to know what to advise you on the screening (for me I would do it without blinking). If you get a low risk profile it is very reassuring, but as you said, if you returned high risk you would have a lot of worry to deal with. The worry is never ending isn’t it?
    Good luck with your decision xx

  7. How incredible to see your little one move. I know when I saw our 4 moving I could hardly believe it … they’re so tiny, you know? I am sure that was the highlight of your week! =) Congrats on everything continuing to go smoothly and kudos to Turtle for overachieving in the growth department too!!

  8. I’m so glad the little turtle is well, and even moving around, wow! That sounds so amazing.

  9. That is so exciting! Especially that your “turtle” moved! As for the soy I have no idea but I eat Lara bars (used to eat Luna but switched to Lara to be gluten free). I like the chocolate coconut flavour.

  10. AP

    Just wanted to come by and say hello – so glad everything is going well for you!!


  11. Sounds like you had a great u/s! So glad your little turtle is moving and the heart is beating so well. As for the screening, if it was something that might help them know more about how to take care of the baby leading up to and after the birth, I’d consider it. If it wasn’t really a help in that and would only add things for you to worry about, I’d have to think twice about having it done. Good luck!

  12. This is such great news! I am so glad that things are continuing to go well! And to see your little one move? Amazing!

    I understand about all the testing/scanning. There’s part of me that doesn’t want any of it, because, well, we wanted this baby so badly that we’re not acting if there are any problems found. However, we think it would be good to know to know if there are any problems in advance so we can plan as best we can. I’m with you though…no amnio.

    Don’t feel badly about your bbs not being sore (from your comment on my blog). My soreness comes and goes and I never officially was sick from m/s but I know it’s fine. I know you know this already, but everyone is different.

  13. I hope y’all had a wonderful Christmas!
    I loved it the first time I saw the baby move during the u/s! It was the first time it felt like it might be really happening for me. So awesome you got to see that!

  14. Hey there! I know I am a little slow in commenting. I kept meaning to and then… well, you know. But I did want to comment on the soy issue. I had also heard that tons of osy is not good for you. But then I mentioned it to my sister who had a baby in January and is a vegetarian (i.e. eats tons of soy) and she said she did lots of research on it and in the end there is nothing conclusive that soy is bad for you. So she kept on it and my niece is perfect and healthy. 🙂

    I also eat luna bars to get some protein in me and it’s crazy how many of the ingredients are soy this or soy that. I eat maybe one of the mini ones each day – they are kinda like a treat in addition to being healthy. If you aren’t convinced about the big ones, look for a box of the minis – I got mine at Target!

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