First off, thank you so much for all your comforting comments. It’s been nice to be able to keep checking my email during the day and seeing all these great people rooting me on and reminding me of things that I need to remember – I only need a few, quality or quantity, the turtle will win the race in the end. I ❤ you guys. Don’t know what I would have done with out the support of this community during this crazy time.

I woke up this morning feeling stuffy and kinda off. I was also very crampy. I think part of that though was that I wore sweatpants to bed and the waist band was really pushing on my ovary. The shower helped a lot. I still feel like I may be fighting something and a bunch of people in my office have colds. Hopefully I won’t get anything too bad. However, that will give me an excuse to give my MIL this weekend when I most likely won’t be going to my husband’s grandmother’s 90th party.

My scan went pretty well. I got the nice nurse which was good. I told her I was worried that I would only have one follicle to try with, that I wanted at least two. She said I most likely would have two. That made me feel better. The scan showed that I have two 14mm follicles, phew. My lining is good she said, but still needs some time. That makes sense since my follicles are not mature yet. They both will get some time. The others were still there and smushed together, but smaller. I think my two dominant ones are the 14mm’s and not much else is going to happen with the others. They are still watching me close though to make sure I am on the right track and that nothing else grows. She said most likely that I will come in again tomorrow morning because they are titrating my dose – i.e slowly tweaking my dose to what I need. What a fun week – getting up every morning an extra 45minutes earlier to get stuck and wanded.

I asked her how much longer I had. She said at least a couple of days. Looks like I will beat my stick count from last cycle. Hopefully my drugs will last through that and won’t have to order more. I asked about my husband’s frozen sample to see if that would be enough for two iui’s since hubby will be going to his grandmother’s party. I found out that I have three straws frozen and if I remember correctly they are a pretty good count – higher than my last iui’s count. So that is enough for two iui’s plus something else. So, if my iui’s do fall on saturday and sunday I’ll be covered. I hope that I will be able to have at least one fresh sample though. We will see how it all shakes out. I still am waiting for my call back on what iui of follistim to take and such, but most likely it will be tomorrow morning again and probably 100iu again. I’ll update if anything changes.

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