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I have been on lupron thirteen days and off birth control for six days and still no damn AF. I kept hoping she would come during the day, but no dice. So it looks like I am going tomorrow morning to see what’s going on in there. It really stinks because tomorrow I have a conference right next to my house – literally a two minute drive. But instead of getting to enjoy that easy commute I have to drive into work where my RE is, get poked and prodded, and then drive back basically home for the conference. Maybe I will wake up tomorrow and she will show an then I won’t have to go in tomorrow.

The last time my period didn’t show in time I had taken prometrium for 10 days, waited two weeks and still no period. They checked my blood and scanned me. My blood results were fine, my lining was thin, and I had no cysts or anything bad so I got to start my cycle. I of course didn’t get pregnant that cycle though. I am hoping I get to start my injectables soon, but I am nervous. I hate not being able to start my cycle in the correct way. What if not having a period screws it up. I remember my nurse saying it wouldn’t mess anything up, but I just want everything to line up the way it’s supposed too so I have the highest chance of this working. I am so frustrated with this damn processes and my body.

I will update tomorrow with what happened at my appointment, what the plan is, and hopefully a better intro to iclw. I really hope she shows up soon. Damn af I don’t need this.



  1. Ughhhhhhhhhhhh, waiting for the period to show so a cycle can begin is THE WORST. I am so sorry LFL. I hope she arrives tonight so you can go to the work meeting without the drama of an RE visit. xo

  2. FCblacksheep

    Dammit, stupid AF. Why does everything have to be such a pain in the ass? Hope she arrives in the a.m. so you can enjoy a short drive. Also hoping for another awesome cycle with an awesome ending.

  3. OMG how frustrating!!! Ughhh. You poor thing. I hope she hurries up and gets here ASAP!

  4. so annoying! I hope it shows up and you don’t have to deal with the drive!!! Good luck.

  5. heya — I was also told that having or not having AF after taking the BC during an IVF cycle should not affect it. This is my first cycle doing IVF — so I’m new to all of it.

    Also, I was told that the reason to take the birth control was for suppression and to get you in the right point of a cycle. Whether or not the AF shows has no meaning… it’s a precaution to take the BC to help prevent OHSS.

    I hope it shows for you at least to give you peace of mind… 🙂

  6. I’m sorry that the witch is being particularly difficult. Not that I would really wish AF on anyone, but I really do hope she shows up before the morning!

  7. Dangit! I hate waiting for that stupid period to show. It’s Murphys Law to the Nth. Whenever you want it to show it doesn’t and when you don’t it does. Sheesh! I hope it comes this morning and you can just enjoy that short commute!!

  8. i am willing AF to show up. did it work? of course nothing ever goes right, when you could have the nice 2 min commute your body has a different idea. i swear, it happens every time.

  9. seriously the worst. I hope AF shows up for you {that sounds weird to say lol}. Thanks for joining Team Hope 🙂

  10. Come on, AF, where are you?! I hope that she arrives soon and you can get this cycle going.

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