I added my stick counter back on my blog like I had last cycle. You can find it to the right of my entries. It was kind of fun to keep track of how many injections I did in one cycle. Although at the end when I got a bfn it was kind of depressing that I would have to do 53 shots all over again because it didn’t work. Hopefully I won’t have to think about that at the end of this cycle.

Yesterday I shared more with a friend about our IF stuff in a way. All of the people that I have told about our IF issues are my friends, but I don’t talk to on a daily basis because I only have contact with them on or some other way. Well except for my parents and my co-worker. I guess it’s safe that way. This friend I see weekly and is in more contact with me than all the others. I had told her a year ago that we were trying, but that we were having some issues. Every once in a while she will ask how things are going, but we are normally around a group of people so I give her a short answer that doesn’t answer much. The other week I felt like sharing so I told her that we were doing injections in my stomach to keep trying. I didn’t get into it much.

Then today she came over and spent a bunch of time at our house. Since I had told her about the injections I kept some of our stuff out like our sharps box and such. At dinner she asked how injections were going and I told her. Husband was surprised, but when I told him that I told her he went with it. She ended up staying at our place later than I expected. She was still here when it was time for my injections. I put it off for a bit, but when she was still here I loaded up the needles and did the lupron and low dose hcg on my own. However, it’s been a while since I’ve done the follistim shot on my own so I asked husband to do it. I mentioned that it was shot time to her and I said that the follistim comes in a cool pen so I showed it to her. She heard the clicking so husband showed her how it works. I got my shot while she was right there. I hope that now that she sees what we are doing that she will understand a little more. It makes me a little happy to know that someone who I do see on a regular basis knows what is going on. While I love you guys it could be nice to have someone who I see regularly be a support. We will see how often she brings it up though. This morning I feel surprised at myself, that I let her see so much of what we were doing, but if you don’t tell anyone you don’t get support. So *fingers crossed*

I watched two episodes of Guil.iana and Bill yesterday and couldn’t help but get teary through out the whole thing. I knew what was coming and I felt so sad for them, yet felt all their emotions. I just saw the promo for the next episode and it looks like they are going to show them losing their baby. That is so sad. I really hope that if I ever manage to get pregnant that I don’t have a miscarriage.

The shots are going well. No real big bruises yet. Just little holes on my stomach. I actually felt a cramp near my ovary today and was excited. I hope good things are going on in there. I doubt much yet though since I’ve only been stimming for two days so far.



  1. i have Giuliana and Bill recorded but can’t bring myself to watch it yet. my friend who knows about my IVF watched it and the next day she told me she had no idea THAT’S what I was going thru, that i seriously downplayed the emotions and such.

  2. oh i forgot to tell you about frozen gummy bears. they don’t freeze 100% like ice, but they get real hard. after they’ve been out of the freezer for like 5-10 minutes they soften up but they stay cold. i don’t like warm and mushy gummy bears i like them cold because the consistency is better.

  3. FCblacksheep

    The next day questionable remorse is always the worst. You keep wondering if you made the right decision. I think you did. I’ve slowly been opening up more and more and am the happier for it. The more I keep it hidden, the more of a dirty secret it is, and the harder it is to deal with. There’s something about it being out in the open that makes me feel like less of a freak. Good for you. (Still so impressed you can stick yourself).

  4. I’m so glad you opened up a bit more. I hope your friend continues to be great real life support for you. So proud of you!

  5. That’s great that you are so open about it with her. I hope she appreciates this education.

  6. I have intended to watch the tv show but I haven’t been able to catch an episode yet. I think it would be hard to watch.

  7. I think it feels great to get it out there and share with the people in your life. Best of luck to you on this cycle. I will be following along!

  8. Great that you found a friend you could share your struggles with! I just met a colleague who, it turns out, has a baby thanks to IVF-ICSI and gave us lots of helpful information, and I really appreciate it.
    I hope your friend will be understanding and supportive during this journey.

  9. Congrats on sharing with your friend. IF friends online are so awesome but it helpful to have IRL support.
    I, also, have G&B recorded but haven’t watched it yet. I was worried about how it would go.

    On the domain name, it is really easy. Search for a buy domain name. It could be Go Daddy or any other. Basically you can buy from anyone that sells it. I would just search for ratings in case there were other issues. I searched on GoDaddy and Tales of My Follies is available for $11.99 a year. Even Low Fat Lady is available. For the .com. .net’s and .org and such can also be bought but .com is the main one to buy. I would stick with it. You buy it and then I’m not sure what to do once I buy it. 🙂 Basically it is cheap and easy to buy but I have no clue how to transfer my stuff to it. I’ll have to have my tech guru friend help me out. I plan to do it soon. I hope that helps.

  10. Stephanie

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I am sending many positive vibes your way and hope this is it for you! I too have enjoyed watching Guiliana and Bill and really appreaciate their honesty throughout their IF journey.

  11. Car

    Good for you for sharing your struggles with your friend. Hopefully you can also share good news with her soon too. All the best for this cycle.
    (Stopping by for ICLW)

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