Mish mash

I have a bunch of thoughts floating around in my head and I figured I should write them all out before I go to work so that I can concentrate on work 😉

I can’t believe I am in the 2ww again. I am going to try to stay busy and not over analyze everything, but knowing me that won’t happen lol. I get my progesterone suppositories delivered to work this morning. I start them tonight.

I woke up this morning with a sour stomach. I bet it has something to do with the tomato sauce I had on our bob.oli pizza I made for dinner last night. The acid tends to bother me. Hopefully the zan.tac will kick in soon.

I think I may tell my MIL some of our IF journey this weekend. I have thought about telling her before, but just never did. I know she is wondering if something is up since I didn’t go to the party last weekend and because when she called last night hubby told her I had fallen asleep on the couch at 8pm. I was tired! I didn’t sleep well the night before and I put in a lot of emotion and thought into my iui so that makes me tired as well. I think she will take it well. We will see how that goes and if I actually do it.

I got a letter in the mail last week from our insurance stating that they were not going to cover my fertility med’s if they were related to IUI’s or IVF or other ART stuff. Great. I had originally been getting my fertility drugs with just a copay so this really sucks. I called them up on monday and asked for clarification. They said that initially all claims for art drugs will be declined. However, if I want to oppose their claim I can write them a personal letter with as much detail as I can provide (letters from doctors, medical records, imaging etc) then they will decide on a person by person basis. That sounds like a lot of work and a pain in the ass. Husband looked at the other plans he has available since he is currently in open season and didn’t find anything better. If this cycle does not work I may end up doing IVF which I had really hoped I didn’t have to do. I figure that I will know if this cycle worked or not at the end of november. If that happens than I will just talk to my RE and get my drugs ordered before January when my insurance coverage for drugs goes bye bye. It really sucks that I have that added stress in the 2ww. It makes me feel like I need this cycle to work or we are going to have to pay even more money. Hubby says we aren’t covered for IVF so we would have had to pay a lot anyways so it’s just a bit more. Still stresses me out.

You guys eat a lot of healthy lunches! I wish I could eat more salads, but I limit them to one or two a week because of my IBS. I am going to the cafeteria today and getting my favorite – turkey burger with fries that I dip into honey mustard. I know not that healthy, but it’s good.

The other night on ama.zon I ordered some Bre.tt Mich.aels Tropa-rocka diet snap.ple tea. It was a limited release from the snap.ple he made on the show the appre.ntice. They listed the stores that it would be available in and I could never find it. I looked in every store I went into. Everyone online kept talking about how good it was so I finally bit the bullet and ordered some online. I look forward to trying it and seeing if it lives up to the hype.

I feel guilty because I have not been wearing my contacts for the last week or so. It’s just so much easier to wake up and throw my glasses on. It’s also been hard to make the time since the last week I was having to get up early every day for monitoring. I know I should be wearing them, but with the drops and everything, bleh. Maybe I’ll start wearing them again soon.

Also, thank you to BabyBaker for the blog award. I promise when I have more time tonight I will add it to this blog entry!



  1. Huge congrats on the IUI and surviving this roller coaster of a cycle, may your 2ww be full of zen zen zen zen.

    I usually eat soup, salad with chicken, or a sandwich for lunch. A turkey burg with fries sounds amazing! That would tempt me every day if it was easy to get. 🙂

    • If I wanted too, I could walk down to the cafeteria every day and get a turkey burger or chicken patty and fries 🙂

  2. HEY! I got that letter, too!! Doesn’t it SUCK?!!?!? I wrote a post about it today- even though we are not doing medical stuff anymore, I am 100% disgusted. Why do they have to do this to us?!??!

  3. In Canada no employers pay for IUI or IVF. It is awful that on top of all the emotional and physical stress we also have to face financial stress. I am kind of with your Husband on this one… IF costs so much what’s a bit more. I know every penny counts but I have just accepted the inevitable debt. I really hope you don’t have to ponder this further at all and that this cycle is it for you!

  4. Just stopping by to say hi during our 2ww. 🙂 Thinking about you!

  5. FCblacksheep

    I HATE insurance companies. That feeling that this cycle HAS to be it absolutely blows. Like it’s not stressful enough, you have all of the financial worries riding on it too. Bunch of crooks. I’m so sorry you have to go through this. Stay positive and try to push it from your head for now if you can.

    I so wish we had a cafeteria. We just have vending machines, though those are kind of cool because we didn’t have them at my last job. However, I don’t think a caf would end well because I’m addicted to fries.

  6. Good luck with this cycle! Hopefully this will be the one and then you can tell the insurance company to stick it where the sun doesn’t shine! 🙂 That’s such BS that people aren’t covered for something they have no control over.

    I too am addicted to turkey burgers! I’m been trying to lose weight at the same time as TTC so thank God I can still have them. That’s definitely the highlight of some weeks! hehe

  7. I hope your MIL is supportive and encouraging. I bet she’ll be so excited!
    I just eat left-overs for lunch every day. Sometimes I get lucky and patients or drug reps bring food for us.
    Our insurance was good to us up ’til this year. We’re going to be paying a lot more out-of-pocket next year, too. It makes no sense – why wouldn’t they pay if the drugs are being prescribed for anything related to infertility? That’s what those drugs are for!

    • MM I love when drug rep’s come. I have only had that happen twice though. I guess they have to cut something out and IF to them is elective I suppose. It’s bull crap.

  8. Good luck with your two week wait! I hope this cycle is the one and you don’t have to worry about the added stress of money for the meds. My insurance with my IUI’s and IVF covered my meds, but that was it. I have now switched jobs and I don’t think even the meds will be covered for my FET. As if there isn’t enough stress associated with infertility, the money issue is a huge bummer. 😦

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