Left the house this morning at 7:30am with my mom to go to my next monitoring appointment. We were basically the first people there so we were in and out. My mom was impressed by the office – she said that she could tell they were trying to really make it nice. I said of course they are since they take so much of our money lol.

I got a scanner that I don’t see that often, but she is nice. She did my sono. Basically I have three 12’s on my right ovary and some smaller ones. I thought I had some 14’s, but she said that they are all really close together and kind of meld together so the lady yesterday measured two together. She tried scanning on my stomach to find my left ovary, but couldn’t find it. She said the RE put a note in my file to go very slow with me and she said that I am one of their most challenging patients I guess because my body is slow and doesn’t like to cooperate. She said that with 14mm follicles they have already decided which ones are going to grow. However, with 12mm’s they all have a chance to grow so they don’t want everything to grow. So I’m going to stay on the same amount of med’s again and I go back in on Monday to see what’s up. I asked about my e2 rise because I was worried only a rise of 50 was bad. She said that we are going so slow on you so that only a few rise. When that happens things can slow and drop a bit before the dominant ones start taking over. So that makes me feel better. I didn’t even ask my e2 level today because I didn’t want to obsess over it. So *fingers crossed* for Monday.



  1. So sounds like it’s actually a good thing that you have 12s instead of 14s, although the slower cycle can be frustrating (I’m the same way). Here’s to the slow and steady approach!

    Hope things continue to grow well!

  2. Lin

    I’m glad that they really took their time with you today and gave you as many answers as they could. Although, it’s probably never nice to hear that your “one of their most challenging patients!” Sheesh! Hoping for some super strong follies on Monday!!

  3. GO follies, GO!

  4. FCblacksheep

    All sounds good. Best to you for Monday.

  5. Sounds good! Good luck today!!

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