Mini monitoring #1

I had my first monitoring appointment for my second mini ivf cycle this morning. I felt like I was going to see something because I could feel cramping. I got the woman who is very thorough in my scans. My lining is at 3 something, which is up from my baseline of 2 something. She looked at my right ovary first and bam, I could see stuff. I have five follicles on my right side all measuring about 10mm. I know that is small, but we are just starting. She couldn’t find my left ovary, it was mega hiding today. I was even cramping when she was looking for it. I haven’t had that happen recently. Made me wish I had taken some tyelnol before my scan. I asked if she wanted to scan on my stomach and she said no, probably not much is happening there and my bowel was in the way.

I waited to write this entry until I had gotten the call back with my blood work results. They just called and all my medicine doses stay the same. I go back in for more monitoring on friday. That may mean that my mom doesn’t get to come since she won’t be here yet, but we will see when the next monitoring appointment will be. I asked my e2 levels and she said 208! I feel like that is a really good level for day six of my cycle! I’m not sure if I have gotten that high that early. I will have to see if I recorded my e2 level at my first monitoring last time. Either way, yea for a great start. *fingers crossed for a great cycle*

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  1. That soudsn promising!! Good luck, Lady!! 😀

  2. Glad things seem to be going well. Best of luck on Friday! I hope the progress continues.

  3. Sounds really good. Keep growing nice & steady follies!

  4. Fingers crossed – great start!

  5. Hey — we’re almost exactly on the same schedule this cycle! Glad yours is going well. 🙂

  6. Yeah for a great start is right – congrats girl! I hope this is your month!

  7. FCblacksheep

    Loving it! Great start.

  8. Sounds like a great start!! Hope it continues to be a good cycle!! Thinking of you!

  9. I don’t think 10 is small at all. i always had a whole bunch that were at like 4. and then never grew. 10 is GREAT

  10. Holla! 😀

  11. My fingers are crossed! Good luck!! I just added your link! Happy ICLW! (#72 & 106)

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