Sorry for the absence of posts for the last few days. We went out of town friday morning to celebrate my grandmother’s 90th. However, before we got there we found out that her sister (my great aunt) died so we went straight to the funeral and then had a weekend of half birthday stuff for my grandmother and half funeral stuff. It was weird.

I am still in the 2ww, well sorta. I thought I might have had some small symptoms, but they all went away within a day or so of whenever they came. I think they were from the progesterone or my ibs. Today I am 12dpo, though the day is almost over. I’m pretty convinced that today might be cd1 though. I started spotting this morning and it’s been present all day when I wipe. It never goes to my pad. However, I have been having weird periods the last four or five periods where they are just like that. Very light and barely do much on my pad. However again, my progesterone suppositories were stinging when I put them in the last few nights so maybe I am irritated. It’s probably af though. Though my mother said that she was convinced she had her period when she found out she was pregnant with me. I’m still pretty sure it’s over though. I’m sad, but I haven’t had much of a chance to really cry. I have been surrounded by family. Maybe that’s a good thing.

I’m going to call my RE’s tomorrow and get the dates for their Jan IVF cycles. I’m nervous with the timing. My in-laws and their extended family always have a thing in the second week of jan that I’m trying not to miss and I’m also going somewhere for work at the end of feb. So scheduling is making me nervous. Two questions for you guys who have been through ivf – 1) I have always had long cycles. They are always really careful with me and give me low doses and don’t want too many things to grow which is why I have long cycles. However, with ivf I figure they want lots to grow and maybe it won’t make my cycles really long. Have you guys had extended ivf cycles longer than usual? Also, I will be flying for my work thing. Is flying a couple of weeks after an ivf bad? I will probably be writing out an entry about my fears of ivf soon, maybe getting them out and hearing your experiences will make me feel better.

I hope all of your weekends and cycles are doing better than mine. I missed you guys. I also really appreciate all of my twitter girls. I managed to pick up a wifi signal at my grandmother’s this morning and I got a lot of really encouraging and supportive tweets. So, thank you so much for that. It carried me through my drive home.



  1. That had to be a weird week. Sorry to hear that your great aunt died.

    Spotting can be ok, but you won’t really know one way or another until you have a BFP or AF. Sending you good thoughts!

    As for IVF…

    Depending on your protocol, you’ll likely have at least one full cycle before the stims cycle, possibly more depending on what testing is involved and the turnaround times.

    My egg retrieval has always been scheduled for day 14-16 (despite my regular cycle having me ovulate around Day 18). That’s with heavy stims (but I am a poor responder). You’re right that with IVF they won’t be concerned with having lots of follicles (up to a point), but given your IUI history they’ll probably start you on a medium dose of stims.

    I haven’t had a doctor tell me not to fly after IVF, and I know lots of people who’ve done so without problems. But mostly it comes down to what *you’re* comfortable with.


    • Thanks for your comment. Yea, I am figuring that I will be on birth control for a month when I get my bfn on wednesday and then will be ready to start jan ivf hopefully. I know also during that month I will have a mock transfer and some other consults like learning all the drugs and coming up with my protocol and the giving of the money lol.

  2. i was wondering what happened to you! sorry to hear about your loss but glad you got to squeeze in some celebration of life as well. i really hope your spotting is isn’t AF. i’ll keep my FX for you.

    as far as IVF calendars, my clinic puts you on BCPs for about 3 weeks, overlapping with lupron, (get AF somewhere in here), then start stims around the beginning of week 5. for my first IVF i stimmed for 10 days and for this one i stimmed for 8 days. then you trigger and ER is 36 hours later. so you’re looking at about 6 or 7 weeks or so to get to ER. try not to stress about the dates. it will either work out or it won’t. you won’t really have that much control unless you wanted to wait to start later, but i really hope IVF isn’t in your future at all.

  3. Well my cycles for the last year were quite long… ovulating anywhere from day 22 to day 32… when it came to IVF the RE essentially dismissed my long cycles since IVF basically takes over your body. I started on the pill so it forced me to have a period right afterwards… so much shorter than my cycles this past year. My cycles this last year (since coming off a 10 year stint on the BCP) were very very light as well… also they weren’t concerned about this. So I am hoping they are right and I am going with what they say so I would try not to worry too much about your cycles right now. As long as you are ovulating, everything should be fine!

  4. FCblacksheep

    I’m so sorry for your great aunt and my heart goes out to your grandmother; there must have been a lot of conflicting emotions there.

    I’m also really sorry about this cycle. I’ll keep on hoping though until you get a confirmed blood test. I’m glad you’re doing OK. I was wondering about you and am happy to see an update. Unfortunately, I have no advice to give. Wishing you the best though, and still have my fingers crossed.

  5. Hey, I was getting worried about you, I’m so sorry to hear about your great aunt 😦
    I still have hope that your spotting will pass and it’s not AF (fingers and toes crossed).
    We will all support you if you need to go down the IVF route honey.
    Take care of yourself x

  6. Oh, LFL, I’m so sorry about your great aunt. Keep us posted on what’s up with the spotting. I’m thinking of you. And if you do have to take on IVF, you will every single one of us rooting you on. xo

  7. AL

    I’m sorry about your great aunt and the spotting. I hope you get good news this cycle and don’t need to think about IVF, but will be rooting you on if you do.

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