Day by day

I’m still moving along in the 2ww trying to stay busy. Today, which is almost over I am 5dpiui. Tomorrow is 6 days past which is supposed to be the start of implantation. This I am sure will make my brain analyze things even more. I have been googling already, but I think I have done pretty well so far. Well maybe 😉 I’ve tried to stay busy.

Friday was my relaxing day when I could sit around and do anything I wanted. Yesterday we went over to the inlaw’s house and helped them clean up around their place and paint. We were there all day. This morning I went to church with the hub and his family and got a little kick in the gut. Every sunday they give out a little newsletter with upcoming events and such. There is one section that lists women who are pregnant so you can pray for them and their unborn babies. I know I haven’t been in a couple of weeks, but today there were like eight different couples on the list. I was like sheesh. Pretty soon all the people that got married around the time we did and even after us will be pregnant or have kids and we will be stuck with out anything.

As far as symptoms I am thinking it’s too early, but I don’t know. I have had a little bit of cramping, but I have had that before and it didn’t really mean anything. I am having one thing that’s different that could be something or it could be absolute bull cr.ap so who knows or I might even be imagining it. It doesn’t always happen either so I dunno. Basically sometimes when I bend over quickly or get up quickly I get a sharp cramp in the ovary area. It is a jolting sharp cramp, but only last maybe a minute. Enough for me to say ouch! and then it’s gone. It could just be ibs, but I haven’t been flaring so who knows. It could also just be the progesterone. In addition, does anyone know if Dramamine or Bonine (both motion sickness drugs) are ok during the 2ww/pregnancy? I’m going on a trip soon and I tend to get car sick so I wanted to make sure.

I hope all of you are doing well!



  1. Good to stay busy 🙂 still got all my limbs crossed for you and sending you lots of sticky positive vibes!

  2. I don’t know about dramamine or bonine… my doc told me to avoid gravol if I could (not sure why). I have had a lot of luck over the years with ginger pills from the health food store, with the added bonus that they don’t make me sleepy. I actually take them before I go to the movies, because sometimes the crazy camera angles trigger my motion sickness (as an aside… I wonder if there is a connection between IBS and motion sickness. I have been a life long puker on long car trips.)

    I’m glad that you’re staying busy… I’m praying and keeping everything crossed for you!

  3. Hey there! I am glad that you are having a nice mix of relaxing and busy. I hope that this 2ww doesn’t drag too much. AND of course I am also hoping that this month is the one for you and that soon you’ll be on that church newsletter!! Thinking of you!

  4. Jessica

    Glad your staying busy…good luck with the rest of your of 2WW!

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