My scan today was more of the same. Things looked about the same, some things a little bigger, some things a little smaller. My lining is a little thicker. Almost 5mm. Just got the call back and I am increasing my follistim dose to 100 iu tonight. I asked what my e2 was and she said 319, which went down. I was surprised, but she said it was because the non-dominant follicles are shrinking. I am nervous that I will only be left with one follicle after starting with so many. I know that all I need is one follicle, but I wanted to have more to try with to increase my chances and if I did get pregnant with twins, great, and then I would be done with this IF mess. I go back in tomorrow morning again to see what things are doing. I am going to ask them how many they think will grow. *fingers crossed* Maybe now that some are shrinking and I’m inreasing my dose this cycle will move quicker.

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  1. Keeping my fingers crossed for you!

    I know all the waiting is really, really hard but try not to get discouraged! Follistim in 100 iu’s worked really great for me and I hope the same for you.

    Good luck, lady!

  2. Trust your docs…I know it’s hard to not question everything and second guess the protocol. But I’m sure everything is moving in the right direction! One good egg is way better than lots of not-so-good ones 🙂

    Good luck.

  3. Quality over quantity! I’m psyched they upped your dosage, I hope you don’t have many injections left. Hang in, LFL! xo

  4. I’m still hoping for 3. Positive thoughts! 🙂

  5. Amy

    keeping my fingers crossed for you!!

  6. FCblacksheep

    You’re moving forward beautifully and it seems like they are doing exactly what’s needed to get the best results. Hang in there; it’s all about the turtle.

  7. Jessica

    I hope you see a couple dominate follies tomorrow!!

  8. Lin

    Hoping that you get good news that calms your nerves a bit tomorrow…as least two, hopefully three, dominant follies! (((HUGS)))

  9. I hope that 100iu is just the ticket!! And you had a number of follies at the last scan, so even if a couple dropped off you still have a few good ones, I bet! And you have to be like Goldilocks – not too few and not too many but juuuuust the right number!! I hope you get there!!

  10. Fingers crossed for good news!!

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