A nap has been on my mind all day. I got spoiled and took a nap friday and saturday afternoon. Sunday I didn’t get my nap because I helped MIL make a few batches of christmas cookies. However, when I went back to work I haven’t been able to and I have been feeling it. My mother says I need to eat more protein, but sometimes I am not hungry and it’s hard finding things that I can eat (from stuff I can eat for ibs and stuff I can eat in pregnancy). I’m trying to find prepackaged things that I can just grab and eat with little preparation like precooked chicken strips and precooked chicken patties, but I haven’t liked either of them that much. I’m going to have a peanut butter sandwich on thursday and see how that goes. Yes, I know I should make a big batch of something on the weekend. However, the last couple weekends have been so busy.

Speaking of being tired, my boss talked to me today about possibly doing another project on top of the hours I already do. I’m lucky in that I only work part time and can jiggle my hours to work whenever I want. However, I have been tired after just doing my normal hours, I’m not sure I want to add more. Though supposedly after the first trimester I am supposed to wake up some, but I’m not sure how long the project will last. Maybe only a month or two.

I finally made an appointment with an ob. It’s official. I will go in at 11 weeks. They mailed me the paperwork to fill out and I was excited when I saw it. It was the sheet I read in my job of all the women’s prenatal records. It’s finally my prenatal sheet with my information. I know what annoys me when people don’t fill in certain sections so I’m going to try to fill it out the best I can. My RE has to fax my records over to the OB. I laugh when I think of the person faxing my records over. I have been with my RE for so long and I’m sure my file is thick with all my cycles and other stuff. I am sure it will be a long and arduous process faxing all my records. I think they might do better just xeroxing it and mailing them.

I talked to my mother today and she was feeling sad because I live so close to the hubby’s family (45minutes) compared to where my parents live (2 and a half hours away). She was feeling like our child will like hubby’s family more because he/she will see them more. I told my mom that isn’t true and that she should just come up more. I also said that my mom could stay with us when I do give birth (I really hope I make it to that) for a while and she can help. My mother is so excited to come stay and to help clean, cook, and teach me how to do stuff. She was a pediatric nurse for the longest time and also has pcos.

Only four more weeks and I’m out of the first trimester! Please please let everything go ok and have nothing go wrong. Next scan is on friday. An yes, this blog entry was boring lol.



  1. Fingers crossed everything stays okay for the first tri! (And beyond, of course.)

  2. The snack that has been amazing for me and cuts the morning sickness and is just really good is apples and peanut butter (protein!). It’s quick, easy and makes me feel so much better!

  3. Congrats on almost being through the first trimester! I am already stressing about protein as I don’t love meat and am very picky in general. I bought some vegan protein powder today and sucked back a smoothie… it was not exactly amazing but i feel better that I did it.

  4. Have you tried smoothies? I’m not into eating veggies now at all but the smoothies are good. I’m having trouble finding foods I can eat like you from IBS and PG.

    I also wanted you to know that I get what your mom’s saying about distance. My MIL is next door and my mom is an hour and a half away.

    • I may try smoothies, but I can’t do milk and have to be careful with yogurt. So I will have to figure that one out.

  5. Yay! 8/40 already! That went quick. Good luck with the food, trial and error I suppose. Your post wasn’t boring btw, it’s great to read about some of your excitement 🙂 Have a great Christmas!

  6. I hope that you’re able to balance the work with your pregnancy. I am sure you will be more tired for a least a few more weeks, but I am not sure, obviously. I LOVE apples and peanut butter (granny smith apples are the best). Also, you can get Rice protein powder and Rice or Almond Milk. My favorite brand of Almond milk is the Silk brand that is refrigerated. Also, you can do something like sprinkle unsalted mixed nuts over your cereal with your breakfast (with almond milk of course). Good luck finding the perfect snack!

  7. Have you tried Luna bars or Cliff bars? They are pretty tasty and have plenty of protein and other nutrients. They saved my life during pregnancy, and I still use them now while I’m breastfeeding.

  8. Omg, I wish we had naptime EVERY day at work! Even 30 m in would be awesome!
    The snacks that worked for me changed all the time. Mornings were the hardest, of course. Something that seemed ok one day would be awful the next. I can’t imagine how complicated it is with IBS on top of it! 😦 I hope you find just the right thing.
    Anyways – you’re almost out of the first trimester, and hopefully the morning sickness will go with it! 🙂

  9. FCblacksheep

    Yay on making the appointment! That’s so exciting. Everything will be wonderful, just like you.

    I have this snack I like to make, peanut butter balls. You just take peanut butter, honey, and dry milk and mix it together. Then you form balls and roll those in granola. You can add sunflower seeds and raisins too. I like to use mixed fruit bare naked granola. It’s got all that stuff in it. I also agree with the above comment about Luna Bars. I eat one for breakfast every morning my favorite is peppermint.

  10. Your post is not boring hun!! How about brazil nuts, they are a very good source of protein but I’m not sure how nuts are in pregnancy. Good to hear things are progressing with your OB, take care and enjoy the holidays xx

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