Quick update

Just got the call back from my RE’s office. I would have updated the entry I already wrote, but I don’t like opening wordpress at work and I can’t access that entry on my ipod touch. My e2 went from 319 to 265 and I am increasing my follistim to one click above 100. My dropping e2 makes me a little nervous. When e2 goes down that is usually a bad thing. I know they are making my small ones not grow which will make the e2 go down, but I don’t want my e2 to go down too much and have to cancel the cycle. I go back in again tomorrow morning so I will ask. Gah, it’s like a roller coaster. Maybe increasing the follistim will make my 14mm follicles grow faster.

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  1. omg! i’ve missed so much on your blog! i’m so sorry! hang in there LFL. you know how your body works. slow and steady wins the race! i don’t know much about e2 levels but just remember that you are doing everything right so just remember to breathe! you can do this! hugs!

  2. Oh! Please don’t stress too much about the dropping e2 levels. Hang in there! I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the next scan/blood work will be great!

  3. Nic

    So frustrating! I hope you get better news tomorrow morning,

  4. I’m so sorry, seems so frustrating and I feel for you. Know I’m thinking of you and praying for some good results.

  5. Jessica

    It’s always something isn’t it!! I hope your scan goes well tomorrow.

  6. Oh I am keeping my fingers crossed for you during this tedious time!! I hope you get good news tomorrow!

  7. FCblacksheep

    Stay positive. You’re slowly getting there (with two follies!!!!!). You’re doing beautifully and best of luck tomorrow. I have never wished so much for twins for someone as I am for you. Seriously.

  8. hang in there! those smaller ones need to feed the bigger ones!

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