My husband decided that he wanted to tell his parents and immediate family (his brother and sister) that we were pregnant soon. I asked if he wanted to wait till christmas and he said that was too long to wait. My parents knew the whole process so I didn’t need to tell them. We told hubby’s parents this morning by showing his mom one of our ultrasound pictures. She didn’t have a big outburst or anything and she was going somewhere so it was short and sweet. She was happy for us and asked when I was due. I then of course got emotional and got teary, which I didn’t mean to do and feel kinda goofy about. Oh well. When I got teary she asked if this was a long time coming and I said yes, two years coming. She said wow. I have a feeling that she knew we were having issues since we have been married for four years and nothing had happened yet. I have a feeling she will ask more questions at a later point when she has more time and she isn’t going somewhere.

Then we went to lunch with hubby’s brother. We normally go to lunch on sunday with his parents and brother, but his parents had somewhere to go today. His brother was very happy. He said that it was the best news he had heard all week and that we would be a good mommy and daddy. Aw. He said he would be the goofy uncle lol. He asked a bunch of questions and I told him that things were still early and such. But he was excited. He too said something along the lines of I know you were having a hard time or something, which I was surprised about. Hubby thinks he overheard him responding to an extended family member who was joking about why we didn’t have kids yet or something. Either way, they are excited and it’s nice to know they knew they were having some issues, but were not pushy about it. Hubby’s sister lives in a different state so we may call her sometime soon. We are only telling immediate family. I want people who see us each week or are close to us emotionally to know. I am glad they know now, but I am nervous that something bad will happen now that we have told people. I really hope that nothing bad happens.

I bought some jolly ranchers today. I was googling around and was reading about preggie pops. I have always wondered about them and if they actually work to get rid of nausea. Through reading I found out that a lot of people think that jolly ranchers work just as well and they are less expensive. So I am ready whenever the morning sickness decides to hit.

Also question for all you computer experts. I want to put a floating baby ticker on my blog. However, will not allow javascript code on their blogs. The widget has other codes for different platforms – blogger, myspace, etc, but I still can’t get it to work. Anyone have any ideas on how to do that? Thanks in advance for the help.



  1. So glad the telling went well. Your BIL sounds like a great guy and like he will be an amazing uncle!

  2. It must have been so nice to tell them the good news!! Thanks for your nice comment on my blog just now. I am not losing hope and it’s nice to hear that you’ve heard of success with less than great embryos in the past.

  3. Hi LFL. I love that babyticker! Saw it on Shannon’s Chasing Rainbows blog. Good luck getting it copied, sorry I can’t help with that. I am going to google jolly rangers now…
    It is good to tell the people you are close to, helps makes it more real and more normal. Enjoy the morning sickness! xx

  4. Jem

    I am so, so happy for you! thanks for all your support over the past year. did I mention I was happy for you!!??!!

  5. I never heard of the Jolly Rancher thing! Be sure you have oyster crackers and Animal crackers, too.
    My mom went with me to one of the IUI’s (we had double IUI’s) so she was expecting to hear something soon after, so I had to tell my folks. She told my brother and his wife so they knew on the 4th of July. I was so nervous after we told them, even though it’s just four close-knit family members! I thought for sure we’d jinxed it. But it all turned out ok so far!

  6. yay! so fun!!

    is it friday yet? 🙂

    like you said, it’s so awesome to know someone at the same stage!

  7. oh, and have you tried putting the code for the floating baby thing in a text widget? i think i tried that for another wordpress blog i have last time i was pregnant and it worked.

  8. Your in-law-family’s reactions sound good! I think I’d want my immediate family to know, too, even though they all live far away.

  9. I had a similar experience when telling my brother….I got emotional and articulated my anxieties and he knew in a moment we’d had some medical help without me having to say it out loud. Don’t beat yourself up for getting emotional…this is VERY emotional! You’re doing great! I’m so happy everyone had awesome reactions. 🙂 What an amazing day!

  10. AP

    I am so happy for you! It sounds like you have a great support network with your inlaws. My husband just recently told his parents that I have an issue and I strangely feel better that they know. i wasn’t expecting that and I hope you experience the same thing after telling them early.

    btw, you are completely right about the dementors sticking around. I imagine they keep swirling until your child is 18, if not beyond that!

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