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When I was at my last RE appointment I asked about ob’s and when I needed to get one. She said that the RE’s office graduates us at 11 weeks, but before that there is a little overlap between RE appointments and ob appointments. I told her that I didn’t have an ob or a gyn so she said she would give me a couple of cards of offices near by. She said you want smaller low key offices right? I said sure thinking that sounded fine since sometimes I have issues with doctors and get nervous. When I came out of the room she gave me two cards to places.

Later that evening I googled the two ob’s to do a little research. One was mostly men and one was mostly women. The mostly women one had a website though most of the links did not work. That annoyed me being the nerd I am. I also noticed that the card I had gotten at my RE’s office was old. They have since moved down the street and some from where I work. That stinks. I was looking for something in the building I work. So that kinda threw them out of the pot.

The next ob’s office was mostly men. They don’t have a website at all, but I guess if your a small office (there are four doc’s) you don’t have that? *shrugs* I liked that they were in my building, but the fact that they were mostly men and didn’t have a website I could research them was a minus for me.

While talking to my boss she also recommended a place that is right down the hall from where I work. I checked them out and they do have an awesome website. They have forms up for new patients to fill out and everything. However, I think they are really big as in on their website it says they have “Sex and psychology services: including marriage counseling, depression, anxiety, and much more with a certified professional.” Wow. I think I am going to talk to my boss today and ask if it’s easy to get an appointment and if they really listen to you or treat you just like a person in a big office.

So my question to you guys who have ob’s and have been to them – what kind of office do you like? Big or small? Small could be good, but then if they can’t do some of the stuff I might need, bigger might be better, though I have no idea what I might need. I think I’m going to miss not having to go anywhere to have my blood drawn since they do it right in my RE’s office. Also, what questions should I ask or what are things I should be looking for? An when do I ask these questions? When I call up the receptionist or at my introduction appointment? It’s a lot to think about.



  1. I’ve only ever been to small offices (though I think that big ones are rare where I’m from — in fact, 4 would almost qualify for big 😉 — if you get along well with your doc and the (seem to) know their stuff, I think it’s good. I like having one person who knows my background, my story, as opposed to seeing someone else each time. On the downside, when I first had endo my back-then doc totally dismissed my symptoms (“this is normal, take some aspirin”), while perhaps in a larger place they would have seen more patients and known that this could indeed be something serious. But I kind of hope that was just an exception.

  2. Having broken links on the website would drive me crazy too.

    My OBGYN is in a large clinic and I like it because she can often do procedures right there. For example, she was able to book my HSG in really quickly and when it came time to do it, I went to the X-Ray department and she came down from her office to do it in the same building. Of course the down side of a large place is that there are tons of pregnant women everywhere… sucks when you aren’t one of them….

  3. it’s funny, but if a place doesn’t have a website, i won’t go there.
    I am leaving my current ob/gyn because it’s like a cattle call in there and they just don’t pay attention.

  4. I think part of it depends on what kind of birth you are wanting to experience. Typically having a male OB will increase your likelyhood for medical intervention, IE c-section.

    I would first figure out what kind of care and birth you are wanting, and then interview both groups.

    I have the same issues about websites. I think all doctors should have

  5. We are on our 3rd OBGYN. The 1st totally ignored my PCOS & the fact that I was not having a period and just wanted to get me pregnant. Granted that’s what we wanted but I was concerned about my body functioning. He was part of a big office which was nice because if he got called away for a delivery I could see someone else without any hassles. He actually delivered my daughter almost 9 years ago but when our infertility issues came up he was much less than stellar so we moved on. From there I went to a female in a much smaller office. Although I felt she was more hands on and personable I really didn’t feel confident that they could really help me and then we moved 45 minutes away so I had to find a closer doctor. The dr we are with now was heaven sent. He was randomly referred by a family friend who use to work with him. He is in a large office and it has been awesome. The large office gives you more options as far as NP’s and DR’s to see if yours is busy, and they are available to you in the event that your dr was out on vacation, especially for delivering too. We made our fist appointment and then asked all our questions there. I stuck mostly with questions that were relevant to us – how would you treat PCOS, what is your strategy for infertility or pregnancy after infertility. It was a good way to see if you have the same outlook/approach/views. We gave him a bit of what we expected from a doctor and what our goals were and asked if he thought we were a good fit for their practice. It worked out well. I have to say when you find the right doctor you know, I wouldn’t change a thing – they have been amazing and continue to be our best support system. Knowing he understood where we were coming from and that I needed a bit more hand holding than most was very comforting. Good luck, just follow your heart and you will find the perfect doctor for you and your baby!

  6. For me, it’s more of a connection with the doc than with the office, although both count! I love my OB and I’ve followed him for 15 years, through three different practices. He was with a big one I felt so-so about, then a small one and a big one again. As far as the practices themselves go, I liked the small one best, but I like the one he’s at now just fine, too.

  7. Having your doctor down the hall from where you work would be super-convenient! Although in NZ we only have small offices (at most 4 doctors sharing, usually only 2-3) I wouldn’t be put off by a larger one. The more services they can offer on site, the more convenient for you. The main thing is to find an Ob that you are comfortable with and confident in. I’d try this place first and if you don’t like their service, then move somewhere else. Good luck!

  8. I’ve been through both (for different reasons) and felt the same way you did about larger places. Now that I’m at a larger place with my RE though, I love it. LOVE IT! I never feel like a number or a stranger and feel better, overall, with what they have to offer.

  9. Adding another comment here…

    For me, I think it will be most important to me that they doctor (or doctors) understand my background and my IF/RPL history and won’t dismiss me as some regular pregnant person. I want to be a regular pregnant person but, well, in my head, I doubt I ever will be.

  10. I was referred by a friend to a small office with only 1 OB/GYN & I absolutely love him & the office! You are “family” from the moment you walk in & I love that all the receptionists know you personally. my RE was a big office & I loved them too, because they never treated you like a number, despite their size.

    I agree with Kelly, the most important thing for me is that the Dr. understand what I went through to get here & why I’m such a psycho 🙂

  11. I was at a small office for both of my boys and I loved that one. I saw one doctor the whole time unless I had to go in for an emergency visit (I have preterm labor, and was in 4 or 5 extra times.) During the emergency visits if my doctor wasn’t available then I went to the 2nd. He knew my case and took very good care of me. I am now at a military base. Which would be classified as a LARGE office and I hate it. I’ve never seen the same doctor. No one knows anything about my history when they walk into the room and the nurses don’t treat you as an individual. They treat you as a normal every day person. Which in my case is very wrong. With the small office I had both male doctors. I favor male doctors to females (I don’t know why. I just do) and I wish I could go back to my old doctor.

  12. A

    First, millions of congrats on your pregnancy!

    So I went to a huge RE practice and loved it (I mean, given the circumstances!)–they were super-organized, always open, very well-equipped.

    I’m 21 weeks now and my OB is small–just one office location with two doctors. I like it. Honestly, I’m not there as much as I was with the RE, as after a long road here, my pregnancy has been shockingly uneventful. I don’t need all the special equipment and attention that I did before.

    We chose our OB based on credentials (made sure to find someone who didn’t go to what we perceived as a phoney med school–a little snobby, I know), reviews, and recommendations from local friends. We also got a good vibe from him–felt he wasn’t patronizing, liked his attitude. He also delivers at the hospital we wanted to deliver at, which really narrowed the search. We asked about coverage on weekends–seemed like most of the small practices partner with another practice or two for weekend coverage, so we made sure none of those doctors had bad reviews/shady credentials.

    That’s it! Good luck!!!

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