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Thank you all for your well wishes and congratulations after yesterday. I am so glad to be done with that scan and to be able to know it’s not ectopic. The rest of that day I spent being happy, but a bit nervous on if they will find anything else wrong with the baby since the progesterone was so low. I am nervous I won’t get a heart beat or something will show up in a prenatal scan. Yes, I guess the worrying never ends. Hubby was trying to get me to stop worrying. He said do what you can to fix the situation, but after that if you can’t do anything, stop worrying. Easier said then done.

Later in the afternoon yesterday the nurse called and said my hcg was rising just like it was supposed too. She said my progesterone went from seven to five though. I was like oh no! She said that is all within the same range. I was like if you say so. She then started talking about scheduling my next scan a week later. I scheduled it for tuesday so there is more chance of seeing a heartbeat so that I have less of a chance to freak out. She then says that I will be on endometrim suppositories which are a pill form of a suppository. I was like wait a minute, this morning I was told I would be put on progesterone in oil and they showed my husband where on the butt they should go and all about the needles and everything. She said they had a meeting and the RE in attendance said that endometrium twice a day should be sufficient. I was like I’m not sure, I have done a lot of research and everyone says progesterone in oil is the best. She says, you know it’s a shot right? I said yes. She said it was up to me to choose what I wanted, that either one would be fine. I asked her opinion and she said both would get the job done. She said the progesterone in oil gets your numbers up quicker and you can measure it in the blood. I asked which one cost less and she said progesterone in oil. So I picked the shots. That way I have the best chance of things, my numbers will go up quick, and it will be cheaper. Do you guys think I made the right decision? I asked where I was in my pregnancy and she said I was 5.0 yesterday and due August 2nd. I don’t understand why I had to ask for that information. Maybe because they are still being cautious? I don’t know. They managed to find a box of progesterone in oil in the office so after work yesterday I went upstairs and they showed me how to put the needle together and then one of the clinicians gave me my first shot. It wasn’t bad at all. However, I have read as you keep going it gets worse. I also think it has something to do with what oil the progesterone is in. I will have to look at what oil mine is in. I have to order my own box soon to replace the one the office gave me.

Question for you guys. I keep hearing how progesterone suppositories are good because they go right to the source, but you can’t measure the amounts in the blood. If I was started on progesterone suppositories at the beginning of my two week wait and only missed one day are my progesterone levels really that low since we can’t accurately measure them by blood tests? I’m sure there is a caveat in there somewhere.

Then later in the night about 5ish I got another phone call from the RE’s office. It was from the first nurse who did my scan in the morning. She said that having my scan this coming tuesday was too long to wait and she wanted to have me come in earlier. She said she wanted to be cautious and make sure everything is ok. So now I am having my first scan on this friday instead of this coming tuesday. She said she is looking for things to get bigger, but I’m not really sure what they are going to see that is different in three days. I don’t want to be freaked out by anything just because it’s too early. I’m all for being careful and cautious, but it’s increasing my nervousness.

Not much else to repot. I am having the worst time with concentration at work. I can work for a certain amount of time and then I’m done. I then google baby stuff and think about stuff and I’m no good for a while. I also created a new page on my blog. I decided that I wanted to put up some tickers and possibly pictures and other things when I get them of baby related stuff. I wanted it to be there for people who wanted to see, but I also wanted to not put it on the front page of my blog so that others don’t get bothered by it if they don’t want to see it. I am hoping for all f you to get your bfps! An you never know, things are so early for me, I might end up back in the trenches myself. I really hope this works out though.

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  1. I would have opted for the progesterone gel since I’m already getting a shot per day. I’m not asking to have mine checked again, either. I don’t want to freak out about it.

    It’s great that your RE wants to monitor you so closely. It’s so frustrating when, after dealing with IF, REs just let you loose. However, just please know going in on Friday that it could be too early to see anything, ok? Don’t freak out.

    Glad to hear that all is still going well!

