Crazy day

I went to bed last night and woke up this morning thinking that it would be just like any other day, a boring normal day. It was a lot more interesting than that. No, I did not get a bfp.

This weekend the husband changed my car battery in my car because the oil change guy noticed that I needed it. Hubby said this is easy and he has done it before. My dad said the same thing. If they both have done it before it must be easy. We went to wal.mart, bought the battery and then put it in. I turned on my car and it started up so I was happy. This morning I started the car and it started like it was going to rev up, but then it stopped. I could not turn my car on. So no driving to work for me. Hubby said he couldn’t really fix it from work. He said that I could get a rental, but I feel like it is just something he can tighten or fix so I didn’t want to spend the money. Hopefully hubby will be able to fix it tonight when he comes home tonight. Luckily, my boss is really nice and I can work from home, logging into my files from home. So that is what I did.

While getting ready to work from home I checked out our stash of computer paper and I realized we only have a few pieces left. I called hubby and he said that is all we have. In order to do some of my work I have to print a form out and then fill it out. So no car and no paper meant that I walked to the grocery store to pick up some computer paper. I wore too heavy of a coat so when I got home I was sweaty.

My day went pretty well after that. I got a lot done. However, hubby’s printer is old and tends to take multiple sheets of paper when I’m only trying to print one sheet. So I have to keep a close eye on it. I printed one group of papers and filled them all out and then went back to print more. This time it took too many papers and I lost the paper somewhere in the printer. I tried pulling it out, but only ended up ripping part of it and the rest is stuck. I tried taking the printer apart and still could not get the paper out and now I can’t get his printer back together again. Luckily, my work day is almost over.

Fun day isn’t it? The interesting thing is that I do feel frustrated and it is growing with each thing, but the whole day does not have me completly undone like it would have in the past. I feel like I have dealt with so much more with IF and having things go wrong with it that I am actually doing ok. Just frustrated. So I guess that is one good thing about IF.

My 2ww is another story. Last night I started to dobut myself and feel like I was never going to get pregnant and I was going to watch everyone else achieve that goal. Today I am feeling a little better, but I am still feeling like this cycle will not be “the one.” I don’t know for sure and I still have a while to go, but ugh. This waiting sucks.



  1. You really handled all that well! Car troubles just completely throw me for a loop. I feel so helpless without one! It’s awesome you were able to (mostly :)) work from home.
    The bathroom is adorable! You guys did such a great job!
    The 2WW sucks. It drains everything from me emotionally. You are sailing right through!

  2. FCblacksheep

    Yikes, what a day. I’m glad you got through it OK. I feel the same way about IF sometimes, like it helps me to deal with stress and annoyances better. I guess you get conditioned to crap going wrong or things just get put into perspective.

    And as for doubting this cycle, it’s nowhere near over yet. As you said this is the time of implantation so really it’s just beginning. Hoping the rest of the wait goes quickly.

  3. Sorry for a frustrating day, but good job on not letting it get you.

  4. AP

    Thanks for stopping by again. Yes, definitely feeling better – I really think it may have been PMS and a “poor me” syndrome kicking in when my pants started feeling tight. I agree; the big things that used to ruin the day now seem small:
    Trapped in Dallas? Burn your grilled cheese? Pumpkin spice latte season over? Agency driving you nuts? Could be worse…you could not ovulate! ha! This will be fun.

    As for doubting your cycle, I too doubt I will ever get a period again when this one ends. Ever. All my friends tell me I will once I just add on a few lbs. I kind of don’t want to hear that so while i wish you well, I will not try to convince you otherwise!

  5. every single day of my life i am pretty sure that everyone else in the world is going to have a baby and i never will. days like you had where it was just one thing after another, in the grand scheme of things, all those things that went wrong are so easy for us to handle because we’re stronger than your average bear.

  6. Oh that day sounds pretty frustrating to me but yes… in the grand scheme of things little things just seem normal now compared to IF. I hope your wait goes by fast!

  7. Jessica

    I am in the 2WW also and waiting DOES suck!!!

  8. What a crazy day! And probably pretty distracting, which is always helpful. 😉

    I’m in pretty much the same place emotionally with my 2ww. But intuition correlates not at all with outcome, so we’ll see what our betas say!

    Sending you good thoughts!

  9. What a day!? Don’t doubt yourself now, must have hope. Sending you lots of positive vibes and baby dust, I really hope this is the ‘one’ for you!

    • I hate the wait too, I am so frustrated, sometimes I just want to test and be done with it. I wonder why I don’t feel any different. My beta is Monday and I just have a sinking feeling it isn’t going to be all that good.

  10. Eww car troubles 😦

    Hoping for you! The TWW is almost over!

  11. what a crazy day indeed! i’m proud of you for rolling with it. i’ve been thinking about you and i think we’re overdue for an update!

  12. Stephanie

    Popping over from ICLW – aren’t the 2WWs the worst? The first week seems to go by pretty quick, and then the second one just drags on. I hope you get your BFP!!

    ICLW #37

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