IUI #3 done

This morning I had my third IUI. I think I did pretty good. I had some issues with the speculum because I guess I haven’t mastered that yet. I did much better once she switched to a thinner one. Still not my favorite, but I handled it. My husband’s count was 14 million so *fingers crossed* I was having more cramping yesterday than I am today. I figure I ovulated and now the spermies are heading up to meet the eggies that I ovulated. Please please meet up.

I had a really weird thing happen to me as I walked downstairs to clock in for work. I have to swipe my card into a machine that keeps track of my hours. When I came down this morning there was a older woman in a wheelchair sitting right next to the machine. I had to wait a minute or so to clock in so I said hello and said some pleasantries. She said her daughter was in the bathroom down the hall, and she was waiting for her. Then this woman asks me something which I thought was "what do you do?" I asked her "what do I do?" to make sure I heard her correctly, and she says "no, when are you due?" I was like wha?? I was just standing there with my messanger bag half covering my stomach. I may be a bit bloated, but I don’t think I look pregnant. Maybe my shirt was sitting weird or I was standing weird.. I didn’t even think to say I am not pregnant and since I just had an iui who knows. I said not for a while (I have no idea why I said that) and she said yea you are really small, a larger woman walked by not too long ago. I was like uhmm…ok!! So maybe that lady was a sign or maybe it was just pure craziness. Made me think. lol.

So now we wait. I said hello to my boss as I walked in. I think it’s a lot less stressful that she knows now. She found it weird that I could jsut go upstairs and do that and then oh ok switch my brain to work stuff. She said she would be milking it for all it’s worth lol. She asked me how likely it would work and then wished me luck. I also managed to get it done in an hour (most of it was just me sitting in the waiting room waiting for them to come in) so I don’t have to stay late today since I worked an hour extra yesterday. So yea for that.

I want to end this entry with a random question. I am so sick of my lunches. I usually have a sandwich of some sort or leftovers from dinner. What do you guys eat for lunch?? I need some ideas of something else to eat.

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  1. Good Luck! I’d take that pregnant comment as a good sign!
    For lunch I have salads with chicken, tuna or lunch meat and I have soup, alot!

  2. Nic

    Good luck for this cycle!! I hope egg meets sperm and they stick!!!

    Lunches are always hard for me as well. What can you eat other thank sandwiches?!?!?
    Now it is getting colder I think I will do soups and a roll some of the days and maybe pasta salads? I struggle!

  3. Good luck! I hope that the third IUI is a charm. 🙂

    As for lunch, I usually eat leftovers or soups/salads/sandwiches. Boring, I know!

  4. congrats! you’re PUPO! i love that you told that lady you weren’t due for a while, because it’s totally true! this is gonna be it … FOR REAL! 🙂

    i usually eat soup for lunch or salad with roasted veggies. lately i’ve been making my own soup of chicken, spinach, parsnip, carrots, onion, cannellini beans. soup-er yummy!

  5. p.s. i left you a sweet lil award on my blog!

  6. Praying for great swimmers and the perfect match up!!!! GOOD LUCK GIRL

  7. AL

    Hoping those spermies are meeting up with an eggie very soon!!!

    And, yes, that comment is crazy and I hope a sign of the news you’ll be getting in a couple of weeks.

  8. Good luck! I hope those swimmers are swimming fast! That’s a funny thing that happened with that woman. Maybe it’s a sign? As for lunches, lunch is my least favourite meal of they day. I would really rather snack through the day than eat a whole lunch. I do often make a salad – usually spinach with strawberries, shaved almonds and chicken. It’s nice and light and tasty!

  9. Good luck!!! Fingers crossed that the lady’s weird question is a good omen!!!

  10. KMFC that this cycle works!

  11. sending lots of baby vibes your way! i wish i could make the 2WW go faster for ya!

  12. FCblacksheep

    Ha ha ha. I love your response. Perfect! Hoping everything meets up and does what it needs to. Everything is crossed!

    As for lunch, I used to do a lot of frozen stuff but I’m trying to eliminate processed food, though I do like Morning Star and Amy’s (both have soy) frozen meals. Other than that, I eat falafel with hummus, swiss cheese sandwiches with fruit and veggie straws, and the other day I had a fake meatball sandwich that was rather good.

  13. Good luck….I really hope this is your month! I usually forget to eat lunch….. I work night shift so my eating habits are all wacky.

  14. Fingers crossed that this is your cycle!!!

    For lunch I usually have a salad. Recently my favorite is garbanzo beans, feta, tomato, and a drizzle of oil/vinegar.

  15. Jessica

    Glad the IUI went well…I hope this is it for you!!

  16. Hey, maybe that crazy lady has a sixth (or seventh or eighth) sense! Either way, I’d take it as a good sign! Fingers crossed. Don’t worry about that insurance issue. You won’t need it! 🙂

  17. I hope your 2ww speeds by and then you’ll get that positive result you’ve been waiting for! I usually eat leftovers since I am on a gluten free, dairy free diet. It’s hard to just grab a sandwich and I don’t always want to eat a salad every day. So, generally I eat grilled chicken and some veggies. Good luck finding something new!

  18. Yay! Fingers crossed for some amazingly positive news!!!

    team #hope

  19. i used to eat soup for lunch every day at work, then i started eating salads every day and now i’m eating chicken salad, which is chicken, mayo, apples, feta cheese, celery and grapes on sandwich thins. soon i’ll get sick of that and have to find something else to eat.

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