  2. AL

    I think you made the right decision to go with the PIO shots. They will be able to tell that your progesterone is going up in the b/w give you peace of mind, and no goop is good! I have heard that after a while the shots hurt, but I’ve never done them. I hope some others have tips on how to make them hurt less.

    Friday does sound like it will be a bit too early to see the heartbeat yet, but they should be able to see steady growth from your last scan so that you know things are progressing as they should be. Thinking of you!

  3. i would have made the same decision as you. i want to know for certain the meds are getting in there! and i know needles suck but shoving pills up your hoohaa doesn’t sound fun either. 🙂

    LFL, i’m so so so happy for you! this is it! can’t wait to hear your good news on friday!

    and i’m just like you at work right now. i can’t focus on a single thing. and i’m loving every minute of it.

  4. FCblacksheep

    I hope it works out too sweetie. I’m not sure I can be a qualified judge, but on paper the oil sounds better so yeah, I think that was the right decision.

    I’m so excited for you. If nothing else, you’ll get some more reassurance Friday that things are progressing as they should. Can’t wait until you hear that heart beat though, you’re going to be over the moon.

  5. I would have probably picked the PIO too!

    I will be thinking about you this Friday…here’s to growth!

  6. sienna

    hey there – omg, i’m now catching up on all your posts ever since your blog was banned from my work (still don’t get how yours is and so is suchagoodeggs, but ventingvagina’s is apparently okay … go figure). anyways, just wanted to say CONGRATS! i will keep everything crossed for you on friday for a great scan :o)

  7. I hate the PIO shots, but I would pick them hands down to the suppositories. I just felt so much more secure on the PIO — I felt more stable, my numbers were strong, etc. On the suppositories my temp kept dipping and I always felt like my levels kept fluctuating throughout the day (based off the side effects). PIO I think will make you feel more peace of mind.

  8. You’re doing awesome and I think you’re being SO GOOD about standing up for yourself and asking tough questions and making difficult decisions. Go Mama, go! 🙂 They had me on Crinone (suppositories) from the night of the IUI until about 11 weeks. My prog was never checked at the RE’s after my 7dpiui P4 test…and I remember asking the nurse if the Crinone would artificially inflate and she said there was no way to know. Not very helpful but that’s pretty much all I know about prog…hang in, just a couple days til you get to see your poppyseed again!!! So happy for you!!!

  9. So happy for you girl. The shots will help a ton, although from what I hear they are not very fun – but it’s all worth it! Still praying for you, hoping you get some peace and a break from the worry, it’s so hard though!

  10. I think this all sounds good. I can understand wanting to put the scan off to be able to see a bigger change and feel more reassured – I was the same way. But just think – you get to see your little love nugget again in just another day!!

    Re: the progesterone I have no idea on that one. I’ve always heard that PIO was the “big gun” so that must be good and it’s probably a good choice for you. As I think I mentioned in another comment, they’ve never ever checked my prog levels and I’m on the suppositories until around the 12 week mark.

    OH, and my doc has still not mentioned a due date to me or anything. Admittedly I haven’t asked, since I had already used one of those online calculators and they all say the same thing. I figure it’ll be something handled a bit more once we move on to the OB!!

    SOOOOOOO happy for you!!!

  11. Sounds good to me! I was on Endometrin for 11 weeks…which was icky and goopy. I think REs prefer Endometrin or Crinone because it’s easier than shots, but if the shots are cheaper and (more?) effective, sounds like a good choice. I didn’t have my p4 checked except 7dpiui.

    Good luck!!!

  12. just wanted to wish you luck for tomorrow!!!! can’t wait to hear your good news!

  13. Oh good luck with the scan today! I will be awaiting your update!! I am on endometrim which is a suppository and I take it 3 times a day. I asked about the shot as well at my clinic but they said they have had just as good or better results with the endometrim. I did some google-ing a while back though and found conflicting information so I really think that either is a good option.

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