I made it

It looks like it was a good choice to stay home this weekend even though I missed hubby’s grandma’s 90th party. It would have been nice to see everyone though.

I went in this morning and was praying that I would be farther in this cycle and that things would have grown. My lining actually shrunk. I don’t think it really shrunk – I think it’s just hard to see where it exactly starts and stops, sometimes it contracts, and depending on the view you get different measurements. Mine was on the low side of the good range at 6mm something so she said that was good. She said my lining never gets very high, but she thinks that if they let me go with more follicles like for ivf that it would get higher because I would have higher e2.

She started measuring things and it didn’t really look like much grew. I was starting to feel discouraged and tired of things. Then she measured one follicle at 17×18. I was like wait, really?? Thank goodness. She measured the other big one I had, but it was still at 14mm. She thought that that one would have grown as well, but I guess it didn’t. I was a little disappointed that I didn’t get two big ones, but I should just be happy that I pulled this cycle out after all the craziness. She said that I am getting really close and will probably trigger tonight or tomorrow depending on what the blood showed.

I went home and then had to wait for the blood work. I have been working this weekend to change over my summer clothes to winter clothes and I’m nearly done. Just have to do a few more things. After I had my mid-morning snack she called back. Love weekends when they call early. She is having me trigger tonight! Holy crap I made it. Thank goodness. She said that they could have had me go another day but my e2 was at around 700 from 446 yesterday, which is a big jump. She said they don’t want me to hyperstim. She said I do have a lot of little follicles, but that she didn’t think that they were contributing that much to the e2 so she thinks that I have a chance with two because of that 14mm one. I was like, but isn’t mature 18mm? She said yes, but she said anything over 14 is mature for an injectable cycle and it will grow some today into tonight. I have never heard that before so I’ll take it, but I’m not counting on that one that much.

I am to stop all the follistim, low dose hcg, and lupron and that I’m going to trigger as late as I can tonight, right before bed. I found that interesting since they normally say between 6-8pm. The nurse also said I am only going to have one iui this time. I asked why. She said that I am on lupron and that suppresses you and takes a day or so to get out of your system. She said they probably just wanted to get some sperm in me early last time, but that I will not ovulate until tuesday so she wants to do my iui then. I’m trusting her even though my brain is a little nervous about everything. Wednesday night I start the progesterone suppositories that I still need to order. I will do that on Monday. So tonight is my last shot, which will bring me to 65 shots and I actually get to sleep in a little tomorrow. Thank goodness. I have had monitoring and been in that office every single day this week. *fingers and toes mega crossed that this works* Though I have to say, because of this crazy cycle going up and down I’m not brimming with hope that it will work. I’m just going to try to trust and see how it all turns out. I do find it interesting though that I will find out if it worked a few days before thanksgiving.



  1. That’s great!

    My RE told me anything over 10mm has a chance of being mature, so that’s consistent with what your nurse said.

    Fingers crossed!

  2. Nic

    That is great news!! I have everything crossed for you!!

    For my IVF they collected eggs from any follicles 14mm or more.
    Hope this is your cycle!!

  3. Yay! Great news!! I’ve also heard that anything over 14 can be mature, so you definitely have a chance for two.

    Good luck!!!

  4. LTB

    Finally there! Congrats, can’t wait to hear how it goes on Tuesday ! and especially on Thanksgiving!!!

  5. omg, what a relief! you did it! slow and steady wins the race again! fingers crossed for a smooth IUI and a very bright 2 lines in 2 weeks!!!

    • I guess I really earned my turtle top banner lol. I hope your right, but we will see 😉

  6. Yay, that’s so great! I am happy for you with that rocking e2 level and one big guy and one maybe. I’ve ALSO heard that anything over 14 is possibly mature, so that’s great!! Enjoy sleeping in tomorrow and rest up for the big day on Tuesday!!

  7. Yip!!!!!!!! Awesome E2 rise! Congrats on making it to this pt, now comes the “easy” part….waiting. 🙂

    Btw, I only had one 18mm guy in my cycle that worked….the other eggie had to come from a follie that was 14 or 14.5!

    • Wow I had no idea your other baby came from a 14 or 14.5 follicle, very interesting.

  8. FCblacksheep

    Yay!!!! I’m so excited you made it! Happy triggering.

    When Blue and I first consulted with the new RE, she was talking to us about multiples and mentioned how they’re very careful and try hard to minimize the risk, and then she chuckled and said “if you’re not, you wind up with this,” and picked up a picture of triplets that she delivered. Apparently there was a sneaky third follie she didn’t catch and they no clue until the ultrasound. Blue nearly turned purple. LOL. So I guess it happens.

  9. Jessica

    Yay..I’m glad after 65 shots and many trips to the RE you are ready to trigger!! GL!!

  10. Good luck triggering tonight!! Thinking of you!

  11. Praying that all goes amazingly well! And praying for those two little follies!

  12. That’s a great E2 number!! And like Egg said, my follies were around 15-ish (I think) plus an 18mm-er and I got preggo with twins. Good luck! Everything crossed for you!

  13. wow, you made it! I’m so glad! 🙂 With my last IUI, this one where I got preg, I had one 21mm follicle and two 14’s. That’s all it took! I think you did great, and I’m sending lots of good baby vibes your way! 🙂

  14. Yaaay great news, hope all went well with the trigger! Fingers and toes crossed for you for lots of lovely eggs xx

  15. That is great news! I will definitely be thinking about you tomorrow!!!

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