Still waiting

I still don’t have AF. Looks like she is taking her sweet ole time, which really stinks. She normally comes six days after I stop birth control pills, which would be tomorrow. I really hope she shows up so that I can hurry up and get started. I really don’t want to have to explain to my mil why I can’t come to my husband’s grandmother’s 90th birthday party. Being the planner I am I called into my RE’s office and wanted to come up with a plan on when I should come in and check things if she still doesn’t show up tomorrow. I remember last time I came in six days off the pills and she came that day. After waiting all day my patient coordinator finally called me back because she had to talk to the nurse who is scheduling my cycle. She is always running around. Basically they said that if she doesn’t show by thursday, which would be seven days off birth control, to come in and get blood work and an ultrasound to make sure everything is ok and see what’s up. The really annoying thing is that this morning I found out I have a conference to go too that day that is very close to my house. The RE’s office didn’t have anything really early and since I will be at the conference all day I can’t slip in and out like I normally could if I was at the office. Gah, things always happen that way. My patient coordinator was nice enough to say come at 8 and they will fit me in. They don’t have too many patients in the morning and it’s just a quick scan and blood work. So hopefully she will show tomorrow and I won’t have to worry about thursday. I have started to feel a bit like she is coming, but every time I check it’s nothing. Very annoying.

Side question – How do you dispose of expired low dose hcg? I have some leftover from my last cycle, but I remember them saying it’s only good for a month. Sucks I have to buy a new container. It came in a vial that was in a container that closed. Do I just throw that away? Pour it down the sink? I have no idea.



  1. Kelly

    How frustrating! I hope the witch shows soon. Blech.

  2. I’m so sorry that AF is still missing! That is beyond frustrating. Why is it that she comes when she’s not wanted and doesn’t come when she is?!

  3. I always just threw away medicine, normally because i was pretty pissed when it came time to dispose of it. I’m not sure if that’s the right way to do it, but I honestly never cared. There is a walgreens program where you can send in your expired meds to dispose of them properly.

    • that sounds like a lot of work having to send them something lol

  4. Well boo about your period not showing yet. I really hope it comes today and you can get the whole show started again!!

    I don’t know about there in the States… here in Spain almost all of the farmacies have a special container to drop off expired meds. I’d sure think that some of them there in the States have something similar.

    Good luck!!!

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