Cervical Mucus *edited*

Just got back from my second monitoring appointment for my second mini-ivf cycle. Today is day eight. I was planning to sleep in, but Milo the cat kept trying to play with my feet under the covers and knocking things off my bedside table.

I am still waiting back for my blood work results, but here is what they saw today.

First the title of my post – The nurse practitioner who did my scan had trouble seeing things at first because I had cervical mucus! My body is working right. I actually could see some on the screen! My right ovary was like LOOK AT ME!!! She kept hogging the view. I have five follicles on that side. One is small and the other four are between 12-14mm. My lining is almost at 5mm, I think it was at 4.8mm which is up from 3 something two days ago! She couldn’t find my left ovary, which I am not surprised about. I have been having an ibs flair yesterday and today. I finally took some immodium so that things would quiet down and wouldn’t mess up my scan too much. It was hiding the first monitoring appointment so she wanted to see it. She ended up scanning on my stomach and finally found it. When she did find it there was another follicle – just one – at 14mm I think.

So that is a total of 5 follicles between 12-14mm on day eight of my cycle!! I know that I’m not ready to trigger yet and still have some time to go, but this makes me excited. When I was on clomid I once made it to day 30 before I triggered. I never thought I would have a normal length cycle. Pretty exciting stuff. She said they will probably lower my follistim dose tonight, which is good so that all of them don’t grow. However, that makes me a little nervous. I don’t want anything to happen to the follicles that would make them not be fertilizable. I just want this to work.

The next thing to worry about is my husband’s grandma’s birthday party next weekend. Husband is fine with me not being there if I have to do something for my cycle. However, it’s frustrating that we can’t figure out when my iui will end up. I have a frozen sample of hubby’s men at the office which is good. I know that they said they can get two samples out of it. However, how does that work? If they unfreeze it to have one iui does that mess up the other one? Do they just re-freeze the other one until the next day? I have no idea. Maybe if my first iui is on a friday hubby can give a fresh sample on friday and I can use frozen on saturday. Some way we will make it work.

I will update this space later this afternoon when I get my blood work call back.

Just got the call back. I go back in tomorrow for more monitoring. My follistim dose is staying the same. I find that interesting. The lady calling me back said that my nurse practitioner checked with my RE and he said to keep it the same. Maybe they are just going to watch me extra close or something. My e2 number was 259.76 which is up 50 points, is that enough in two days? I hope that isn’t why they want my follistim to stay the same. Maybe they are just going to keep a close eye on me.



  1. This is good news! I’m not sure about the thawing question. My husband had some frozen to use as a back up in case his sample on the day of our ivf egg retrieval is lacking any sperm. They froze it into 6 separate containers. They thawed one as a test. So I am thinking that likely they could just thaw it and use it right away. They couldn’t re freeze the tested sample. Just a guess though.

    • Hmm so maybe I got lucky and they put it in two containers? I have no idea, I’ll have to ask.

  2. Great news!! I really hope this cycle works for you. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that everything keeps progressing on this path!

  3. Sounds like THIS cycle is even trumping your last awesome cycle. So psyched to hear everything’s going well. My follies usually were very slow starters then took off when they reached about 12mm, so hopefully your IUI is just around the corner (but doesn’t totally mess up your and hubs’s plans). xo

  4. FCblacksheep

    Now you’re just showing off. LOL. This is fabulous. They probably kept it the same to get them to grow just a bit more and then will lower you once they get you closer. At least, that makes sense to me. My memory is not so good right now but didn’t you have something similar last cycle? You had a really good response and they kicked you down a bit and things slowed down a little?? Perhaps they want to keep you on track because you’re doing so well so quickly.

    I am trying SO hard not to get over excited this cycle but I can’t help it. You’re such the over achiever.

    • Hah I just want to get pregnant I don’t want to be an overachiever. Yes, last cycle I had a quick start and then they lowered me so that everything didn’t grow at once. I kind of like that we are staying on the same amount and not messing with things this cycle. Maybe my ovaries will like that and will co-operate.

      Thanks for the excitement for this cycle I need it 🙂

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