Finally called

I went in for more blood work at 8am this morning and they just called me now at 4:15pm. It was so hard to wait all day. I could not concentrate on work at all. I tried to stay busy, but ugh. I woke up this morning with my ibs flaring. I went to the bathroom and felt better after I ate some.

My beta went from a 167 to 272 in one day!!!!! My progesterone went from 1 to 8!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She said that was because I used the suppository last night. I can’t believe it. I am still pregnant. I have never ever been able to say that before. She said they are being very cautious with me and said that if I feel dizzy or get any sharp pains I should call the on call doctor right away. I go back in on friday at 7:45am (ew) for more blood work and an ultrasound! She said it is probably too early to see much of anything, but they want to make sure it’s not growing in the wrong spot. Holy crap it went up. Thank you so much for all your prayers, comments, and thoughts. I don’t know what I would do with out you. I got through one day and hopefully will also get through friday. I get to enjoy my thanksgiving as pregnant! I’m trying not to get ahead of myself, but omg. I am shaking and my heart is beating so fast. Ok, gotta calm down, we are headed over to the in-laws for dinner tonight.



  1. That’s a spectacular jump! I’ll be remembering you in my prayers over the next few days… remember to breathe, and take it one hour at a time if you have to. Sending ((hugs)) your way!

  2. FCblacksheep

    I just screamed out loud. Actually screamed. I’m so excited. Even though I know it’s still really early. Just keep thinking positive and I’ll keep you in my thoughts. Most of all, enjoy Thanksgiving as preggo!!!!

    p.s. Blue just asked me what I was so excited about. I said LFL is pregnant and he said I thought her progesterone was low and I said it went up. LOL. We need to get out more.

  3. jc

    OMG that’s awesome!!!!! That’s very good, I have a good feeling about this!

  4. That’s great! Are you going to add injections to the mix, or stick with the suppositories?

    Fingers crossed things continue to look good!

  5. Great news!

  6. AL


    Keep taking those suppositories!! From what the doc said to me when I had my ectopic, the beta numbers were what was indicative of it being tubal, not progesterone. My numbers weren’t rising, and they were very low for how many dpo I was. Your beta levels are great for how many dpo you are, and they’re rising nicely!! I hope Friday brings more good news 🙂

  7. I sooooo relieved for you that your beta results went up, omg so excited for you!!!!
    Enjoy your Thanksgiving, you deserve it, take care x

  8. This is so fantastic!!! Congratulations!!!!!!!!

  9. That is awesome…. I know that it is still really early but still that’s incredible! I will be praying for you- you will be in my thoughts the next few days! Happy ‘pregnant’ thanksgiving!

  10. That is so so so awesome!!!!!!!! Congratulations!!!! So excited that we get to be pregnant together!!!!

  11. OH MY GOSH!!!! EVERYTHING WENT UP!!!!!!!!!!! FANTASTIC!!! I’ll keep you in my thoughts and prayers and hope friday’s blood check goes great. 🙂 CONGRATS! And HaPpY ThAnKsGiViNg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Carli

    Congratulations on the increase in the progesterone and the HCG! I had wondered if skipping your suppository the night before could have causeed the low amount. Enjoy your pregnant Thanksgiving and I hope for even higher numbers and a great result from your U/S on Friday!

  13. OMG! Wonderful news! Will continue to hope with all my might.

  14. YAYYYYYYY!!!! That is SO awesome!! I’m so freaking excited for you!!! Praying hard that the good news continues! Hoping, hoping, hoping!

  15. Yayyyyyyyyyy!!!! That is so completely and totally awesome! What a great turn-around and what a huge, healthy jump in that beta number! I am over the moon for you – what a great Thanksgiving present!! I hope your little pilgrim is right where s/he should be in tomorrow’s scan!

  16. Yay! That’s great!!!

  17. Nic

    Thats great news!! I am so pleased. I know it is early days, but there is hope! Hope little one keeps hanging in there!

  18. SOOOOOOOOOOO awesome LFL! Go baby, goooooooooooo!!!! xoxo

  19. I just want to let you know that during my pregnancy my progesterone dropped from 34 to 10 very early in my pregnancy and I had spotting. After using the suppositories for 6-8 weeks (can’t remember exactly) I went on to deliver a healthy baby girl. She is now nearly 2. I hope this is the case for you too. Good luck.

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