Still going

I am still in the game. Holy crap what a ride.

I went in this morning and my lining had grown. I can’t remember the number, but it was just about or a little over 6mm. Just that fact made me feel some hope, that something was happening. The follicles didn’t look like they had grown much, but I had three 12mm’s. What I did notice that I hadn’t before is that my right ovary looked very pcos like. It had a lot of little follicles. I’m wondering if them finally pushing up the dose is making others grow. They said the key is to fiddle with the dose so that the ones we want grow and the others don’t. Then I had to do more waiting until they called me back with what to do. The nurse said my RE was in the office today so they were going to run things by him and he was going to make the next decision. I felt different today, a little more hopeful. One reason was how I felt. Thursday morning when I woke up I slept better, I woke up feeling better, and less bloated. I felt like that was a bad sign and it was. Today when I woke up I felt the little twangs of things and just a different feeling down there that means that things are going on. So I felt like things were happening again.

My appointment was at 8am and I had to wait until almost 2pm to get the call back that my e2 went up! It went up 48 units from yesterday to today and 47 points from Wednesday to Thursday. So in two days my e2 went up 95 points. That shows something. I hope the e2 isn’t rising because I have a bunch of smaller follicles on my right ovary (though that might be part of it) and it’s because my follicles are going to start growing right again. I hope I hope this cycle turns out ok. Wow what a ride. I go back in again tomorrow morning at 8:15am. I have been in that office every morning since monday and I was there last saturday. If they can pull this out though it will be worth it. The good thing about the weekend though is that they call a lot sooner so I won’t have to wait all day for the results.

The sad thing though is hubby left today to go to his grandmother’s party out of state. I’m sad I couldn’t go and a little nervous people will be a little irked that I didn’t come, but *shrugs* Nothing I can do about it. Thank you so much for all your support and posts and tweets during this time. Also, if you are on twitter, come follow me. My twitter name is LowFatLady. I tend to tweet about my scan results earlier than I blog post because I usually want to wait until i get my blood test results.



  1. That’s a great update. Hang in there!

  2. I’m so sorry I haven’t been able to comment earlier, I’ve been following along with your journey though! I wanted to remind you that in my successful cycle last December, I had almost no follicle activity through 13 days. Then at Day 14, I had 2 nice follies and a few more through Day 18 of stimming when I finally triggered with 5. It took high doses and alot of time to get me there, but the result is snoozing in his high chair right next to me ;).

    Just hang in there, every woman’s body is different. Some of us just take a more circuitous route than others ;).

  3. FCblacksheep

    What a dramatic cycle. I’m so happy you’re still in the game and I’m still keep everything crossed until the next appointment. Come on and grow!!!

    p.s. I set up a twitter account a few months ago but never did anything with it. I’ve toyed with using it but I don’t have a phone with a digital plan and I can’t access twitter at work so it seems pointless.

  4. Lin

    Glad things are moving along well still. You’re right…don’t worry about the family. It is what it is..and hopefully your hubby an come up with a good cover story for you anyway! 🙂

  5. Wow, I can’t believe this cycle has turned into another rollercoaster! I figured this would be the perfect cycle this round. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you! Three follicles is great!

  6. I always had a bunch of smaller follicles along for the ride that kind of screwed things up. stupid ovaries, right? some people have constant luck with theirs and then there are people like us who have things like this happen. a nurse told me once the smaller ones feed the bigger ones. so tell those little ones to help out the bigger ones.

  7. Yaaay! Great news that things are still progressing! Don’t stress about family. They’ll all understand when you get your BFP!

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