I never sleep well when my husband is out of town. I am always nervous something bad will happen like it did the first time my husband went out of town when we were first married. Basically someone stole my car from right outside of my house and I had a cop in my living room at 2am. I am very happy to say my car was still there this morning, but I slept like crap. I kept waking up. First I was hot, then I was cold, then hot again. I had the fan running in the bathroom with the door closed because it still smells like paint and that annoyed me. I woke up after the tv turned off so I turned the tv back on again, but then forgot to set the sleep timer again so that bothered me. Then my cat decided it was time to get up so he sat by my head and pawed me in the face until I got up. Yea fun. So I was tired today. Thankfully the husband comes home tonight so I will sleep better.

While I was already tired I got a little annoyed today. My boss came in just to chat informally. She starts telling us about her daughters birthday party and such and then keeps mentioning how at her next birthday she will be pregnant with her next baby. I was like ugh enough. Then she mentions another lady we work with sorta is pregnant. She is just starting to tell people. The kicker is this person just got married like three or four months ago. Seems like they probably got pregnant on their first try. So not fair. Makes me glad I don’t see her in the office all that often because I know I would end up staring at her belly. I guess in a way I’m glad I know before she tells me so I can know it’s coming and act happier if she tells me, which I’m not sure she will or not. Boss says she thought she might have issues getting pregnant because she has PCOS, but she is skinny so I doubt she has the normal PCOS issues.

So yea. I’m tired and cranky at the moment. I’m thinking of posting something on along the lines of “Life isn’t fair sometimes” but I am not sure what sort of response I will get. Some people will be all oh what is wrong blah blah. I am just not sure if I want to call attention to myself or not. I am also friends with many family members on fb. Bleh

Ok I have to end this entry with something happy because all I have done this whole entry is whine….Hmm…. I only have one more work day this week and I bought my favorite salad for dinner. It’s an oriental chicken salad with fried chicken, Mandarin oranges, crunchy noodles and good dressing. Oh and hubs comes home tonight. Thank goodness.



  1. Chels

    My car was stolen right outside of our open bedroom window. Only we both slept right through it. Glad yours was safely still there this time.

  2. Ugh, after that car story I probably wouldn’t sleep well either. Glad your husband comes back soon.
    And sorry about all the baby talk at the office. Sometimes it just sucks.

  3. Did I ever tell you about the time someone broke into my house and came into my bedroom? While I was asleep? No? That’s cuz I’m in denial.

    Anyhoo, I know what it feels like firsthand to be violated, whether it be via a stolen car or a break-in. Not fun! At all! Sorry it happened to you. And glad it was only that one time and not last night.

    Holla for your hubby being home now! 🙂

    • Gah! That sounds horrible and scary. I’m really glad that the person never came into my house, only right outside of it. I am glad you are ok and nothing happened.

  4. Hope your day gets better. Your salad sounds amazing. Sounds very close to my favorite salad at Cheesecake Factory-Chinese Chicken Salad. So good!!!

  5. Jessica

    You are right “Life isn’t fair”…it sucks that wea have to go through infertility.

    I hope you get a better nights sleep tonight.

  6. Go ahead and whine on – I’ll bring the crackers to go along. 🙂 I’m about to be left alone for lord knows how long so I feel your pain. I usually leave all the lights on and the two dogs make me feel a bit safer.

    I agree on the work pregnancy thing. Double edged sword. Dislike knowing but at least it helps be prepared. Ugh!

    I love that same type of salad. Yum!

  7. i don’t really understand the difference but apparently there is one. i don’t have any of the symptoms or anything of PCOS but i have cystic ovaries. and now i just have bad eggs. so whatever!

    glad your husband will be home so you can get some real sleep!

  8. Sorry about your boss, some people can be so insensitive. I hope you have a really good weekend though!

  9. FCblacksheep

    Sucks you didn’t get much sleep. I can’t sleep when Blue is away and I never had my car stolen. I totally get why you’d be a little jumpy. Sorry about all the baby stories. Don’t you just wish you could tell people to take a hike when they start going on like that?

    As for your boss’s PCOS, I don’t think it has to do with whether she’s skinny or not. Just because you have PCOS doesn’t necessarily make you unable to conceive. Even though most people who can’t conceive have PCOS. I am skinny (or was) and I have all of the classic symptoms of PCOS along with the infertility. I even had extra weight as a result of it, but because of my frame it wasn’t obvious. Once I was diagnosed and corrected my diet, however, I dropped 13 pounds in just a few months. When I first started treatment one of the things the RE told me was they would normally suggest dropping weight to bring on ovulation but that wasn’t possible in my case. On the other side, my old boss was very over weight and was finally diagnosed with PCOS at the same time as me. She was defined as a “classic case,” except that she had two boys with absolutely zero conception issues and also got her period like clockwork, but she had to shave her face everyday, had really high blood sugar and male hormone levels, and classic polycystic ovaries. Go figure.

    Hope you caught up on your sleep.

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